Joe Weller
Confronting Jake Paul at KSI vs Logan Paul press conference.
The microphone I’m using:
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  • kaytee Nacey
    kaytee Nacey

    Radio raheem is the biggest cock going

  • Gogetaz Army
    Gogetaz Army

    Jake-I Dont Know You Also Jake-I Know How You Are

  • Fabrizzio Arguello
    Fabrizzio Arguello

    Idk this man jake paul fuck him, i dont give shit about him idek him no respect

  • Jayzize

    Jake is completely idiotic, deflecting, and playing victim when he’s caught in an idiocy and lies

  • biggie_lu3

    Radio rahim is a big dick like jake paul.

  • Justin Arrindell
    Justin Arrindell

    I'm sorry but I hope someone sends corn at Jake Pauls wig someday

  • Gagab

    Jake should've just play fortnite just like the other kids.

  • Amber Dickinson
    Amber Dickinson

    Says hes relaxed when his head litteraly turns red as a tomato and the vains pop out of his neck

  • Amber Dickinson
    Amber Dickinson

    I dont think anyone is as dumb as jake paul

  • Maja Starnacka
    Maja Starnacka

    'I grew up on on camera' behave yourself

  • O’hara Davies
    O’hara Davies

    whats luis Suarez doing at the end and why they call him chip

  • QualityContentEveryday

    Huge chin

  • Santeri Kolehmainen
    Santeri Kolehmainen

    All bullshit aside, fuck this other interviewer. Tryin to make a mad big ting out of two men talkin they things straight. "go in the ring, settle this thing out" like just give it a rest.

  • SledgehammerEditing

    Joe Weller is a pussyole lmao even some Disney guy doesn't even rate you

  • Kyle Duncan
    Kyle Duncan

    Joe you are an embarrassment 😥

    • Kyle Duncan
      Kyle Duncan

      I was a minute away from the end when I posted this. Aaaaargh mate you’re so cringe 😭

  • Geralt Rivia
    Geralt Rivia

    Wow back to fake beef, for fake ass boxing fights by these pricks

  • Triston Thompson
    Triston Thompson

    Joe weller is such a kid for crying about a vid he is clearly scared of jake

  • Amir Erian
    Amir Erian

    Radio Raheem has the same IQ of Jake in this scenario. What a shame.

  • Mills

    Bruh he isn’t lettin u speakkkk

  • DA3533

    Joe wanted to call him out again but as he got closer and outdone by jake, he changed

  • C A
    C A

    What a little weasel you are... You're not acting like a man! You're projecting, and it's you who are trying to f with him, in public, and on camera...

  • Annie Ally
    Annie Ally

    Jake is a fucking pussy you know he's only talking like that cause he knows joe wasn't going to do shit the second he would've said i don't respect you i would've would've knocked his teethe out before he can catch his next breathe. Acting hard and shit fucking clown

  • Siddharth Joshi
    Siddharth Joshi

    Jake Paul is Tràaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaash

  • Shawn Porter
    Shawn Porter

    Jake Paul is a scumbag

  • hxlxnska

    How much of a clown can one person be?

  • Tolebi

    Man, honestly Joe is a great interviewer. I mean I don't know much about him just of fight with JJ. But man, he is great with all that word/brain games and studying the language of the confronting person. Great job

  • Trae Bonay
    Trae Bonay

    Lol joe weller is a girl wth even is this

  • Shannen T
    Shannen T

    Jake Paul, sociopathic youtube star.... if ever there was a human being headed for bankruptcy its this lunatic. Once all the lawsuits pile up, the debt, the absolute certain tax evasion.... i cannot wait

  • DJ Animal London
    DJ Animal London

    Jake Paul is a fucking cunt

  • Olivia Maurer
    Olivia Maurer

    Bruh this happened like a year ago

  • Joseph Carrdus
    Joseph Carrdus

    He is who he is: a cunnnttthhh

  • Liz Marie
    Liz Marie

    It's a personality trait I get treated the same way by people n they can't answer simple questions.

  • Ryan Anthony
    Ryan Anthony

    Jake is just so mad cause his brother lost the fight. 🤣🤣🤣 jake ur a weirdo

  • Plasma Studios
    Plasma Studios

    what a fuuucking cunt, jake paul, such a pussy

  • OverPandaz

    jake paul is a joke

  • BeastGamer 15
    BeastGamer 15

    Jake thinks he smart and fucking a boxer he thinks he’s a boxer because he beat a weak person that doesn’t even work out or nothing jake thinks he’s all that

  • Jada Antonio
    Jada Antonio

    Joy wella is a Pussy chat of camera he trying to look good for his fan and why is he always saying brove

  • Riya

    Joe>jake anyday

  • LJ Beatz
    LJ Beatz

    Not gonna lie Jake was right confronting on camera was a bitch move whether he’s a bad guy or not that was bitchy 🤷🏽‍♂️

  • Ginga-dna


  • Leonard Dixon
    Leonard Dixon

    Jake is an A grade twat if you actually like him you need to put yourself in the bin...

  • Megan Johnston
    Megan Johnston

    he's such a dumb ass

  • overage acc
    overage acc

    the thing is, people only like the pauls because.. oh wait, no one does whops

  • Brandon Derks
    Brandon Derks

    Europeans are pussies

  • josh

    Bruv count : 37

  • Will Smyth
    Will Smyth

    I feel like make actually had a point but said it like a dickhead

  • Christopher Cairns
    Christopher Cairns


  • Brandley Thomas
    Brandley Thomas

    Jake Paul: I know what you tryina do, you tryina make me look stupid Me: No you do a pretty good job of that on your own😗

  • Hannah Banana
    Hannah Banana

    Paul is so confusing

  • Jordan

    so he is a shit bloke on and off the camera

  • Marten Pack
    Marten Pack

    Bruh jake is such a cabbage he has the iq of an onion

  • michael redrider
    michael redrider

    Him and is bro are muppets slap that cunt silly ksi a prick aswel

  • honzik vysin
    honzik vysin

    Hes just mugging him self off

  • Zach G
    Zach G

    I feel like Joe is just out to make the Paul's look like assholes

  • O I
    O I

    They both look like absolute idiots omg

  • Venom83 gaming
    Venom83 gaming

    Jake Paul doesn’t like his fans cause he doesn’t Know them fucking idiot

  • Nick Turner
    Nick Turner

    Joe your a queer

  • STR8 GAMER96
    STR8 GAMER96

    What a fuckin air head lmao

  • Khole Germann
    Khole Germann

    Wtf Jake is so fucking stupid 😂😂😂

  • Colin dillon
    Colin dillon

    Logan is very cocky,but I respect him way more than Jake.Jake is so cocky and just an absolute asshat,the definition of a bully.