Joe Weller
Confronting Jake Paul at KSI vs Logan Paul press conference.
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  • Ciel Chen
    Ciel Chen

    Never watched your vids before but this vid clearly shows how much of a retard jake paul is and how reasonable you are! Good job on staying composed when he tried so hard to frame you negatively

  • Mr 2bun
    Mr 2bun

    Haha hahaha boyd off

  • Mattchris240 -Moblie
    Mattchris240 -Moblie

    I hate the Paul's family there so annoying

  • D12 Youngboy
    D12 Youngboy

    Logan - do you want an apology Joe - geezer


    Jakes such a god damn embarrassment, he’s actual proof you need no brain cells to make it big.

  • Mike gsumilang
    Mike gsumilang

    After watching this vid, I have huge respect for weller, kept his cool like you would keep your cool when arguing with a 5 yr old but you’re actually fully in raged and want kick the shit out of that 5 yr old.

  • Max Williams
    Max Williams

    Jake is a class A wanker

  • I have no name
    I have no name

    Jake says Joe's from Ireland and then calls him a fucking idiot. Jake's a fucking clown man Btw I'm from Ireland

  • Lala Huhlu
    Lala Huhlu

    Fuck jake Paul

  • rory brazier
    rory brazier

    What did that Milton lad say to joe

  • Joe Gould
    Joe Gould

    Jake is such a child. Doesn't deserve all this attention

  • Adam Yaghi
    Adam Yaghi

    Jake thinks he is cool but in real life he’s just a disrespectful person

  • Paper stressed
    Paper stressed

    I was a Jake Paul fan 2 years ago and now I am thinking who I used to watch

  • J Davies
    J Davies

    You are both clowns, why did this pop up on my recommendations ?

  • Samesung 6 series
    Samesung 6 series

    Does jake have a hickey wtf

  • Frank Sanchez
    Frank Sanchez

    y'all both were weird af and confrontational


    It’s easy to call jake out on his bs... but radio raheems just a bit of a wank

  • Booo

    Jake Paul is such a bellend. He has the mental age of a 10 year old.

  • Neil Patrick
    Neil Patrick

    that earring is gay as fck

  • Minor Maniac YT
    Minor Maniac YT

    I’m sorry but I just seen jake Paul waffle for 10 mins straight

  • Roan Buckley
    Roan Buckley

    Joe grilledddd him

  • Ved Deshpande
    Ved Deshpande

    I hate the beep sound, omfg.

  • Ibraheem Mughal
    Ibraheem Mughal

    jake paul is so manipulative look at his body language in the start and at the end and his demeanour

  • Falkvis05

    Jake: “I dOnT kNoW wHo YoU aRe”. . Also Jake: <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="337">5:37</a>

  • Yazeed El Asmar
    Yazeed El Asmar

    Bruv wtf is that on his ear

  • Azza Ven14
    Azza Ven14

    Jakes so thick he’s bulletproof

  • cal willolfc06
    cal willolfc06

    Go on joe lad

  • Harry Pinches
    Harry Pinches

    Jo weller should knock out jake

  • John Gilmore
    John Gilmore

    Shuda slapt at we twerp

  • Freddie Oldrey
    Freddie Oldrey

    I don’t know Cristiano Ronaldo by t I respect him jake never knows what he’s talking about

  • Freddie Oldrey
    Freddie Oldrey

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="152">2:32</a> 😂he got mugged straight after that

  • Freddie Oldrey
    Freddie Oldrey

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="77">1:17</a> 😂jakes a nob how could he say to joe to grow up, you can tell jake was just repeating his words

  • Freddie Oldrey
    Freddie Oldrey

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="29">0:29</a> jake looked so connfused 😂jake was chatting so much shit at the beginning of the vid he was saying the first things that came to his head

  • RHC3n

    Jake lost his temper in this lol. Joe Weller is super humble.

  • Tyler Stokes
    Tyler Stokes

    I want weller to take up his offer and knock jake out

  • RageGrizzly

    Joe looks baaaare pissed

  • Jonathan Rodriguez
    Jonathan Rodriguez

    I kinda wanted joe to swing

  • Benji Benji
    Benji Benji

    should of just jawed the prick!

  • NoobSlasher26

    Y radioraheem a Simp To Jake. Such A GeezA

  • Catface

    Joe could beat jake up if he really wanted to

  • Blyxir 123
    Blyxir 123

    Fuck the pauls

  • Cameron from swinton
    Cameron from swinton

    Broooo 😂

  • Baiba Zandere
    Baiba Zandere

    "Im Not a 12yr Old" I Laughed so fkn Hard.

  • Asher Klissman
    Asher Klissman

    Jake is to far up his own ass it’s not even funny

  • unlikely strange
    unlikely strange

    This is why I don't have respect for Jake paul

  • Help Me
    Help Me

    Joe weller is gay like he’s crying cause he posted a video on his channel like grow up

    • Thomas Evans
      Thomas Evans

      Jake Paul fanboy?

    • Jesus Christ
      Jesus Christ

      I love how you tell him to grow but yet you have fortnite profile pic and like Jake Paul.

    • H Kaafi
      H Kaafi

      Wtf are u talking about kid?

  • IamJude

    He made jake look like such a nob in this video 😂

  • Lockers TV
    Lockers TV

    The video ends as we see simons hand reach to chips neck

  • Veonix

    “I dont have a internet persona” so hes just braindead not pretending to be braindead

  • UnHolY ToILeTPuMp
    UnHolY ToILeTPuMp

    I love this video coz it's the opposite of the original sparring video like the original video Jake does him so bloody dirty so I love the idea of Joe standing up to this dumbass

  • Marcel Van Der Walt
    Marcel Van Der Walt

    They needa fight!

  • vvarjoo

    Jake is such a fucking dumbass, I wanna see when KSI beats his ass!!!

  • RIZ 720
    RIZ 720

    I fuking hate jake Paul he’s so rude

  • kride samanch
    kride samanch

    Big ups Joe for this. Held his own without being unneccessarely disrespectful unlike Jake. Felt really bad after seeing Jake humiliate him in the sparring session, this is a solid comeback from that

  • Browser Jay
    Browser Jay

    jake says he's not a 12 year old and yet he acts like one

  • Abdullah Aziz
    Abdullah Aziz

    Jake is honestly mentally f#@ked

  • Kyle Whiting
    Kyle Whiting

    Jake is a idiot

  • Username 583
    Username 583

    get a girlfriend the way joe weller looks at jake paul

  • Rustzzy

    he doesnt care bout his fans

  • toxic mayhem
    toxic mayhem

    i reckon in a street fight joe would fuck jake up

    • BadmanShakif

      Not really don't get me wrong I really like Joe and really hate Jake but I think Jake beat up Joe really badly considering Jake is a better boxer than Joe as well the fact that Jake grew up wrestling

  • kushal curry
    kushal curry

    ok leavee him walk maybe he is tensing up lmao

  • Rotier

    Jake is just shit

  • Carwyn Jones
    Carwyn Jones

    What a dickhead

  • I Don’t Care. Com
    I Don’t Care. Com

    Jake Paul calling Someone else an idiot I didn’t think I’d see the day

  • Jxmz

    If joe trained and properly prepared, and trained for a year like jake he would fuck him up.

  • sevdije sefedini
    sevdije sefedini

    I hat him

  • FluffyMcDuffy

    Jake Paul is one of the most immature person I have ever seen in the entirety of my life.

  • Jamie Philcox
    Jamie Philcox

    Jj and Vidal to train Joe so he can mess Jake up in a proper rematch .... 🙋‍♂️ reckon with proper training he’d be a solid fighter

    • Jesus Christ
      Jesus Christ

      KSI said that he thinks that if Joe was used to performing in front of a crowd then he could do good

    • BadmanShakif

      There's no point KSI is going to fight Jake next and beat him up

  • Nicholas Pereira
    Nicholas Pereira

    Joe you’re weak. 😂


    End of the day jakes just a massive knobhead

  • Ashwin Hornick
    Ashwin Hornick

    If this is how jake paul acts on camera I'm scared to know how he acts off camera.

  • Ashwin Hornick
    Ashwin Hornick

    OMG I hate him so much. He tells Joe weller to grow up mate u need to look at ur self.

  • OG • BASS
    OG • BASS

    Jake is honestly the biggest clown

  • Goodboy

    jake is a dick but joe is embarassing af

  • Good olde Harry
    Good olde Harry

    jakes a twat

  • Deαr Mαmα
    Deαr Mαmα

    The passive aggressive prick interviewing is just as irritating as the man baby. Respect the way Joe handled this situation, silence ain't always a weakness my guy 💯

  • Roy Long
    Roy Long

    KSI's going to finally put this kid in his place when they're fight takes place (probably sometime next year)

    • BadmanShakif

      Yes it is KSI said he'll return to boxing in 2021 and Eddie Hearn said that's the year they'll do the KSI vs Jake fight

  • Jacks Cleaner
    Jacks Cleaner

    Why can’t he keep his word about something as trivial as what time a video gets posted? Because he is morally bankrupt and completely ignorant. Human filth.

  • Ben Hoover
    Ben Hoover

    Jake just dances around the question,being an overall asshole.

  • Markus Westermark
    Markus Westermark

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="111">1:51</a> the Face on Joe says it all

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