Conspiracy Theories and Crazy People
Is it a conspiracy that I think you’re cute or does that make me illuminaughty
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  • Lucek 365
    Lucek 365

    Hey do you know the mosquitos are polen the cocobeans?

  • tired of being Tired
    tired of being Tired

    I believe in most cryptids tbh. I just hate the feeling that I'm by myself in the forest, so I like to think that a blood thirsty Wendigo is around too :)

  • Dead Pirate
    Dead Pirate

    nooo Noooo NOooo NOOOO

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    Vuntaii Called Ups

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  • Katherine Adams
    Katherine Adams


  • Orville Elephant
    Orville Elephant

    Well a little in this video

  • Orville Elephant
    Orville Elephant

    James I think you’re going crazy

  • nelio gustavo
    nelio gustavo

    yeah James i too watch Shane Dawson

  • Lyssabug Chan
    Lyssabug Chan

    I just watched an older video and I just gotta say, you've improved so much with animation and art style.

  • -Dark Wolfie-
    -Dark Wolfie-

    Can u do a vid of ur family??? :3

  • Julien Nevarez
    Julien Nevarez

    Can you make a video about the corona virus I already told Jaiden animations and somethingelseYT

  • Meowkid 1000
    Meowkid 1000

    I really went back and read that “Bakugo has no redeeming qualities” huh. Wild

  • F J
    F J

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="138">2:18</a> ZIMMMMMMMM

  • Drama King
    Drama King

    "YOUR DISGUISE CAN'T FOOL ME ZIM!!!" -Dib <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="135">2:15</a>

  • Asher Nixon
    Asher Nixon

    Conspiracy Theory: All the comments about conspiracy theories are all apart of a conspiracy theories about conspiracy theories that explain conspiracy theories made to cover up conspiracy theories that explain conspiracy theories that are all apart of a conspiracy theory contained by some conspiracy theories that all explain why conspiracy theories explain why conspiracy theories explain conspiracy theories that make conspiracy theories that will contain conspiracy theories all apart of a conspiracy theory.

  • Steve Denny
    Steve Denny

    why do you go by James (your middle name) instead of Robert (your first name)

  • Asako Aiba
    Asako Aiba

    Can we all take the time to remember when James turned into a freaking Karen.

  • Buser Ree
    Buser Ree


  • Wakilahmad Walizada
    Wakilahmad Walizada

    More more more more more MORE MORE

  • Arie TV
    Arie TV

    Anyone one else see the bigfoot in the backgroud

    • Arie TV
      Arie TV


  • Random Chaos
    Random Chaos

    Bakugo DOES have redeeming qualities ;-; conspiracy theory: alternate universes Ok so hear me out. Ever heard of the multiple universe theory? Yeah. so there could be thousands of universes ranging from subtle changes to ours to huge, full out superpower stuff like in the animes. And WE don't know which universe is the original. For all we know, ours could be a sub-universe to jjba or something where Stands don't exist? Or our universe could be like the doomsday one where the world ends in 2020 (as a redditor I'm inclined to believe this one) Or we could be the 'original' universe and everything else is based off of this! It's really interesting to think that an alternate version of you could be reading an alternate version of this comment. Anyway that's my theory

  • T-Bone Rage
    T-Bone Rage

    #I'm subscribed

  • Jackie B
    Jackie B

    I’m disappointed. Mental health issues are already stigmatized and the word crazy makes things worse. Could have used paranoid, delusional, stubborn.. this isn’t okay.

  • Joe Smeth
    Joe Smeth

    I wish i were crazy. Im just trying to prove myself wrong but im always right. I think, maybe i should check again. Naw, thats a bad idea. Im sane but damn i wish i were batshit crazy (or just wrong would be nice)

  • Dani Vargas
    Dani Vargas


  • Hunter X Hunter
    Hunter X Hunter

    Pleaseeeee make videoooooo😭😭😭😭😭 its two weeks

  • Natalie D
    Natalie D

    James, there is a channel that is just reuploading your videos............. It is called theodd 1sOut You can easily find him by searching soobway part 5....... James please fix this by reporting him..... It bothers me so much........ He is making money 💰 off your content...... Everyone look 👀 out!!!!

  • Pikaboy70

    I like that 304 views reference

  • extrordinary gamer
    extrordinary gamer

    Flat Earth is fake cuz it would take 1 fuel tank 2× the size of Neptune or something like that to land on the moon

  • Kolton Longmuir
    Kolton Longmuir


  • XoSerum

    Bruh the original Sonic design was fine

  • E Gies
    E Gies

    What do you mean? Marines eat crayons all the time if they don't they will freaking starve to death

  • kittys1233

    I’ve been instructed by the mrbeast to say thanks for promoting team trees

  • Jameson Price
    Jameson Price

    *L IS REAL*

  • Phantom Ghost
    Phantom Ghost

    James /aka:theodd1sout: so your say I that everything in Naruto is REAL!? me:Ayyyyyyyyy! Naruto refrence!

  • Alleypoop18 With Edgar
    Alleypoop18 With Edgar

    Thanks for not saying that crazy people have snakes I was gonna be sad because I have a snake

  • Ave_Muse_Mage

    Ziiiiiimmmm!!!! Also why were you wearing buster's outfit?

  • Raphael Niscala Ariesto 1536025
    Raphael Niscala Ariesto 1536025

    James you are overeacting


    People who believe in zodiac signs are even crazzzzzzziiiiieeeeeeerrrrrrrr

  • Zany Azy
    Zany Azy


  • Midori Gurin
    Midori Gurin


  • Carmen Wu
    Carmen Wu

    It's Buster from Arthur people! I'm amazed! :3

  • EmmaC

    I am getting so many X files vibes right now

  • Splat Boo
    Splat Boo

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="382">6:22</a> mom is like that.

  • Kailey Hunter
    Kailey Hunter

    I am paranoid 😅

  • Violette Lopez
    Violette Lopez

    We are staying inside hours of our life because of the Coronavirus

  • Joanna Gonzalez
    Joanna Gonzalez

    i love all the fan art

  • Joanna Gonzalez
    Joanna Gonzalez

    i'm a big fan

  • Sung Hak-joon
    Sung Hak-joon


  • Gia Madi
    Gia Madi

    Conspiracy Theory: Crazy people are normal and normal people are crazy

  • Darby Johnson
    Darby Johnson

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="195">3:15</a> when I tell a funny joke and my friend is planning on saying it louder to the class

  • the swan
    the swan

    I liked the original thumbnail and title better

  • Natalie Randolph
    Natalie Randolph


  • Natalie Randolph
    Natalie Randolph

    James no boom has your mercy

  • Pedro Martínez González
    Pedro Martínez González

    Have you ever read (or listened ) warriors?

  • Lapis Lazuli
    Lapis Lazuli

    OK good video but firestar is in it so its an instant 11/10

  • Lùkêrå fel
    Lùkêrå fel

    Loving crazy people, celebrities are are loved, celebrities are crazy l o g I c 👌

  • Smith Gaming
    Smith Gaming

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="523">8:43</a> <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="488">8:08</a> Totally not a furry... Totally.

  • Colin Pisors
    Colin Pisors

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="71">1:11</a> when your mom tells you it’s time to leave yours friends house when you were 5

  • Ethan Buss
    Ethan Buss

    so funny!!!

  • Coast Cast
    Coast Cast

    Make new videos pls

  • Jackie Gacha
    Jackie Gacha


  • Btomaek

    birds aren't real, james, WAKE UP

  • Avani Rai
    Avani Rai

    Me when I hear a joke at a am : <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="197">3:17</a>

  • A&C Inc.
    A&C Inc.

    Someone is reposting Ur vids James

  • Alidia Song
    Alidia Song

    who is crays

  • gaming with kolton
    gaming with kolton

    Thanks jaaaammmeeeesss

  • Ecliptic Archer
    Ecliptic Archer

    absolutely correct, Jeffery Epstein didnt dofodofigdnivdkjsnklcjmkjnhlbjugtvyjfchgndx

  • Lunky Straydog
    Lunky Straydog

    Fuck 3 eyes Fuck the guy that he worked with

  • Mariana S. Batchelor
    Mariana S. Batchelor

    i believe that the U.S.S.R beat us to the moon and they were ones that filmed it.

  • MrFeelsNonComunist

    “My food tastes like colors”

  • Misha Rudder
    Misha Rudder

    It’s berenstein not fucking berenstain

  • Ecliptic Archer
    Ecliptic Archer

    and turn the fricken frogs gay

  • Drawing Cafe
    Drawing Cafe

    I'm scared of that one line "I'm ubsested whith crazy people" Is it ward for me for my family and everyone call me crazy.......

  • Osmar Huguet Gonzalez
    Osmar Huguet Gonzalez

    Pero no soy español ni megicano

  • Tusmo Farah
    Tusmo Farah

    Conspiracy theory: what if the corona virus is a joke and they confirm it in April 1st 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱

  • Osmar Huguet Gonzalez
    Osmar Huguet Gonzalez

    Soy el unico español

  • Godzilla Proudoctions
    Godzilla Proudoctions

    James for you next milestone make virginia subscribers and freeze theme because my friend always complains about how cold it is

  • Rajaa Rasool
    Rajaa Rasool

    Theodd1stout: yeah onlh crazy people stay inside Me:but the whole world is in qurintine welp guess the whole world is crazy o-0

  • The important Gamer
    The important Gamer


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