$2 MILLION in 12 months, the price of Mr. Beast's success
Thanks for coming by Jimmy! i really enjoyed the talk.
Mr. Beast -- eesoft.info
intro beat - Weasilboy- soundcloud.com/weasilboy

  • Kai Wizardly
    Kai Wizardly

    Such an wonderful video!!!

  • Steponas-Steven Gradauskas
    Steponas-Steven Gradauskas

    It's hard to understand Millennials :D for an older folk , mr Beast is absolutely nuts to conventional eye .

  • Entropy Anonymous
    Entropy Anonymous

    Well he has to flex every second in his pathetic life in order to remind himself that he was once poor and broke

  • Pro Rebel Separatist
    Pro Rebel Separatist

    Self Pectlating Echo chamber.

  • Manners

    This is like a meetings of opposites, beast gets views giving stuff away and Casey gets views destroying expensive stuff a poor person would love to have...

  • Joshua Duskin
    Joshua Duskin

    This dude just can’t get the point that MrBeast is a nice & caring guy. He asked 20 different ways if it’s for the views.

  • oliver stinchon
    oliver stinchon

    Can we take a moment to look at Casey's two apple watches

  • Georgw Marhevka
    Georgw Marhevka

    Hey mr beast try smoking pot that helps me keep mine in check.

  • Gene Moretti
    Gene Moretti

    Why am I watching this? About 2 minutes now and bye, bye.

  • Classy

    I just was watching mrbeast before I started watching this video 😂 When he used a flamethrower against the Logan Paul that was the best video I’ve ever seen by him

  • Joshua Goh
    Joshua Goh

    this is so much positivity

  • jack the pro
    jack the pro

    Go to india...

  • BTS REDVELVET JOY hotel deluna iu vagabond suzy
    BTS REDVELVET JOY hotel deluna iu vagabond suzy

    my two favourite guys on EEsoft 😊 Mr beast is so kind and I appreciate him giving back, both men are well respected for their own unique genres, as humans and their humble beginnings.

  • Sean Dorn
    Sean Dorn

    Seems like a good guy.

  • Andrew Kim
    Andrew Kim

    just take time to think before you speak... please...

  • anthony peters
    anthony peters

    Casey is in it for the wrong reasons

  • anthony peters
    anthony peters

    These are rookie numbers now

  • Devon Allan James
    Devon Allan James

    inspired by both of you, thank you!

  • MCJose

    I wonder why Casey makes videos? Just saying lol

  • MCJose

    He is question him about his sincerity. Mr beast is a great man. He drives on people needing him. I love the simplicity of his videos but the hard work into it. If he said he would go 10000 laps in a field without stopping he would. I like his friends but at some point they will get tire repetitive things they will never enjoy again . Like going on the ride 1000 times when this people have kids they might never wanna do that.

  • Affluent Nerd
    Affluent Nerd

    It was cool to learn how long he's been making videos on EEsoft and striving for success before he actually got it. I only even knew about him for like a year and a half, which roughly coincides with when he began to blow up, so I thought he had a much easier/shorter journey to mega success than he actually did. Turns out he's a true grinder like 99.9% of other people who reach his level of success on YT, he was just willing to stick it out and make it happen.

  • Affluent Nerd
    Affluent Nerd

    Interesting how you wear reflective glasses indoors in this one, so he has to look at himself while responding to your questions rather than look you in the eye.

    • KAVYA

      He always wears it, inside or outside.

  • TEA

    this looks like a debate and casey is asking the same question 20 different ways to get the answer he wants lmao

  • Tupac Shakur
    Tupac Shakur

    I need to follow him 5 years and play a hobo.

  • Jose Perez
    Jose Perez

    You're a beast Mr. Beast

  • Zac Saleski
    Zac Saleski

    Butttttt has mr beast watch grass grow

  • Sarah Munson
    Sarah Munson

    I have Crohn’s disease as well and it’s crazy to see someone it such a inspiring position having a similar thing to me. Many people have different symptoms and verifying degrees of such symptoms and I’m fortunate to not have been in terribly excruciating pain but I also get tired easily and have to use the bathroom quite frequently. I just find it so inspirational and amazing to see someone in his position battle what he has and still be an inspiration!

  • jeff barber
    jeff barber

    mr. beast and "meet kevin" should hook up.

  • Lukeeeh

    Humble, honest, started from literally nothing, put in years of dedication. This is the real side of Jimmy.

  • Just Daniel
    Just Daniel

    I'm sorry but that was a totally horrible interview!

    • Sarah Vejborg
      Sarah Vejborg


  • G b f q
    G b f q

    ഇക്കാ...ഇക്കാ .....കിട്ടി...കിട്ടി

  • shred the gnar.
    shred the gnar.

    Watch a legend clown a fool for 5 mins straight hahahaha started at 1:12

  • ThunderFart

    But mrbeast is a team u arent


    The more i look at him, the more he starts looking like a rabbit.

    • Sarah Vejborg
      Sarah Vejborg

      well now i can't unsee it🤣

    • Karl Ponte
      Karl Ponte

      or a beaver.

  • riptwan

    Lol, I'd never heard of Casey Neistat until this video came out, & I was thinking; who is this shades dude who intimidates Mr Beast??

  • YTrecipe

    Waw Every giant born from a small size

  • Terry Hollaway
    Terry Hollaway

    Your awesome Mr Beast $TebohoHollaway

  • Ricardo Uribe
    Ricardo Uribe


  • LA Poliniã
    LA Poliniã

    I fell that he’s a genius and he’s playing us all

  • Tyler Durden
    Tyler Durden

    Mr beast looks like the young Hitler

3,4 mln