£1000 Luxury Car VS £100,000 Luxury Car!
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This week, Alex and Ethan compare their £990 Mercedes S500 aka Mega Spec against a brand new £100,000 S-Class.
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  • Captain Insano Shows no mercy
    Captain Insano Shows no mercy

    4:12 🤣 imagine explaining that one if they'd roared away in a brand new S class and he's reclined 😂🤣

  • Charles James
    Charles James

    They are crap when the passenger seat does not have a pop out feature so the rear passenger could poke his legs through.

  • AHMED farahat
    AHMED farahat

    9:09 what kind of music ..pls tell me thanks .

  • Şükrü Acar
    Şükrü Acar

    Money can earn ,time not. If possibile buy brand new

  • bo wu
    bo wu

    222 just like refine 221 most things are the same.

  • Mairold Kunimägi
    Mairold Kunimägi

    Magic vision control is a windshield washer upgrade. Basicly the washerfluid is sprayed directly infront of the wipers, not allover the window. So when you use ir you dont even see much water on the windshield but cleans all the same. This is done bcuz when you use washerfluid, for a second there it cuts off your vision on conventional washers but with magic control it wont bother you at all. There pay me 100 punds for education :D

  • Axel B
    Axel B

    Wait my friend has this car for summer in Windsor it’s fucking nice like wow

  • Ertuğrul Açıkbaş
    Ertuğrul Açıkbaş

    That 1k car is around 120 k liras in turkey what da fuqqq, enjoy the easy version of life

  • lupe8302

    When amateurs review professional spec cars

  • Impractical jokers Tv show
    Impractical jokers Tv show

    My dad has a s550

  • Nick Manville
    Nick Manville

    2:56 "You don't have coins these days" Maybe not in the UK but I know in Germany coins are still used very often.

  • Alaco123

    Where are you buying these cars. Because I need a first car

  • Nigel Cramp
    Nigel Cramp

    With Mercedes legendary reliability????? how long will these electric goodies work.

  • NastyAngel

    i'd like to make love in that car, so classy :D

  • Stan Ortiz
    Stan Ortiz

    Maybe the fridge is only on the Maybach trim

  • Callum Roper
    Callum Roper

    Lada > Mercedes

  • dendenthemenmen

    Not being funny, amazing video - just looked up your carly adapter sponsor - they sell a Bluetooth car adapter for the OBD as you mention £75, to use the bloody thing you have to pay extra to use their app! What a rip!

  • Geetpeet NSNSNjj
    Geetpeet NSNSNjj

    Should have driven the new s500...the backs completely recline and includes footrest.

  • Hannibaal Barça
    Hannibaal Barça

    S Klaß has No Age

  • Gromp

    The 100,000euro one costs 500k here, cool!

  • Celasun

    "Rear seats are the place you gonna be most of the time when you buy this car" 😂 for sure

    • Colourfull

      EXACTLY! This video agrees on the exact same thing!!! It’s around 0:30 eesoft.info/hd/video/mpvInoWP3IKIiLg

  • Luan Loud Fan
    Luan Loud Fan

    Bruh only a fool will buy a used luxury car. Wait about 1 week and the 100k dollar luxury car will be less than half the price

    • Colourfull

      Luan Loud Fan EXACTLY! This video agrees on the exact same thing!!! It’s around 0:30 eesoft.info/hd/video/mpvInoWP3IKIiLg

  • Super Street
    Super Street

    I just can’t believe the blue car is less than £1000, like all of the electronics work and it drives I mean I thought it would be like a least three

    • Colourfull

      Super Street EXACTLY! This video agrees on the exact same thing!!! It’s around 0:30 eesoft.info/hd/video/mpvInoWP3IKIiLg

  • Thanos Tsolakis
    Thanos Tsolakis

    i see your first instinct is to use the center console with your right hand if only there were cars the center console is in your right hand

  • First Name Last Name
    First Name Last Name

    So strange to see someone besides a Turkish pimp sitting in that car.

    • Colourfull

      First Name Last Name EXACTLY! This video agrees on the exact same thing!!! It’s around 0:30 eesoft.info/hd/video/mpvInoWP3IKIiLg

  • Chrys Fil
    Chrys Fil

    Don't forget that most cars in UK the never had a proper service, this is most of the times the reason for the price. And let's not forget the accident damages that always getting fixed the cheapest possible way. Just for the car too look good enough for the next victim to fall in the trap and buy it.

  • arbit3r

    Interior looks like a really tacky nightclub. I prefer the old one!

  • Chuck Lee
    Chuck Lee

    14:57 you can almost hear " I wish I was driving Phil " in the tone of his voice, if you listen really closely.

  • Wrx3089sub

    Follow me on Instagram if ya like subies memes and pics (wrx3089subaru)

  • Wrx3089sub

    Follow me on Instagram if ya like subies memes and pics (wrx3089subaru)

  • Jahangir Khan
    Jahangir Khan

    Both are chuttar

  • Tabish Ahmed Parkar
    Tabish Ahmed Parkar

    That Gran Turismo music in the background 😌

  • The Ultimate Street racer
    The Ultimate Street racer

    Sunroofs why has car manufacturers left sunroofs behind?

  • Ümit

    Hallo Alex wie gehts dir

  • Pascal Janßen
    Pascal Janßen

    Wer kommt von JP ? 🤔

  • OwenWasHerVEVO

    Any thoughts on making a video about tips for new drivers buying their first cars?

    • Colourfull

      OwenWasHerVEVO Perfect question! This video shows how it’s done: eesoft.info/hd/video/mpvInoWP3IKIiLg

  • German Big
    German Big

    Red Deutsch !! We love it! German

  • asldigga06

    3:18 when asian tourists discover the world

  • thegtagarage

    Ich kanns echt nicht glauben dass der Typ fließend deutsch sprechen kann ne

    • CR34TIVE

      Ich glaub seine Mutter ist Deutsche.

  • Ro. bert
    Ro. bert

    I just watched jp‘s latest video and... boy was I confused as I saw you speaking perfekt german I‘ve been watching your video for more or less years now and I could‘nt even imagine something like that xD So long man See you in the next video I guess Greetings from germany😄

  • Sebastian Rosenbach
    Sebastian Rosenbach

    Wusste gar nicht das du Deutsch sprichst

  • FutureGameLight

    just saw the latest jp peformance video i never thought you can speak german

  • Muhammad Ilhan Mikhail Mohd Nasir
    Muhammad Ilhan Mikhail Mohd Nasir

    you can lie down in the back seat

  • Glaux De
    Glaux De


  • Crosswalk Brakeman
    Crosswalk Brakeman

    Wir wollen Videos auf Deutsch 😀😀😁😁

  • Kecks Dose
    Kecks Dose

    This happens when german engineers get bored 👌😂

  • Sascha Zogg
    Sascha Zogg

    No way alex. Youre so cool. You can speak german? Saw you at jp performance. Very cool

  • Japo

    Warning! This is Spam !!! We are planning to design the definitive Barbecue for the car enthusiast (we are ambitious students). Help us in our mission by answering this questionnaire: docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeQ9077OjfHzUyEUl6vSn9G6a9L5cKDh2X95WMCbVZzekCGaA/viewform?vc=0&c=0&w=1 Thanks a lot!

  • 100sammo

    These blue interior lights looks cheap, definitely not classy.

  • MarcAFK

    Fix the bloody megaspec :p

  • brett ramsey
    brett ramsey

    super fancy yea..... but having worked in tech a couple of years I just imagine one of the million things that could go wrong. Also just why lmao

  • lioshenka

    Damn, that bloke looks like a non-evil Tommy Robinson twin.

  • tSp289

    Most of the extras on that car cost more than the car on my car.

  • DriveRi

    Imagine the day we will see a W222 S Class for £1,000.

  • fuk0ff f00d
    fuk0ff f00d

    Straight pipe the old S Class.

  • Kriste Isopahkala
    Kriste Isopahkala

    Eeww. That Merc puddle light is horrid. It reminds me of something that one of those 18-year-old tuner boys would install.

  • trio sacru
    trio sacru

    where is mi fookin fridge

  • Ash Llewz
    Ash Llewz

    100k and a million things to go wrong.

  • KHD

    its 2019 1st time you see s class??? car 5 yrs old

  • Andrew VR
    Andrew VR

    id rather have a tesla at £39,000