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  • Senith Nyanko
    Senith Nyanko

    I can see a lot of companies using this to advertise shoes

  • MadMadChad

    Months later: I don't like shoes that aren't levitating. So made my own levitating shoes. (Deletes this vid).

  • Mynamewastaken

    Google has banned you from EEsoft you lost all the hard work you did

  • Crazy Q
    Crazy Q

    why tho?

  • resto resto
    resto resto

    JORDANS ♥️♥️♥️♥️

  • P. Godson
    P. Godson

    Little sis? You've always wanted a smartphone right??🤔

  • Memes n Shet
    Memes n Shet

    Lew: *Should we keep going making videos without acknowledging what happened?* Lew: *Thats a great idea!*

  • Supergaming101

    2019: levitating shoes 2020: the shoes levitates you

  • LUXO

    Ohh no no no Lew you screwed this up. Unsub

  • TTV_Provoked

    Hmm I see they’ve never thought about buying a car

  • Magemor

    I seriously was a big fan, I felt I could trust you. Then you decided to be the terrible big CEO that goes ahead and makes small growing companies go bankrupt by stealing their ideas. And then you make a 45 minutes video explaining EVERYTHING... Except you explained nothing. If you had been honest, or even just recognized your faults and apologied, I'd have had no problems with the case. But no, you just behaved shadily. I'm sad to say I unsubscribed. Bye Lew, bye Willy Du, bye Jack.

  • Morgman

    Do they work with iPhone 6 Plus?

  • Big Crank
    Big Crank

    You gonna make your own shoes now? but with Nike’s design

  • John vea
    John vea

    This man voice is deep asf no homo

  • kalyan

    Mom: What you watching? Me: Shoes levitating. Mom: Me:

  • Michael Tab!
    Michael Tab!

    I'm dying at the ," I made my own " comments 🤣😂

  • A to z
    A to z

    this product for shoe store display new shoes look cool 😎

  • music lab
    music lab

    I want the 6/9 one

  • Memes n Shet
    Memes n Shet

    Just come clean man,keeping this up won’t help you,it’ll just damage your career and credibility. Please ask yourself whats more important:all this or just being honest?

  • Kazimir N.
    Kazimir N.

    Phonerebel did it better

  • ClashWithPun

    Hey guys are you shipping latercase to India I'm a big fan of those but I'm not sure how to get my hand on those. Can you help?

  • Torque & Horsepower
    Torque & Horsepower

    This is cool for a shoes shop.

  • Blake Bauer
    Blake Bauer

    Umm u wanna send me one😘

  • Saswat Sarangi
    Saswat Sarangi

    Do you charge those old phones?

  • Unknown Mystique
    Unknown Mystique

    Don’t Ruin Your Career.

  • Ashmit Verma
    Ashmit Verma

    Hmm.. - Willy Du 2019

  • Sir Nicholas
    Sir Nicholas

    This thing is wild.

  • Saswat Sarangi
    Saswat Sarangi

    It sounded like the big bang theory where without certificate it would be meaningless

  • Aswin T A
    Aswin T A

    Your BGM sucks This time

  • RoboRope

    Is this the first of the “I don’t like it, so Imade my own” series?

  • Saswat Sarangi
    Saswat Sarangi

    But why so less? He had big turtle neck, right?

  • Rafael Encarnación
    Rafael Encarnación

    Amo,el s7

  • Hentai lover
    Hentai lover

    can someone develop a new type of phone so this shtty iphone will became a piece of sht

  • R0CKY

    Lew, you clearly did not "make this case".... When did you become a greedy salesman? You used to be about delivering the truth to the masses! I have watched Unbox Therapy since it's infancy and Lew you have ignored the elephant in the room. Many EEsoft viewers watch your content for your input and advise, including myself. After the fiasco of your "Later Case" all you had to do was deliver what you've always done for years which was you talking about the details of the issue and you just couldn't do that because for once you couldn't "Unbox" the truth. I am just one view out of the millions you have watching you but please consider the one person taking a stand against a fraudulent EEsoftr. Goodbye Lew and Unbox Therapy, I'm officially unsubscribing.

  • ciawarhater

    they should put tiny air vent in the stand behind the shoe so it would blow and spin shoe all the time

  • Han Solo
    Han Solo

    Lew, I gotta say I love your channel but this is too much. You needed a few extra bucks so you ripped off somebody else’s design. Unsubscribes.

  • Arthur Gallardo
    Arthur Gallardo

    What would be cool on that is something that would have glow on the dark materials, since it has the light section that would keep it lit up.

  • Michael wtf
    Michael wtf

    Minecraft on that phone be looking better than fortnite on a pc

  • Dark Dawn
    Dark Dawn

    Takeout the Cross from shoes..show some Respect to Jesus...


    One is ALL

  • Sherwin Pashaei
    Sherwin Pashaei

    Takes air max’s “ok lets do the white one first” Me:they are both white

  • Ruisu Gaming
    Ruisu Gaming

    i still have my Air jordan 1 2011 Signed and lots of collectors are just blasting to buy it for 10K But im keepin it. it was my 1st shoe i got from my granpa

  • CraigVFX

    so are we just going to ignore the fact that he tried to rip off his own fan base and didn’t even apologize or address it on youtube, we’re going to forget this in less than a month. This man has 0 integrity.

  • Browney

    I hope you’ll get sued for what you’ve done, you fuckin copycat.

  • MrExzility !
    MrExzility !

    This guy loves to spend his money

  • Lorenz Hofilena
    Lorenz Hofilena

    2019 biggest reseller goes to UNBOX THERAPY

  • Atiba Providence
    Atiba Providence

    What's the point?


    I am poor man please give me 1 iPhone 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢 I am your fan please give me 1 iPhone 😢😢😢😢😢 My whats app number 03014834973 I am from Pakistan please give me 1 iPhone 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢 I am poor

  • Raditram

    I'm glad I unsubbed loooong ago.


    The cross on the shoes is not correct. I Love Jesus. Plz don't play with our sentiments. I respect you. Plz respect my god


    Plzz give me 1 iPhone 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢 My whats app number 03014834973 I am from Pakistan Please give me iPhone 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢

  • jayenbee

    Just here to see comments about his oopsie

  • Sully Wazowski
    Sully Wazowski

    A levitating sneaker? *Kowalski, analysis*

  • Djihad Garbaya
    Djihad Garbaya

    Put an air force 1 low on there

  • Danial Halim
    Danial Halim

    Bruh now getting 2020

  • Cuong Tien
    Cuong Tien

    I phone 11 + I phone2g =I phone 1123

  • DoofinsmirtzEvilInc.

    Is it me or did anybody else read it as *THE LEVITATING SPEAKER* ?

  • TudoR

    this would be cool for a sneaker shop

  • Robert Deluna
    Robert Deluna


  • Naser Bin
    Naser Bin


  • Javeton

    Watching future house appliances thru unbox

  • welcome to reality
    welcome to reality

    mine are falling apart after 1 year

  • Kashwayne Hamilton
    Kashwayne Hamilton

    Lew - maybe turn something else too Will - what’s that supposed to mean Me - 😂😂😂💀💀💀

  • Mazib Hassan
    Mazib Hassan

    Unbox therapy = Baised King

  • Frank Moore
    Frank Moore

    Lol, at work and read title to fast, I thought it said levitating speaker. I thought he was calibrating it with sneakers, which i thought was weird, and I'm thinking when the hell is ge going to hook up the speaker... lol I'm a dumb ass

  • Rudraksh Sharma
    Rudraksh Sharma

    You should come out and give an explanation about the accusations surrounding you Luke...

  • D'Ascoyne

    How is it with levitating dildoes?

  • Nofel Ahmed Ghafoor
    Nofel Ahmed Ghafoor

    So useless

  • kate meem
    kate meem


  • Zladdy Kalash
    Zladdy Kalash

    You done fucked up Lew, you done fucked up.

  • altaaf ferhaan bholai
    altaaf ferhaan bholai

    where can you buy them .... link please

  • No One
    No One

    Idea stealer!

  • Travis Scavoni
    Travis Scavoni

    Video should be titled "A Completely Useless Product for Idiots Who Have $250 to Waste on S**t No One Cares About"

  • MALO

    Don't Ruin Your Smartphone, Ruin your reputation.

  • Rokas Misiūnas
    Rokas Misiūnas

    What is the discount

  • ARROW Gaming
    ARROW Gaming

    Bluedio TN2 cheap ANC earphone

  • fengsing2 Roblox
    fengsing2 Roblox

    Cool video!

  • Ruby H.
    Ruby H.


  • westbreezy

    I swear there's a whole world out there for rich people

  • Trio

    Unsubscribed, lost a long time viewer.

  • Owen With Everything
    Owen With Everything

    At first I thought this video was the levatating speaker I was so confused

  • สุวดี เขื่อนคํา
    สุวดี เขื่อนคํา


  • 007

    But we way need this...?

  • saitomusic

    That is awesome! Maybe there's one for levitating VR headset or headphones too.

  • Tamás Bánki
    Tamás Bánki

    Liar! Unsubscribed.

  • T

    who buys this overpriced crap in 2019? lol

  • Tom Bachxoglou
    Tom Bachxoglou

    Give me half a reason I would want to have a levitating shoe which btw is not even far enough from the dock

  • Question???

    Thats very true they even made a featureless iOS version on smaller spaces 🙄

  • Dylan Le Grange
    Dylan Le Grange


  • Akhil Hari
    Akhil Hari

    Whts the use of this thing..?? 🤨

  • Hamza Raza
    Hamza Raza

    2:03 he says the n-word 👨🏿👨🏿👨🏿👨🏿

  • ML3745

    Sudio tolv

  • Robert Matescu
    Robert Matescu

    Can it work with samsung A7 2018?

  • kaksi S.M.C
    kaksi S.M.C

    Who else saw the keylor navas wallpaper?

  • Misato Itsuke
    Misato Itsuke

    Should i buy this instead of Redmi note 8pro?

  • Sailesh Sharma
    Sailesh Sharma

    And I don't have a single iPhone till now not even any electronics from apple poor me

  • Liora Games
    Liora Games

    Wow ur products are incredible and one day i hope to be able to afford one of my own