A Really Sick Dog
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Track: Broke In Summer - Hello Capitano [Audio Library Release]
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  • Beni S
    Beni S

    This cat is a hero.

    • Christian Andrade
      Christian Andrade

      Beni S that is true

    • Legit Dog
      Legit Dog


    • Ben Ciliberto
      Ben Ciliberto

      Cats are stupid

    • GamingwithEvee _
      GamingwithEvee _

      I agree

  • Quawsh Taszty
    Quawsh Taszty

    Aww poor dog😢

  • Orange man Mike
    Orange man Mike

    Yall talkim about the cat being a hero but did you realize how messy that place was, damn drugs do a lot

  • twist

    0:27 me in GTA 5

  • valentinos kelasidis
    valentinos kelasidis

    I was waiting for you to say "the dogo is doing fine now" :(

  • Antony Jan Rosalem
    Antony Jan Rosalem

    That red looks like trevors car from gta

  • • Cute Chickens •
    • Cute Chickens •

    1 like = 1 prayer 🙏


    M no

  • Joshua Heseman
    Joshua Heseman

    1:37 the kids face though 😭😭😭😂😂

  • Evelynne Cole
    Evelynne Cole

    I feel so bad for the dog D; (1 like = one hope for dog to feel better.) |

  • MoldySkink12

    1:47 I see you cut out the Jeffery Epstein didn’t kill himself segment of the video

  • Love Miss
    Love Miss

    That cat was like get cho ass backkkkk

  • Runaway Seaa
    Runaway Seaa

    That laser gun is blooms worst enemy

  • Runaway Seaa
    Runaway Seaa

    Add that laser gun to a pistol and you’re set

  • Paris Delight
    Paris Delight

    Why is nobody talking about the doggy? Hopefully the doggo is okay 😕😔

  • Lil MilkMan
    Lil MilkMan

    I feel like daily dose of internet is secretly leafyishere

  • crazygame crafter
    crazygame crafter


  • Sierrah Jenee
    Sierrah Jenee

    Cats r such aunties lol

  • Dino Boi
    Dino Boi

    I feel bad for sick doggo

  • Ismael Gomez
    Ismael Gomez

    The first advance to laser weapons

  • Zen Supariyata
    Zen Supariyata

    0:35 K.O

  • Fireworks Rule
    Fireworks Rule

    My dog had to wear one of those masks, he looked so sad tbh. I just made him feel better since he always made me feel better when i'm not feeling well.

  • Cono 45
    Cono 45


  • reopri9000

    The truck just hates poles

  • Naruto Uzumaki
    Naruto Uzumaki

    First i thought its Near's theme at 2:53 😂😂😂

  • Malachi Watley
    Malachi Watley

    1:05 Cause that's what hero's do

  • Keybin C
    Keybin C

    Wow that cat moved quick

  • Andrew Brown
    Andrew Brown

    My uncle was the guy who made the motorized surfboard

  • Mar

    3:10 when teacher is staring at you

  • Itz JuXn
    Itz JuXn

    the cat that saved the baby 🥺

  • jgoodman76

    2:35 are those things in the back round sharks?

  • TitanicMegalodon

    Poor doggo

  • jgoodman76

    1:30 that would be useful for you ex's wedding 😂

  • Aesthetic Gacha
    Aesthetic Gacha

    Dogs know that they can get there foot stuck in the escalator, that’s why.

  • Rolando Perez
    Rolando Perez

    Poor puppo

  • Zander Wilde
    Zander Wilde

    That cats house is dirty as fuck

  • 801kamakau

    That cat is human

  • Ginger Tube
    Ginger Tube

    That baby was like imma do it

  • Ryker Thompson
    Ryker Thompson

    Gta in real life: 0:35

  • Benett Malcolm
    Benett Malcolm

    1:47 Coward didn't show the part where he shoots a bunch of ballons to reveal a paper saying "Jeffrey Epstein didn't kill himself"

  • Alessandro Hamilton
    Alessandro Hamilton

    “Nobody was hurt from the light poles” *on the right you see 3 cars hit each other

  • amber lynn
    amber lynn

    Tell me why they left a cat to babysit their kid and the cat really did that


    Poor dog the stuffed duck really bought it home though.

  • The Gamer Goat
    The Gamer Goat

    Is that doggo ok

  • TommyTarkov


  • Mat S
    Mat S

    animals have a strong feeling of protecting offspring.. they understand what a child is and that it needs to be protected.. just like their own young...that cat sees the kid as part of her pack and thats why its protecting it

  • King Quarter 67
    King Quarter 67

    3:10 This is better than any other ASMR videos

  • James Jeffers
    James Jeffers

    YOURE HOT, love the vids

  • Ilay greenberg
    Ilay greenberg

    0:26 - wow gta 6 looks so much realistiic !

  • Pip Squek
    Pip Squek

    Guy makes laser Styropyro: *aRE yOu ChAlLeNgInG mE!*

  • Legit Dog
    Legit Dog


  • Legit Dog
    Legit Dog

    that second guy is a savage

  • Frosty Aura
    Frosty Aura


  • Kimchi 'w'
    Kimchi 'w'

    Who needs a nanny when you got a cat like that😱

  • Ralph

    The cat was playing it didn't having any saving in mind. Stop applying human thinking onto animals.

  • Zurox

    poor doggo :(

  • EvilAvi

    0:32 GTA for real

  • xd_ToxicTek

    Isn’t that the most cutest dog ever

  • Samuel COOKE
    Samuel COOKE

    the truck is gta irl

  • enkh bold
    enkh bold

    3:18 that animal looks happy