Dr Phil Has a Mental Breakdown
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  • Mcneil Tough
    Mcneil Tough

    Anthony fantano has a mental breakdown pleeeeeeease

  • name surname
    name surname

    0:33 I thought I had it all together

  • name surname
    name surname

    0:33 FBI OPEN UP

  • EnergizedMemer

    Did anyone notice the 'RECORD' thing on 0:49?

  • I'm a Fish
    I'm a Fish

    I give that an *EH* because it’s a pretty shit meme.

  • Sigvard A
    Sigvard A

    1:48 for a funny part

  • Andy Sheng
    Andy Sheng

    Piewdiepie is kitty

  • Lukas

    DK Rap 2 Pls like so FlyingKitty could see

    • Woope Anam
      Woope Anam

      I liked :)

  • Hello Goodbye
    Hello Goodbye


  • who are you
    who are you

    lalala 2 or gay


    0:10 speed x0.25 B O O M

    • Woope Anam
      Woope Anam


  • victor grijalva
    victor grijalva

    my favorite video is phill swift cause the glue video

  • Patrick Devine
    Patrick Devine

    Make Panini 2

  • Krakadil

    Do face reveal

  • Willa Zilla Prime
    Willa Zilla Prime

    Charmx has a mental breakdown

  • Tim Galzol
    Tim Galzol

    Dr. Phil used to kill everyone but now he is killed.

  • Amer Walker
    Amer Walker

    We need a "Villager News but Villager #4 has a mental breakdown"

  • Kason Geldner
    Kason Geldner

    1:09 oh i know where this is going

  • name surname
    name surname

    So Dr,Phil likes having sex with Steve Harvey?

  • bruddah's magic gaming with zesty noodles
    bruddah's magic gaming with zesty noodles

    0:50 boys in NNN:

  • beeme

    Hey Phil, What drugs you taking? let me get on some

  • Alain Acosta
    Alain Acosta

    1:15 Dr Phil seizure after seeing something you will never forget

  • Plastic Man32
    Plastic Man32

    I wonder how much time he have to make this video??

  • the old anodyne who lived in a sea
    the old anodyne who lived in a sea

    2:05 my morning exercise ...

  • A Random Gamer
    A Random Gamer

    Ok boomer

  • Vincent Labrie
    Vincent Labrie

    this video killed me

  • King Of Death
    King Of Death

    Where is gta vol7 ?????

  • Wojtnexo

    0:02 a shit he we go again with FUCK tape

  • Mr. Airbus
    Mr. Airbus

    Where is the real version of this vid?

  • Felix Heath
    Felix Heath


  • Ayumi

    1:13 What The Heck

  • zero hero
    zero hero

    thanks pewdiepie for shitting on my screen it cost me 500 to fix

  • Loogi

    Pin this for no reason

  • GamerPro

    meme rememe

  • Fire Phoenix
    Fire Phoenix

    Wasn’t this posted a few months back?

  • Hector Beck
    Hector Beck

    You okay, FlyingKitty?

  • UsefPlayz

    Have you ever thought about making a meme video collaborating with grumbae?

  • Ihza brw
    Ihza brw


  • تيم جرن الماء المقدس
    تيم جرن الماء المقدس

    أنت تعيش في زيفينبرجن في زيسترات. لدي قنبلة إذا أتيت لعائلتي مرة أخرى. أنا نسف ألدي

  • Owo YF Loh
    Owo YF Loh

    Lol it’s funny

  • ApolloSniperman

    Hey Dr. Phil, I didn’t subscribe... still waiting on them window cocks

  • Trevor T
    Trevor T

    Oh 0:41

  • el_pupino -
    el_pupino -

    Make moooooooooooore

  • wes

    0:50 Me during November

  • WOOMY Overload 111
    WOOMY Overload 111

    1:37 oof!

  • Gerry Gadiane
    Gerry Gadiane


  • MyMattingCall

    Next video: “Charmx Has a Mental Breakdown”

  • TheJoystick 379
    TheJoystick 379

    Little People waiting Gta Sa Vol.7

  • Monric

    Make a Sr Pelo Has A Mental Breakdown. It'll just be a reupload of his average videos

  • Monric

    0:43 This made me spit my school milk on my phone

    • CaptainLeviHD

      Monric 1:15

  • CrypiseRB

    OO ||| ||| ||| __ U

  • Vwmb Vwmb
    Vwmb Vwmb

    Dr Phil or Dr pedophile?

  • Szuetomyt Chereic
    Szuetomyt Chereic

    Have anybody looked on Dr. Phil face? 1:28 lol

  • Djihad et djawad ALI
    Djihad et djawad ALI

    What the fuck is video #dd

  • Alan Baker
    Alan Baker

    We all know the was live tv

  • Atuf Khan
    Atuf Khan

    Is this edited???

    • MovieGuy 2005
      MovieGuy 2005

      yes it is

  • Daniel Christie
    Daniel Christie

    Can you do all the way 2

  • Brandon gaming TV
    Brandon gaming TV

    Hey FlyingKitty, Let's Get The Mine All Day 2 Going!

  • Benjamin Johnsen
    Benjamin Johnsen

    it should've been Phil my ass

  • ʇunɔ ıɥツ
    ʇunɔ ıɥツ