Every Denny's Ever
You don't *go* to Denny's. You end up at Denny's. This is EVERY DENNY'S EVER!
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  • Lolly pop
    Lolly pop

    what is dennys?

  • simple shorts
    simple shorts

    4:01 not gonna lie this got me

  • sanjanalikestosing

    theatre kids go to ihop after closing night, not dennnys.

  • 2cutelivi !
    2cutelivi !

    1:13- the girl in the back..

  • lol

    I just came to this channel after years! There's no more classic intro and the shut up, damn this just isn't the same, this boring as shit.

  • I want 69 subs
    I want 69 subs

    Here is my credit card 4039956153352455 10/21 135 Jacelia leann esmane cluck

  • Sasha Meldrum
    Sasha Meldrum

    System of a down slam!XD

  • Terri D
    Terri D

    To dam funny. 😀🤣When she sat down and the spring flew her into the ceiling lol. 👍😃🙃😅

    • Terri D
      Terri D

      Why? Are you like 5?

    • Vortrexs

      Are you like 4?

  • Onchopris

    America: *Has denny's* Eu: *What the f### is going on over there*

  • Alan Calvillo
    Alan Calvillo

    Shayne you had the menu stick to your hand what's the point of that.

  • Samuel Endicott
    Samuel Endicott

    Petition to have and “Every Shayne Ever”

  • Delia Hunter
    Delia Hunter

    What is Dennys

  • LukasSweater Boi
    LukasSweater Boi

    No u You that read wrong You read that wrong btw You also read that wrong because it wasnt prenounce by the way its Bee - tee - double u Also you read that first sentence wrong because if you say no u then your reading it reversely Also you that read wrong Hqhq gotcha again Also you read that wrong because it wasnt prenounce ha ha its haqqa haqqa By the way i think you that read wrong because there is no apostrepre there Aaaand you read that wrong I bet you that read slowly Hah gotcha

  • Clayton Dandy
    Clayton Dandy

    Wendell lol

  • Noah Becker
    Noah Becker

    Did anyone else just watch this for the theater kid bit that you knew was going to happen

  • expiredsalami

    You never go to Denny's. You end up at Denny's.

  • Jacob Trueblood
    Jacob Trueblood

    This shit isn’t funny Smosh has died theres no point to fix it :(

  • Anderson Evitt
    Anderson Evitt

    Every every blank ever

  • Argon

    "Diner is just dinner without the second n." It could be the first.

  • Alexis Meier
    Alexis Meier

    Who would have thought that Damon could sing

  • Gentleman Joe
    Gentleman Joe

    Fun Fact, went to an IHOP at 10pm and there was a table of 12 next to us with awards...upon closer inspection of the people..and the awards..apparently they were "Stripper" awards

  • Banana Rama1894
    Banana Rama1894

    To this day Shane is still trying to take off the tissues (▀̿Ĺ̯▀̿ ̿)

  • Jace Robertson
    Jace Robertson

    I knew there would be a thetre joke

  • Adam Murphy
    Adam Murphy

    Waiter: alright so what do you want customer: to have this off my face please waiter: ok that will be 6.34 customer: ok deal thank you

  • Panipaq

    what smosh became is the saddest thing that happened to any early EEsoftr

  • random person
    random person


  • Some Guy
    Some Guy

    Says its 6pm I can still see the sun shining through the blinds

  • Girlmeower

    You should do every jhonnys ever

  • Girlmeower

    You should do a every ihop ever

  • Anton Rueda
    Anton Rueda

    Where did the theatre kids gag come from exactly? It seemed a little random to me.

  • Bulletnose

    Damien’s voice is unreal. Incredible bby

  • Twizzlers Vlogs
    Twizzlers Vlogs

    They should make Denny MaViono pancakes

  • Turtle 6
    Turtle 6

    Smosh: now with extra syrup

  • Quantum


  • Just your normal emo
    Just your normal emo

    Fun fact: You do not go to a Denny's you just wind up in a dennys

  • 4

    а я русский and i don’t know your hard english

  • Joseph Sullivan
    Joseph Sullivan

    Guys, beware of Denny’s DeVito

  • freelancer otaku
    freelancer otaku

    What’s wrong with Denny’s

  • The Duck
    The Duck

    Hey Ian, do you remember Anthony?

  • Nadia Boateng
    Nadia Boateng