DDG Dropped Out Of College After Building Movement With YouTube Vlogs
Power 106 Los Angeles
Coming up in the game through his personal EEsoft vlogs, Michigan-bred rapper DDG chopped it up with Nick Cannon Mornings about following his own advice after leaving behind school and moving to Los Angeles to pursue music. The “Push” rapper speaks on how he remains humble, his greatest fear of losing his mother, and puts up $1,000 against Nick in a game of Connect 4.
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  • jolon sutherland
    jolon sutherland

    we love ddg nick💯

  • D Kaboom
    D Kaboom

    That's not his first house that's his first mansion


    DDG: “ I never call girls bitches” also DDG: “ my favorite cus word is BITCH”

  • Queen Messi
    Queen Messi

    Ddg is going places

  • Dreams NVA
    Dreams NVA

    DDG recognizes real, he said Paige Hurd fine ass I totally agree. I had the biggest crush on her too.

  • Rico CSuave
    Rico CSuave

    Great interview

  • Reco Truesdale
    Reco Truesdale

    When DDG said paige hurd I felt that . I watch everybody hates Chris everyday too and man , that girl 🤣

  • RozeKy

    What movement did he build with his vlogs?💀 No hate

  • The Creator
    The Creator

    It’s DDG I don’t .. Finish the lyrics, don’t leave me hanging 🌚

  • Udit Lalbeharry
    Udit Lalbeharry

    Ddg 💓💓💓

  • Subscribe To Me
    Subscribe To Me

    Enjoy the youth DDG, you have all your life to be “grown”

  • Borri Fresh
    Borri Fresh

    Nick's reaction was priceless when he saw that ddg won lmao

  • DeeDeeLove & Bryce
    DeeDeeLove & Bryce


  • Zora Plays
    Zora Plays

    From KC one day I dream to become a successful EEsoftr and let everyone know what really goes on down here 🤦‍♂️✊

  • Estefani Bowen
    Estefani Bowen

    I love nick on radio ☺️

  • websta

    Yall remember when this nigga dropped 2 mill on shoes ?

  • Daniel Garcia
    Daniel Garcia

    Ddg: says sum Nick Cannon: right right facts facts yeah yeah

  • freakkoVLOGS

    Repopulate *im dead* 😂😂😂

  • youngking fever
    youngking fever


  • Meli Mel, RN
    Meli Mel, RN

    Valedictorian DDG🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥❤️

  • Alysa Williams
    Alysa Williams

    Gotta repopulate 😂😂😂 he funny😭

  • tomah ali
    tomah ali

    DDG ❣️

  • tomah ali
    tomah ali

    Where ma DDG squads at❤️

  • Onesimo Khatsha
    Onesimo Khatsha

    I was expecting to hear him say "You know I was Valedictorian right?" after he won

  • Molani Kelly
    Molani Kelly

    DDG is a great kid. I see great things in his future..

  • Margaret Jarbeh
    Margaret Jarbeh

    Yes DDG taking Ken Ken with him on that island. ....

  • Daniela Alvarado
    Daniela Alvarado

    I used to watch dgg back when he was in the dorm room with Essence

    • MiamiMade Coupe
      MiamiMade Coupe


    • entertainment central
      entertainment central

      @IAM- KYAVIAON shiiiii this mans came a long way


      finesse Gaming remember the old mobile 😭

    • entertainment central
      entertainment central

      i used to watch him when he had an android lmao doing some skits with 5k subs


      Daniela Alvarado old times

  • Kev Gaming
    Kev Gaming

    Are ya dumb asf or some do you know what 15 minutes can do for ddg could make him world wide famous cuz everyone knows nick cannon trust me ddg is more happy an humble to even be in a place with nick cannon an get recognition from one of the ogs he’s more grateful then half of ya in here trust me on that !

  • Ashley Mays
    Ashley Mays


  • Zay Dormus
    Zay Dormus

    When will the episode be out?

  • Zay Dormus
    Zay Dormus

    Hunger Games 🤨😂😂😂

  • Miss K
    Miss K

    He is 22 so he would naturally like people his age 😂😂😂

  • Brandon Ware
    Brandon Ware

    Whether ddg music is good or bad, you can do nothing but realize that is man is following his dreams

    • Jane Masonke
      Jane Masonke

      Exactly! people think calling his music ass is gonna stop him from winning, they are crazy. They are not realizing this is making him to become stronger.

  • Jamille Wade
    Jamille Wade


  • Lilron Ron
    Lilron Ron

    Why the fingers so long on the thumbnail 😂😂😂

  • Dezz. 12
    Dezz. 12

    Run these views up for DDG


    Ddg the goat

  • hlengiwe ndaba
    hlengiwe ndaba

    nickkkkkk and .ddggg ohh i love this two

  • shanahl2391

    DDG works so hard to get where he is Just so proud of him and everything he is doing. Plus he is always giving us great Content.

  • Greg

    Nah DDG grows super quick

  • Leslye Wilcox
    Leslye Wilcox


  • Darius A
    Darius A

    I mean you were doomed from the start... he’s valedictorian 😉🤣

  • 2 Slick_tho
    2 Slick_tho

    Ddg squad!!!!!!!!!!!

  • TheAddhdkid

    PONTIAC stand UP

  • lunetta williams
    lunetta williams

    Nick and DDG are the same zodiac sign...LIBRA!!

  • Empower Tv
    Empower Tv

    DDG Squad Let your Presence be known!!! 👇🏾

  • Nevisha Bain
    Nevisha Bain

    I love ddg promise my baby

  • albertini elcock
    albertini elcock

    Ddg squad 🔥🔥🔥

  • Ashholaay

    My nigga DDG. I respect this man so much, seeing where he came from and literally watching him grow has had such an influence on my life and how I grind. He showed me that if you say you are going to accomplish something, with the right amount of work and perseverance you can and WILL do it!!!

  • DishnLaughs

    Where is the episode with him on wild n out??????

  • iTamZz

    Share with a friend if you like this eesoft.info/hd/video/rKzFZaywxHmJgNI

  • Dee Bryant
    Dee Bryant

    DDG Squad 💪🏼💪🏼

  • Deda H
    Deda H

    Why was his interview only 15 mins he deserves more recognition

    • NBTShmoove

      Maybe he’s doing like dj smalleyes and cutting the interviews Into multiple ones

  • DiMondJanee

    I’m so damn proud of Ddg when I say he has done amazing things from when he first started EEsoft

  • Otismckenzie36

    My boy DDG! Let’s go!!!

  • PziGotNoFilter P
    PziGotNoFilter P

    i swear he did'nt even see the win loooool

  • Ceefy 711
    Ceefy 711

    Where is the bino interview y’all been interviewed him just never put it out

  • Beverly Smith
    Beverly Smith


  • Mily G
    Mily G

    My fave 😩 so proud #DDGFAMILY❤️

  • Pancha Montoya
    Pancha Montoya

    You really can't here him. So it's not what I thought it would be like. DDG is a EEsoftr,...Now trying to do it big time. Good luck & many blessings your way. DDG