DDG - "November 1st" (Official Music Video)
The DDG Family
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  • Jason Liepper
    Jason Liepper

    Lil tjay freestyled to this on hot 97 funk flex

  • Dazanae Lawson & Quéen ñy
    Dazanae Lawson & Quéen ñy

    why i never seen this 🥰🔥

  • lil gucci
    lil gucci

    Dis go hard no CXP

  • Eddy Rhinoceros
    Eddy Rhinoceros


  • Dontyro Celestine
    Dontyro Celestine


  • Diamond Nasty
    Diamond Nasty

    It’s a Drake beat

  • Proper Spelinng
    Proper Spelinng

    fire bro

  • Jay Moneyy
    Jay Moneyy

    What’s this instrumental tho

  • Sean Alexander Aguala
    Sean Alexander Aguala

    This is chill and lowkey. I love it 😎



  • jadoria lloyd
    jadoria lloyd

    I think u should do 25 November yeah! like Christmas in November

  • Fattru356 Amaro
    Fattru356 Amaro

    Blood this shit is wacck!! 😆

  • Maseratigirll

    wait is this a parody ?? I can’t tell if this is serious or not 😭

  • Troubletized Ray
    Troubletized Ray

    They Sleep

  • Cxpzy

    Sure he dropped a song on my b day.

  • Hema Sam
    Hema Sam

    Yo i like DDG but this shit WACK🙅

  • OG Zasix
    OG Zasix

    You a fan of drake not a follower

  • Nifemi Ogundana
    Nifemi Ogundana

    Yessss ddg never give up we will always be here listening to your music and you videos

  • Yazeed Alsaidi
    Yazeed Alsaidi

    Lil tjay Forever beat 🤦‍♂️

  • Always Be Open
    Always Be Open


  • Just Ave
    Just Ave

    Idk why but i think this my favorite song besides (not cappin )

  • FOE

    That shyt go 🔥🔥

  • Fizzy Bananas
    Fizzy Bananas

    Always copying Diss 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Albert Njeru
    Albert Njeru


  • JuwanMainacct

    Lead us bro we gon be right behind you💯

  • Katey

    I love thiiiiiiiss ‼️‼️‼️❤️

  • CyCo_DrAgOn

    When this gon be on Spotify

    • S B
      S B

      Been on Spotify for 13 days 😂

  • kLiann Animations
    kLiann Animations

    Theres Only One thing that happens in november NNN

  • patuwee

    Idk da song don't rhyme its off ASF sorry keep wit yt rapping ain't ur thang

  • Ethan Pilson
    Ethan Pilson

    This was fire no cap 🔥

  • asd


  • Alex Shmalex
    Alex Shmalex

    I’m about to go bump your shit

  • Cooper David
    Cooper David

    Please put on soundcloud or something please

  • Trevon Reid
    Trevon Reid

    “ my excuse why i did it, i invest in my image” that’s one thing ppl forget when it comes to making money. gotta be willing too invest in yourself. gotta spend’s money to make money

  • Quen_Cornz

    this was on my b-day

  • Kay Kay
    Kay Kay

    Yessss 💯💯💯💯💯🤩

  • YoungDean tiger
    YoungDean tiger

    Bro your good God bless u

  • Dana Whyte
    Dana Whyte

    this tough no lie g

  • NBA wrld
    NBA wrld

    Detroit baby

  • رائد الغريفي
    رائد الغريفي

    Soooo loose song fix you structure dude or leave music to its people