Billie Eilish - everything i wanted (Audio)
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Music video by Billie Eilish performing everything i wanted (Audio). © 2019 Darkroom/Interscope Records

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  • thekingmontae 1000
    thekingmontae 1000

    I always wanted to meet you some day ❤

  • Videzz

    Damn, why is everyone so emo?

  • Thu Tang
    Thu Tang

    Can you came to Malaysia i very very very very love you i see all your video song i love

  • Maé gaffard
    Maé gaffard


  • Amiyah Maríe.
    Amiyah Maríe.

    *TikTok has entered the chat*

  • cblt9424

    When I was in middle school, desperately needing a song like this, Billie was just starting Kindergarten. 😩😩

  • luccishinigami

    I like Billie

  • Tea The cat
    Tea The cat

    I think she was talking about her in a coma after she “stepped off the golden” (golden bridge) and she tried to scream but her head was underwater, the person that she is talking about tried to kill her self because of bullying (they called me week, like i’m just somebody’s daughter) in her coma, she had a dream where she had everything she wanted.

  • Ladis laus
    Ladis laus

    Это типа школотронская богиня грусти? Gooseподи: биток + прокуренный женский шепот + примитивный текст. Бля.

  • Sarah Spencer
    Sarah Spencer

    Dear Billie,I really hope your okay. I really do understand what you have gone through. I’ve been through the same thing. Your not alone,Billie. You’ve got other singers,directors and especially US! Your an amazing person,Billie. Don’t EVER think your weak. You’ve learned so many things in your past. PAST IS PAST. We all love you so much,Billie....

  • Yara algurainy
    Yara algurainy

    I’m obsessed with this song !!!!

  • Noob tesók
    Noob tesók

    Na jó ez meg mi a szar mert a fős jobb ennél a zenénél vb

  • vex7_xx

    whatttttt i follow this painter on instagram

  • vanegio

    Esta canción está compuesta con unos arreglos hermosos! Escuchénla con audífonos

  • Tuncay Comert
    Tuncay Comert

    On November 15 is my birthday

  • Sam Goes to Hollywood
    Sam Goes to Hollywood

    I interpret this song as a happy-ish song. Idk about y’all

  • PlayGame Mobile
    PlayGame Mobile

    I love you ❤❤

  • Anil Garg
    Anil Garg

    By all the rape victims in India 😔💔

  • guru jii
    guru jii

    Wow , so deep bro so deep

  • Gabriel Comtois
    Gabriel Comtois

    2019 🔐 2020 🔒 2021 🔒 2022 🔒 2023 🔒 2024 🔒 2025 🔒 Like this so I remember to come back 🔐🤠

  • Audrey Chronister
    Audrey Chronister

    who else is in there feelings but usually listens too close friends and comes here and is like damn , this is relatable

  • necromotor

    I like this as much as "Magic" by Olivia Newton John (YES IM OLD)!

  • SkyeBright StarLight
    SkyeBright StarLight

    Best song. Can't change my mind.

  • Jackie Kramer
    Jackie Kramer

    This song reminds me of the time I tried to commit suicide and the drs saved me. I'm glad i lived and I'm still alive.

  • Kiana Davis
    Kiana Davis

    However disliked this song has no soul cause Billie is a young beautiful girl who writes amazing wonderful songs the empower young people to move forward in life❤️❤️

  • AneesA 34
    AneesA 34

    but why do you go

  • Ivan Ventura
    Ivan Ventura

    I love this lyrics. This girl will become a successful artist in the future

  • Jasmine Palk
    Jasmine Palk

    My Life is one big living nightmare!

  • cally Lace LaceWay Entertainment
    cally Lace LaceWay Entertainment

    Everything I wanted

  • cally Lace LaceWay Entertainment
    cally Lace LaceWay Entertainment

    As long as I'm here

  • NeGatiVe siX
    NeGatiVe siX

    that is sth you wanna listen all day all night

  • enigmatic Justice
    enigmatic Justice

    My dream is a nightmare to somebody that might care !!!!!!!

  • [Content ]
    [Content ]

    What other Billie songs do u recommend?

  • Tika Rashid
    Tika Rashid

    He told me he would love me for who I was, how messy my life is but he want me to change the way he wanted. I'm confused and lost myself for 4 years.

  • канал kunovasek Анастасия
    канал kunovasek Анастасия

    Билли. Хуйлиш

  • Avengedsevenfold 7x
    Avengedsevenfold 7x

    Idk why. I love this song, and Ocean Eyes

  • aer xxegirl
    aer xxegirl

    Omg i love all your vids your my favorite youtuber

    • aer xxegirl
      aer xxegirl


  • Bale_

    Muy bueno

  • Brooklynn Butterfield
    Brooklynn Butterfield

    This feels like you are falling over in love again and again, but it’s a dream. You just continue waking up once you get their attention.