An important message from Clarkson, Hammond & May
In light of the current Coronavirus situation, Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May have something to say. Take it away boys!
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  • phill clucker
    phill clucker

    no porn? will send you a new design of piston ring, and a picture of stigs helmet, they will be calling you mr whippy clarkson for many years to come

  • The Cone Boy
    The Cone Boy

    James is using the newest iPhone and recording with a spoon

  • Norwegian Blue
    Norwegian Blue

    They all sold their souls to Satan's Synagogue a looong time ago. The people never forget...

  • ComteDeGracey

    Stay the fucking fuck at fucking home, tha fuck!

  • Miller Pichon
    Miller Pichon

    Do it for James May!

  • bompi Bjorn
    bompi Bjorn

    Jeremy, please, please, please. You Guys, The Trio, make The Italian Job 3. You can have the punchline........You were only supposed to blow his nuts off... it would be perfik!!!

  • marius stoica
    marius stoica

    All the best guys!!! stay safe and see you soon as......

  • Know ok Клоун клоун
    Know ok Клоун клоун

    Вы хорошые пацаны .

  • wingding028


  • Mark Cole
    Mark Cole

    The new cast of Last of the summer wine 🤣

  • jutubaeh

    im glad may göt clarksöns pötätö vv

  • jutubaeh

    they could have bürned n kRämpd their -ph- collectiön cars ^ ^ löl may chööse the wRönG viRü$$ xD pötatö v?v

  • MissyB 75
    MissyB 75

    Awww, Richards doggy😍hope it’s a rescue mate😉 And at least pretend to cut his hair you silly bint🤦🏼‍♀️

  • metalzero4

    Heey, you know what can make me stay at home, a 4th season of Grand Tour, when we are going to get it??

  • raidaru

    May's mistook his cam with a potato

  • Ollycrx

    You know shit got real when Clarkson says something sensible

  • Katsuki Bakugo
    Katsuki Bakugo

    1 like is 1 brick to build clarksons house

  • Flapper

    Does that mean you're not coming on then?

  • • Kaansaticiii•
    • Kaansaticiii•

    “Can’t even watch pornography” 😂

  • Patrick Stanton
    Patrick Stanton

    Grade 1 haircut at the start, should need another at the end of this crisis. Though it would be fun to see if they let their hair grow!

  • 22Михаил Бэг
    22Михаил Бэг

    Старушка Мэй

  • Soulboy

    Stiggy should be just fine.

  • 陈鹏旭

    heyy Bim guess what, we are infected by Coronavirus.

  • Tommy Penderson
    Tommy Penderson

    I’m safely quarantined in my home in a nice bath with a toaster and a hair dryer how about you?

  • duhmeekus

    I like how James May traveled back in time to EEsoft in 2006 to tell me to stay at home

  • Losh

    May the type of guy to only do work stuff at work.

  • Wasty HD
    Wasty HD

    Bin ich der einzige deutsche😅

  • T S
    T S

    The lads come through again! Stay well boys.

  • Norman Sufrin
    Norman Sufrin

    Well done team

  • Jeka Hazankin
    Jeka Hazankin

    only james xD

  • Vladimir Putin
    Vladimir Putin

    Fuck off, this is total bullshit, the virus is nothing like the media are making out and a fine from the police given to people who just lost their jobs, and are out away from people in a 'beauty spot' where you are in no way going to 'infect' anyone is crazy; and it's totally disgusting to treat people in this way. It's obvious that elderly and ones with health issues are at risk, even from the common cold, but this entire lock down is a scam, a way to test how much control the government can push and how easily people will agree to being prisoners in their own countries for no crime. The former Top Gear presenters are not medically qualified, nor are experts in this area. I don't claim to be expert but there are many like myself who can see right through this bullshit. And as for the NHS, did you know that the UK have been, and still are seriously, considering selling it to the USA? Why do you think they keep going on about saving the NHS, has to be in good shape to get the highest sale value. And the total bollocks about suddenly caring for elderly people who they want to take away the free buss pass, TV license, and for the most part have to make a choice of feeling hungry or cold through winter. Fuck Boris and his cunts in Parliament, they all suck each others cocks!!

  • Spanky 8787
    Spanky 8787

    Love these guy so much ❤️. Stay safe stay healthy 🍀

  • Pete Fairest
    Pete Fairest

    I refuse to stay at home over a government lie and agenda 21 fuck off.....

  • Callum

    First 10 seconds

  • Roberto Moreno
    Roberto Moreno

    Clarkson is the clown "IT"

  • Hugh Mility
    Hugh Mility

    Just watch the movie “contagion”

  • 49barndoor

    What a dick head, this shit is just getting ridiculous...

  • Mark Murphy
    Mark Murphy

    How about sharing some off your many many many many millions of pounds £££££ with the poor and older people off our country who are struggling right now instead of telling us all to stay indoors yes where not stupid or simpletons share your enormous wealth your wage packets are obscene to someone like me who has to risk getting this China virus by going out to work to keep a roof over my head and food on the table how dare the rich of this land preach to us .


    And it fits this nomad capitalist idea.


    I think the desperate gaslighting schizophrenics dont realize that youre in the UK and the show takes place all over the world.


    When am i going to be on the damn show?

  • Jedi Knight
    Jedi Knight

    The only 3 celebs i’ve seen giving advice to stay at home........The best 3, to give it! Stay safe Everyone.

  • Azeem Khan
    Azeem Khan

    Tonight I make a video Richard gets a haircut And James “Oh Bollocks”

  • Azeem Khan
    Azeem Khan

    Oh Cock

  • Azeem Khan
    Azeem Khan

    I was waiting for “Oh Cock” from Captain Slow but i got “Bollocks” instead even better 😂😂😂

  • braviss Loki
    braviss Loki

    A nice example of 1980 yuppie farts..,

  • Small Deed
    Small Deed

    True example of "old is gold". More they becoming old, more they getting gold.

  • The Eyebrow Guy
    The Eyebrow Guy

    Could see the James may joke coming from a mile away

  • Robert Palmer
    Robert Palmer

    If you guys actually made some GT episodes it would make it easier to stay at home.. 😒

  • alec cap
    alec cap

    This bunch of arseholes still on TV?

  • randomlineofletters

    Was Hamster saying something? I was distracted by that good boy

  • Daniel annett
    Daniel annett

    Drivetribe: the drivetribe founders are now in self-isolation me: does that mean there not coming on then?

  • Scot Wilson
    Scot Wilson

    James filmed his using the reversing camera in his Tesla

  • AugmentedGravity

    *_Somebody old and frale... like James May._* 😂😂 Never change guys.💛 Stay safe✌

  • AugmentedGravity

    Love you guys.

  • Hawker _Harrier489
    Hawker _Harrier489

    It’d be a hell of a kill streak: James May and Jeremy Clarkson

  • idj4

    How do you expect the public to be serious about this when you're adding trivial humour to it?... Come on guys, let's leave the laughs with the intended.

  • Suzi Bikerbabe
    Suzi Bikerbabe

    Miss you guys a LOT, especially when my dvr died and took my favorite 20 with it. Damned vengeful thing.

  • Mixo Max
    Mixo Max

    Show me the bodies?

  • Ash 007
    Ash 007

    Anyone else skip james mays video like me haha

  • Lee Lee
    Lee Lee

    I love staying in so I'm loving this time I watch top gear on dave life is great

  • Daz carbon
    Daz carbon

    really its all a hoax its just a flu u know whats happening what a joke u are

  • very confused
    very confused

    Wow, Clarkson looks like shit lately.

  • umberto mollo
    umberto mollo

    Hammond you are ridicolous!!!!! Stopping flashing your hair!!!go clarkson go go James ,start a new season all togheter 🤗 regards from Italy the best country of the world Whit the best cars

  • Cristian Enea
    Cristian Enea

    What did James used to record this video? The rear view camera from his Fiat Panda?

  • ShadyTree Tea
    ShadyTree Tea

    James may your a Cock for making this video.. less than 12 hours later you were at the fking pub ignoring your own advise and the advice of the PM. putting other people in danger possibly infected and maybe even be responsible fr the next few elderly people dying that's on you MAY!!!

  • Marlee R
    Marlee R

    Was the dog talking or was that Hammond , the look exactly the same

  • GuninGames

    Mean while theres our untamed racing driver, some say he grows cysts full of Grape Jelly, and that if he ever were to catch a cold, he would sneeze confetti, all we know is HES CALLED THE STIIIG

  • Steve Febvre
    Steve Febvre

    Christ.... why won’t these 3 stooges bow out gracefully. They’re old hat and nobody gives a sh1t what they are doing or what they have to say.

  • Fred G
    Fred G

    Blijf thuis!

  • Stephan L
    Stephan L

    Like.., James May!

  • cornishcactus

    Sod the loo roll, that gits getting a haircut!

  • ron h
    ron h

    the most sincere and money hungry motherfuckers out there!!

  • bongojona

    FYI Clarkson is 59 and May is 57, Hammond is 50

  • Jamie Deadman
    Jamie Deadman

    Somehow less annoying than ALL OF THE OTHER CELEBS TELLING US TO STAY AT HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Justin

    James I think you need to invest in a camera that has autofocus and has 4K I’m sure you can afford it 😊👍

  • David

    The 3 wize pommies, lol

  • saheddd

    Good message

  • spoon father
    spoon father

    Not james oh god

  • A

    Can tell they went to private school.