10 Hacks and tips for mountain bikers
Seth's Bike Hacks
Today, we take a look at 10 bike hacks and tips. We've done hundreds of these hacks in the past, so they're admittedly getting more obscure as time goes on. Nowadays, I keep a running list in the notes app on my phone, and just add them as they come. It took about 5 months this time.
To watch all the old hacks videos, check out this playlist bit.ly/2oYCD0i
Check out Eric Porter's video on the tube hack eesoft.info/hd/video/f2XglKeSvZKrk9Y
Watch me build a mountain bike trail system in my backyard bit.ly/2jXkMEq
Here's the one I built in my old backyard bit.ly/2lzA56O
All music in this video is from share.epidemicsound.com/trQSg
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  • Dan _
    Dan _

    So much room for activities..

  • EJH Sports 123 10
    EJH Sports 123 10

    Show us your bikes

  • Liam Buckley
    Liam Buckley

    Hi Seth. I just watched your bike dungeon video. are you still wanting to find a home for that trials bike? I only just got into mountain biking and I have found that I love to hop around. I hope i don't sound desperate Will you help out a fellow mtb rider as funds are low. - thanks

  • Adi Sha
    Adi Sha

    you have so many bikes can you sent me one

  • Акжол

    Please make rus subtitle можешь делать русские субтитры канал который делал на тебя озвучки перестал их делать а твой видео очень интересные

  • C Sidriss
    C Sidriss

    Perfect hacks merci

  • John Holloway
    John Holloway

    The shock pump "slide hammer" stuck air cap hack is a good one. To help keep them from getting stuck in the first place, I've learned to thoroughly clean and grease the cap threads once in a while.

  • Glass Boy
    Glass Boy

    Love the vids seth

  • Chuy Vazquez
    Chuy Vazquez

    Since I’m trying to get a new bmx bike, which one do you consider?

  • Wyatt Parker
    Wyatt Parker

    Another hack is to use a barkchip to deflate psi tires

  • tbag yamama
    tbag yamama

    As for the through axle cheater bar- I've used my seat post, in a pinch. You can even leave the seat attached.

  • BMax Productions
    BMax Productions

    5:04 i see an ant

  • Lucas Taylor
    Lucas Taylor

    What model Is his black full sus

  • Nick MTB
    Nick MTB

    The first hack sound like a bottle being opened 0:29

  • Xenogenion

    Where to buy mtb parts?


    I've been using the rachet hack for years 👍

  • James Games
    James Games

    can you do a tutorial on how to bunny hop please?

  • Ps3&pc Gamer
    Ps3&pc Gamer

    Hi what kind of 24 inch bike would I be best to buy??

  • Froilan Alvarado
    Froilan Alvarado

    Que pasa con los diamonburros jajajajaj

  • Singletrack Slayer
    Singletrack Slayer

    I am 5cm taller than you and i am 11 years old😃

  • Cole Miller
    Cole Miller

    Go pro hack To make a camera mount to put on your bike just take the thing you put your phone in on a selfestick and zip tie it on your bike


    Make a DIY bike to ebike video with affordable (less than 150$) part list

  • Blaž Ščernjavič
    Blaž Ščernjavič

    Bike check

  • Bogdan Vlad Ropcean
    Bogdan Vlad Ropcean

    I hate presta valves

  • Leo Flett
    Leo Flett

    bak flip the are baig

  • Matthew Hegeman
    Matthew Hegeman

    Im looking into getting the giant reign 2 as my first bike. Is that a good choice? i plan on doing a decent amount of bike parks and also just some trail riding at home.

  • Jonas

    I really hope nobody breaks a carbon frame by over-tightening a ratchet strap...

  • Drews Enthused
    Drews Enthused

    Glad I waited to watch this one. Looking forward to the next, no rush of course.

  • Danny’s food review !
    Danny’s food review !

    Can I get tips on hitting berms rockers/jumps I have the temptation of sitting down I’ll the time when I ride.

    • Giver3

      The answer to all three of those situations is to not sit down. Ever. You *should* sit back and get your butt behind the seat. That includes in berms, jumps and drops. On berms, point your inside knee at the apex of the turn while leaning back and, obviously, to the side you need to turn.

  • Parker The Debil Cyka
    Parker The Debil Cyka

    Hey Seth have you ridden one of the new Mason 2s?

  • Daniel Chen
    Daniel Chen

    Hack-when you have muddy shoes and don’t want to wash them and wait for them to dry just walk through some wet grass and should do the job

  • disel2301

    I missed these entertaining videos. Bring back some trail riding videos!

  • itzMax YT
    itzMax YT

    Who ever likes bikes sub to me

  • patrick e
    patrick e

    Since people might be worried about marking up their through axle they could always use a pipe instead

  • Fudgegaming 11
    Fudgegaming 11


  • Leo Lehti
    Leo Lehti

    Like for 10 foodhacks

  • Driftmydudes !!!!
    Driftmydudes !!!!

    hey, Seth, you should check out the rocker mini bmx

  • Boi Raven
    Boi Raven

    I'm seeing this when it has 666.006 views

  • Jaqueline Soler
    Jaqueline Soler

    build a motorized bike

  • Aditya Jagnade
    Aditya Jagnade

    Like Eric did?

  • Aditya Jagnade
    Aditya Jagnade

    Can u visit India?

  • Ariel Speed
    Ariel Speed


  • Jared Harmer
    Jared Harmer

    Hey seth, have you thought of doing a video going over some moves for beginners to learn to better their ride ie: bunny hops, poper landing forms etc. I think it could be a great thing to go over to help more people want to ride!

  • Jake Swann
    Jake Swann

    Rocking THE TASCO GLOVES ❤️

  • spoilt_child childo
    spoilt_child childo


  • Mr. S
    Mr. S

    he got caught with this dilly wacker out yanking his Doodle (It's a Dandy)

  • Pepe Suck
    Pepe Suck

    Can you make a video on the basics of trail building

  • Blaze God
    Blaze God

    Hey can you ride mountain on hero jet

    • Blaze God
      Blaze God

      Hero jet

  • Matthew Currie
    Matthew Currie

    Love the last one

  • Karina

    Hey Seth, I've got a hack for you! It's loosely MTB related :) Recently I was cleaning out my PC, and I decided to use my Topeak Booster Pump as a compressed air can. It worked marvellously. Needed a hand from my husband to turn it on and off for maximum efficiency from each blast, but it did the job and it did it even better than normal compressed air in my opinion! I also got blasted in the face with dust haha...

  • rideswithscissors

    7:50 Pick up line if I've ever heard one.

  • Bill Duffy
    Bill Duffy

    Here’s a hack to keep mud & crud out of your water bottle nozzle. Slip a beer cozy over the top and it’ll stay clean as a whistle. Weighs nothing and is “dirt” cheap

  • Red Marshmallow
    Red Marshmallow

    can you post more riding please

  • Toaster 17
    Toaster 17

    Hey seth I’m moving to Pennsylvania soon and was wondering if you’ve ever rode there and what kind of mountain bike should I get

  • Jack Buster
    Jack Buster

    I just keep taking a leak, look over my shoulder at whoever walked up on me and say "how's it going" lol

  • Cooper Lonson
    Cooper Lonson

    You should really visit Tioga recreation trails in Cohasset Minnesota


    I have fox launch enduro knee pads and they doesn't slip around at all

  • Biking with O dog
    Biking with O dog

    There is a cool bike park with a challenging skinny in in Madison ct

  • Rhythmic 675
    Rhythmic 675

    Like = Schrader Comment = Presta

  • Linkinstar

    well i got problems now. alfter i come home from school ic watch you videos, but arent actually a mtb-rider. once my friend borrowed me his dirtbik, after getting a feel for the bike and jumping way bigger jumps i had ever imagined to jump at the firts time riding. my friend told me that i was like destined for this. now my problem is that i want it so badly, but buying an bmx is only an option if there is any kind of dirts nearby. BUT here in Germany there are not!