Abandoned 1978 Pontiac Trans Am Driven From Grave After 10 Years | Turnin Rust
Turnin Rust
Lance gets a lead on a 1978 & a 1981 Pontiac Trans Am that have been abandoned for close to 10 Years.
The team heads out to see if these two beauties are worth saving, and if they can score a deal on the two.
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Turnin Rust
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  • Turnin Rust
    Turnin Rust

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      @James Lowery ?

    • James Lowery
      James Lowery

      @MRFATBOB RIDERllll00

    • Alan H
      Alan H

      I hope you show more videos on these

    • Roe Hardy
      Roe Hardy

      What you guys ever do with those Pontiacs trans am's put up a video of what happened to those

    • Douglas Huie
      Douglas Huie

      Any updates on the Trans Am?

  • Robert Avery
    Robert Avery

    Shoot I would have given 2 grand for both of them with the titles and all the spare parts I would be in Trans Am Heaven. Love your program.

  • Caleb Davis
    Caleb Davis

    why does everything have to be religiously charged?

  • Klaus Schreyer
    Klaus Schreyer

    Who the hell robs old spark plug wires off a Engine Lol come on

  • Jeff Rogers
    Jeff Rogers

    What a turd.

  • Othanie Higgins
    Othanie Higgins

    like ur van 100%

  • Brian White
    Brian White

    It's great to see guys like you are still out there. I learned to do the same growing up and wrenching on cars with my dad. Drive down the road with no brakes. No problem. Yep, dad would have done that too! Can't argue with the results. You got it to the garage. Nice job guys.

  • Roger Dodger
    Roger Dodger

    This is the most realistic will it run video. Most people are full of shit when they tell you if there are any issue and this is what you wind up with. It’s frustrating.

  • Lucky-Rowe

    Sounds like an old John Deer tractor ..lol At least they saved it.

  • They would have never got them cars that cheap off me cheap skates

  • Two thousand is a dam give away price.look a gift horse straight down the neck.


    you should have left that rusty piece of shit there to rot

  • Marlon Parsons
    Marlon Parsons

    Gawd damn boy you need a drop hitch

  • Msizi Sangweni
    Msizi Sangweni

    @1:01:27 action

  • Hugh Dunbar
    Hugh Dunbar

    2k for that car in that shape?

  • Mywebmanagement Company
    Mywebmanagement Company

    I gotta ask... when was this video filmed? The Ghost Buster Car in the video is parked 4 miles from my office in Long Island NY. Is there more than one of those relics? 😅😂 I was really impressed with how you took out the old starter while car was sunk in the soil. Web

  • Me Notu
    Me Notu

    East or West of IH35 you'll get this kind of Texas friendliness. Stay along the IH35 corridor, not so much.

  • David Sparks
    David Sparks

    I think your chicken poop young man...you best fix that car up and come back to give this benevolent man that sold you these cars a RIDE IN IT...YOU KNOW ITS WORTH!!! ESPECIALLY WITH THE ENGINE GONE THROUGH...GRRRRR

  • Robert Emerson
    Robert Emerson

    Holy cow! Don't leave the Cutlass!

  • Caleb McGee
    Caleb McGee

    I know this is a stupid question but that truck man what kind of chevy is it?

  • Mustang Medic
    Mustang Medic

    We have to hang out guys seriously give me a call

  • Mustang Medic
    Mustang Medic

    That’s very cool. My first experience at 130mph was in a 78 Gold Trans Am (Gold Phoenix on the hood of course) I was 17, I’m 55 now and MustangMedic, we do restoration also for the past 9 years.

  • Cedric Mosley
    Cedric Mosley

    Great job getting the car running. Good luck on the resto.

  • mike meza
    mike meza

    Thing these guys sure brings back memories of when my stepdad was teaching me to be a mechanic. I would have put a little oil in the cylinders. And overhauled the carburetor and starter befor I tried to crank it up. The old man taught me well.

  • scott van tassel
    scott van tassel

    you lost me as soon as I saw the stupid offset wheels on your truck.

  • tony Moliere
    tony Moliere

    I would love to go down and see the Trans Am maybe look around and buy something

  • rob t
    rob t

    Appreciate the video. BTW, you scored an awesome deal. I would love to hear some comments from the seller/ family. and some tech talk, altho I must admit...I only scrolled a page. At a quick glance this was a steal.Tapping the starter before you did a few things would have saved alot of time, jmho. Thank you for sharing.

  • Grove Roark
    Grove Roark

    Yep yep yep been there done that many times in the 80s kind of nice I look back and watch somebody else have them headaches now

  • Rory Frankson
    Rory Frankson

    What are you going to do with the Opel GT

  • blah

    I thought your lead to this site said: abandoned” then the first words are you are going over see if this guy wants to Sell these Trans Ams, that is NOT abandoned

  • Juanita Mcintosh
    Juanita Mcintosh

    How come you just didn't put it on the trailer and bring it to the shop and try and start it?

  • Justin Anville
    Justin Anville

    Nice opel gt @ 14:41!

  • Clyde Lovett
    Clyde Lovett

    You guys are better than Road kill no drama

  • Pax Humana
    Pax Humana

    My sister had a 1976 Chevrolet Camaro once...they are pretty good vehicles that are related to the Pontiac Trans Am. I also play them in racing games as well.

  • Jack Cleary
    Jack Cleary

    I'm glad to see at least one of them doesn't hide behind a beard. The owner treated these cars pretty badly and the two for $1800 was a good all-around deal These resurrected car videos are usually very irritating. This one not to bad. I remember 4 Transams imported with dealer provided air cond. from USA new back then.. When the blowers were pulled-off it was obvious .the access in the firewall was done by a tomahawk!! Wouldn't you start the pine needle clearing at the windscreen wiper area?...to save double handling?...hardly an inspiring 'clean'. Why would you even consider driving it with the certain brake issues, old tyres etc...on a public road??...no respect for others? Yes I'm getting irritated….wipes the dipstick on his jeans...Phew!!….didn't bring any rag??? No cranking but anyway did you clean and check points?...you had to get another distributor cap I recall. The starting system is simple and it's possible the solenoid is dirty/corroded and /or brushes are stuck ...or were stuck when the car left there. Hammering to free them only ruins the starter eventually. Turn the motor over at the crank for a start...Lousy tool kit. Surely you know how to check a starter. You've left enough pine needles there to make a good bonfire anyway. Starter...as I said.. stuck brush/brushes or stuck across a mica...Why pump up just one tyre...why not do the lot.... If it is sluggish with no plugs it's going to struggle on compression. You are pretty badly prepared. Don't kink the carbon leads as you did with I think no 8. Using start up in the carburettors is bad practice. ...good way of damaging pistons. Starter?...you need a better battery....the leads don't show overheating from Starter current. You could have reco'd the battery overnight...it only needed cleaning. It's not the problem. A longer negative cable would have allowed you to turn the battery 180degs .Spraying that crap in there whilest trying to start could cause flame back fire and set fire to the pine needles. Holy sh.....fuel in a plastic tank to drive it home??….aaaaaagggghhh!! Does this car have mechanical fuel pump? ...guess it must have to hook the fuel up that way....Why didn't you buy a new set of plugs?...ok 30 miles but you were there yesterday...The miss is likely to be a lifter....Pontiac pains!! How about the wheels off the cutlass? Good place to have the plastic bottle of fuel...should total the car if it goes up in flames. When bleeding brakes of air...always pump slowly....ok? T hose headlights cost a motza....I'd pull them off...it will not make any difference if the police nab you for public menace. which you are driving that pus-box on the highway....how about some consideration for others...all you had to do was bring the trailer back...wasn't it.

  • 12bucklemyshoe1

    When you depressed the emergency brake, I was like "Noooooooooo"

  • john dyer
    john dyer

    I worked on so many of these things. Putting those eagles back on the hood sucked. We had a turbo pace car come in too. Flew pretty good.

  • Donald Smith
    Donald Smith

    This car was somewhere in East Texas.

  • Addison Steiner
    Addison Steiner

    Only in Texas do you have a perfectly good trailer and decide to drive a car that has been sitting for 10 years and has no brakes, lol. That said, he got a fantastic deal on a classic car!

  • cody flowers
    cody flowers

    Very respectful young man and a great buy. I owned a 77 formula and a 78 formula. Fun cars and great fun

  • War Thunder
    War Thunder

    I have a 78 firebird myself and this is very helpful. Love the content earned a new sub


    You guys done $2,000 of work just to get it started! I'd have taken it to a lift and done that dirty work! OCD is acting up too.

  • monmixer

    I sold a very restorable 87 Blazer 2 for 350 awhile back. Solid, engine and much better shape than that car.

  • sinjin90ful

    I Love trans am's i had a 79 back in 93, T-tops loved it but even then when it wasn't that old had carb problems, Heater core leak, caliper lock up. That thing to me looks like more work than its worth but not that many out there now a days so maybe it is. I sold mine like in 95 running and pretty nice with new paint for like 1200 lol

  • Big B Kenobi
    Big B Kenobi

    These guys are pitiful. They barely clean these cars off and flip thrm for profit.

  • Stonewall Jackson
    Stonewall Jackson

    Big beautiful engine

  • Sterling White
    Sterling White

    dude got a deal! that could of been sold for a lot more

  • reality czech #9
    reality czech #9

    Nice going guys. A car has to start, if it has fuel, spark and combustion. (old auto shop teacher sez). I would check for spark at the coil first, then the plugs, (once you get it to turn over) and fuel coming to the carb. But not sure if old fuel would combust, so adding tank and fresh fuel was a good idea. Great job. Lots of fun, for sure. Yeah, would like to see final results. I rigged up such a tank to my '55 Chevy going cross country, in case fuel pump quit. lol...gravity feed works great on carbs.

  • roy longakit
    roy longakit

    Nice idea

  • G Black
    G Black

    Somebody working the throttle would have helped a lot

  • The Confused Farmer
    The Confused Farmer

    How many more you want. Got a 77 and a 78.

  • Tim Kallio
    Tim Kallio

    old school power spark fuel beet the starter with a hammer if it doesnt turn

  • Tim Kallio
    Tim Kallio

    PUT some fuel in the carb feed the beast

  • John Ellis
    John Ellis

    Heard you going over the firing order. I think you had a couple wires crossed. 1-8-4-3-6-5-7-2

  • Ryan Scherbluk
    Ryan Scherbluk

    I don’t care what anyone says about Pontiac every car they made was different and ballsy. The Trans Ams , GTOs , Grand Ams , Grand Pix , Fieros , the ugly Aztec’s. Pontiac made fun cars different cars and it’s a shame GM had to file for chapter 11 bankruptcy. I think the government made the wrong decision on Pontiac.

  • Strong Black
    Strong Black

    I can love them in my teen

  • Den R. P.
    Den R. P.

    1973 & 74 SD Trans Am were only collectables worth havering. Best looking too & most powerful ever produced. Rest of them in Smoky Bandit versions were junk in comparison. Throttled them back because of Carter admiration. They handle well though & many still love to have them.Had a 76 Grand Pre 4OO actually probably out run it & handle as well too.

  • Blake DeRoin
    Blake DeRoin

    Cool that y'all got it driving off instead of towed off, enjoyed 👍

  • Brenda Garcia
    Brenda Garcia

    dude the fireing order is on the intake and if its not there you have a smart phone what the hell goggle it

  • 1 2
    1 2

    it is hard work, not gonna lie