Coronavirus II: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)
As the spread of coronavirus worsens in the US, John Oliver discusses how the government is handling the outbreak, how they’re not, and what we can do to help.
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  • Kelly Stephenson
    Kelly Stephenson

    "The buck doesn't stop with me, it's not my fault." I paraphrased, obviously, but I wanted to cut through the crap, that's basically what Trump's saying. And John's signing off was quite heartfelt and touching. ❤ Take care everyone.

  • Roses & Prog
    Roses & Prog

    WE KNOW, WE KNOW, you sound and act as if you were thinking about going in politics John, we ALL know EXACTLY what have to do to help prevent the spread of the disease, WE ARE BEING TOLD AT LEAST 100 TIMES A DAY are you serious John? Are you really talking to us John?

  • Cedric Chen
    Cedric Chen

    john oliver didn't mention China somehow XD

  • Roy

    America is so lucky for having John Oliver

  • вl тяαsн
    вl тяαsн

    I keep expecting audience laughter and then I hear nothing. It's weird.

  • Ricardo Machado
    Ricardo Machado

    Tough audience, eh?

  • John Arrano
    John Arrano

    Love ya John!! Always watch your show and how cool your love of football is. Solid words man lots of love from Vancouver Canada!

  • The Werewolf
    The Werewolf

    My 30s is me complaining that the treatment for a pinched nerve in my neck that's crippling my arm and hand leaving me in intense pain, making it hard for me to sleep leaving me chronically exhausted and interfering with my ability to work has been postponed indefinitely. I could end up permanently disabled if I have to wait too long. But yeah, your sports team has to cancel. #Firstworldproblems

  • Cliff Nzombato
    Cliff Nzombato

    I love Oliver just as I love Oliver the movie or the show, you know, the dog especially

  • Connor Rideout
    Connor Rideout

    Let the set laugh!

  • Nolan Kuffner
    Nolan Kuffner

    Hold up a minute, while I clear the air for Rudy Gobert. BEFORE the presser (which was done more than 2 days before Rudy's test results), all players were told not to touch the microphones because the media could spread Covid-19 to the players. What Rudy did, by touching the microphones, wasn't an act of defiance but a show of trust and solidarity with the media. After Trump's multiple attacks on journalists DURING Covid-19 pressers, it was a breath of fresh air for a celebrity to stand up for and actually respect journalists, something I'd like to think a comedian could appreciate.

  • sven carlson
    sven carlson

  • nhljuan

  • Animesh Deshmukh
    Animesh Deshmukh

    Why does this feel like a part from Mock The Week Johnny boi?!

  • Animesh Deshmukh
    Animesh Deshmukh

    Me tula shodhnare John ani tula hya jagache navin scam sangnare.

  • Tura Bura
    Tura Bura

    Interesting how the lack of an audience that's been cued to laugh at his dialogue highlights John Oliver's startling mediocrity. Time for John to retire and permanently self-isolate.

  • John Mack
    John Mack

    everyone in the US... self isolate... now. Right NOW... Right this minute. Do it!!!!! No parties, no jogging, no shopping. Sit at home in your underwear and watch TV. Two weeks.... that's it, you can do it.

    • mikin lirou
      mikin lirou

      Its refreshing with no laugh track

  • Bri

    This is like a sitcom without the laugh track.

    • mikin lirou
      mikin lirou

      I saw you in Hammond, Indiana at a Casino, of all places! One of the most fun shows I've been to! In Hammond, Indiana!

  • cwiskey


  • Adan A
    Adan A

    Wtf I just noticed how dainty and elegant John’s hands are

  • TheQwuilleran

    It's unfortunate that people congregate around certain ideas and live in bubbles. Of course, I never heard about cure-all toothpaste, so it can be said that I live in a bubble, too.

    • Roses & Prog
      Roses & Prog

      @TheQwuilleran Your dreams called, they can't make it here today but they said they'd be here as soon as you're ready so get to it, you have a life to reorganize. Good luck.

    • TheQwuilleran

      I'm spending my 30 seconds crying into my pillow b/c I was 6 months from paying off my student debt and buying a house and asking my partner to marry me and talk about having a kid.

  • Sharon Sintim
    Sharon Sintim

    Can hear a laugh track in my head where I know the audience would be laughing

  • JoeIsOut2lunch

    Weird how all other late show hosts seem to be broadcasting and Colbert (my favorite), hasn’t uploaded in 2 weeks.

  • gatosyratones

    Don’t talk about hockey you little 🤬

  • Braden Scott
    Braden Scott

    Thanks John, really need this message, jokes aside.

  • Youri Momo
    Youri Momo

    Thank you John, nice try to wake audience already woke. Do you really think people most needing to hear what you said is listening? Please come to Montreal Quebec where People actually care about what you say and .... YNWA Mo Salah, Mo Salah, running down the wing, salahlahlah Egyptian King!

  • Braden Scott
    Braden Scott

    Now John, you know there are a lot of STD cases that were positive from Mar e Lago.

  • Brett

    I appreciated how he didn't mention the WHO when referring to getting legit information!

  • Curious Maple Panda
    Curious Maple Panda

    I was expecting him to be in shorts when he stood up LOL

  • Nicolas Ott
    Nicolas Ott

    That Liverpool rant had me feeling some kind of way

  • Vitor Porto
    Vitor Porto

    liverpool will never win the premier league it's better we accept the fact

  • Google User
    Google User

    I saw you in Hammond, Indiana at a Casino, of all places! One of the most fun shows I've been to! In Hammond, Indiana!

  • Icy1

    Its refreshing with no laugh track

    • Icy1

      I know its real people but yea.... those people are usually exhausted after a taping.

  • Charlie Kraemer
    Charlie Kraemer

    he has tiny hands. like the tiktok hamster

  • Addyson

    This honestly made me tear up a lil bit but its exactly what we all need to hear

  • Emily Trbl. Kunstreich
    Emily Trbl. Kunstreich

    According to German Wikipedia, by 2nd April there were 872 deaths. And also there have been 2,763 (3.1%) positive tests.

  • alex Duval
    alex Duval

    Context Matters.So i just watch the full clip of Gerolda Rivera. He said if you don't have fever and can hold your breath 10 second you dont have this disease... before that (10 second clip) he explain that if you are feeling well don't panic don't rush to hospital.

  • Emily Trbl. Kunstreich
    Emily Trbl. Kunstreich

    I once pretended to be crapppily written mok-bot at my last company and they actually believed itlol

  • John Culbert
    John Culbert

    no laugh track? But with out a social cue dems wont know how to act like each other.


    in Italy nobody had to chose who gets treatments and who don't. this is a false information! of course, the italian health care system had strong difficulties because covid-19 is a pandemic but in Italy no doctor had to chose which life save!

  • Charlie Kraemer
    Charlie Kraemer

    the lack of audience laughter makes me uncomfy

  • Tony Bjornson
    Tony Bjornson

    Why don't you Americans just remove Trump?

    • Diego Villagomez
      Diego Villagomez

      Tony Bjornson we’ve tried😢

  • Trance and Soccer
    Trance and Soccer

    Had me dying with that Liverpool rant! Tears of joy, laughter, and a deep, painful scar in my soul. YNWA

  • Riley Greet
    Riley Greet

    Feels so dead without the audience' laughter.

  • Dorothy Guan
    Dorothy Guan

    The last 13 seconds are wonderful

  • Darcy Poirier
    Darcy Poirier

    stay safe John!!!!

  • SaL your PaL
    SaL your PaL

    can we record ourselves laughing and send it in for you to add as a laugh track? :P

  • Tsat And John
    Tsat And John

    Pulitzer Prize to the first journalist that asks trump, "What the fuck is wrong with you?".

  • ddplz

    Orange man.... is.... bad

  • Shwifty

    It's weird when he tells a joke and no one laughs

  • Trendpeter

    you should wear mask even when you don't have symptoms. I know there are hard to get and medical stuff needs them, but it helps to decrease the spread of covid19 marginally.

  • Batsmark Von Catlord
    Batsmark Von Catlord

    Feel for ya John, I'm a Celtic supporter going for 9 in a row.

  • Marcus Manson
    Marcus Manson

    my god man use a laugh track or something

  • Andrew Jehan
    Andrew Jehan

    I know there's no audience to help John get pumped up, but does he really need to talk like someone's sleeping in the next room?

  • d3w3yd3c1m4l

    John Oliver, if you're listening, renters are going on rent strikes, banks are deferring mortgages, where's the credit card companies in all this? Not a peep in the media about interest charge moratoriums during epidemic.

  • Chowdhury Abdullah
    Chowdhury Abdullah

    You can feel the sadness in his voice over Liverpool not being crowned champion. Ah man!

  • BhadBhris

    when do i laugh

  • David Hoar
    David Hoar

    I thoroughly enjoy watching John Oliver incorporate trending memes into the show - nails it every time!

  • Jade Longpre
    Jade Longpre

    I need more of these sketchy backdrop videos

  • Vicki Brown
    Vicki Brown

    I'm less confused, because we have a sensible governor.

  • shim2dawg

    This is so weird without an audience. Brains are weird.

  • Tao Liu
    Tao Liu

    stop sabotaging President. If it were BO now, it would be at least 10X worse. when Trump banned flights you guys said xenophobia. the testing system inherited from prior administration was failing. how could you blame that on Trump. Trump 2020.

    • Cebe north
      Cebe north

      Is that sarcasm? Nothing can sabotage Trump, not even himself. He tries for years, but his moronic supporters keep cheering. It is the ultimate test, the next republican candidate can be a a beaver with rabies or da stone with a swastika drawn on doesn't matter, who elects Trump will elect those too.

  • PissedOffRedneck1

    thank you, you rock

  • Baraz

    *Physical* distancing. A few wise ones have noted we should remain *social*, but physically distant as much as possible or viable. Most importantly, avoid contact with the elderly unless you offer an essential service.

  • Baraz

    I find it funny how you can feel John offers short pauses where normally the crowd would react :P Must be weird for him as he says. ( yoops, I am two weeks late )

  • Zippy the Brain
    Zippy the Brain

    A member of the Trump administration that is willing to admit they made a mistake... 3....2...1...

  • Fran Rivera
    Fran Rivera

    Without an audience, it sounds like a Shaun video.

  • EX E
    EX E

    Alex Jones needs to be drug out onto the street and shot.

  • Caleb Minor
    Caleb Minor

    Thank you John. With so much craziness and anxiety a familiar voice and a sane message is something we all need. Stay safe and keep your family close. PS. Honestly my sadness over the hockey season being “postponed” is the most irrational thing I’ve ever felt but I completely understand your pain.

  • Riverdeepnwide

    In Rudy's case it seems Covid 19 acted more like a zombie infection. Certainly overcame his lack of a brain.

  • Space_blob 0w0
    Space_blob 0w0

    please record a fake laugh track, this is throwing me off so much

  • Saman Rezapour
    Saman Rezapour

    Are his jokes even funny if there isn’t a crowd that laughs at them

  • Paul Janda
    Paul Janda

    Well spoken John Oliver. I love that I can watch this on youtube!

  • Michaël Stumpf
    Michaël Stumpf

    god, is he ever good this Brit!!!

  • Dario Huizar
    Dario Huizar

    Your good bye sounded like a farewell that gave me chills. I'm from Mexico, living and Canada and it's really sad to see how the US is habdling this. Stay safe, we want you and the crew to keep up your great job.

  • jmlkinc

    "America's major sports were cancelled...As was Hockey" Shots fired.

  • Sir Uranos
    Sir Uranos

    I think John Oliver should have a video call room for his audience to be on the show.

  • SlimeyColorado

    Thank you John.

  • Cassie

    "Be like British Parents", LOL! After a marriage to a British, "public school" bloke, I really appreciate this comment.

  • saelaco

    the jokes are funnier without audience and the serious notes are more serious. this is a good set up, despite how bad things had to be to get here.