FaZe Banks Almost went to JAIL! #DramaAlert KSI Knocked out Faze Sensei!
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  • DramaAlert

    I forgot the Car giveaway is only for US residents. Im going to have to do something different for my outside the US fans. Don't worry i got you!

    • Kingingenting06


    • sgx1


    • David Gabriel
      David Gabriel

      DramaAlert Does Puerto Rico Count? I hope

  • mr Michael- FM_michael
    mr Michael- FM_michael

    Ksi won the fight

  • ieatglue702

    Texting gives x company the satisfaction that it's an active and real phone number. Advertisers pay more for real numbers vs dead numbers. I believe data will be sold here.

  • Tabitha Spracklen
    Tabitha Spracklen

    You're so AWESOME!! Keep up the GREAT WORK 💖

  • Itz 4Jmaster
    Itz 4Jmaster

    Rip I’m a Canadian 13yr old

  • Davin Paz
    Davin Paz

    Dead ass i thought he was guna say seatgeek

  • KoopiRen

    Look.. I REALLY need a car.. But I'm not going to be on camera. Thats a no from me dog. Lmao

  • ceerw buty
    ceerw buty

    Ksi: Knocks out sensai Logan: You weren’t suppose to do that

  • Thomas Burr
    Thomas Burr

    I hate this drama queen bitch

  • Tyrese Finney
    Tyrese Finney

    Woah vickey and bhad bhabie boxing match.

    • ceerw buty
      ceerw buty

      I need a new car mine just broke ☹

  • chding zuure
    chding zuure

    5:37 Keem: “This is gonna be int..” 5:39: “No.”

  • BoB bruh
    BoB bruh

    Ok boomer

  • Robert George
    Robert George

    Bro I need a car that would help me get too work and help me get a better start at driving

    • chding zuure
      chding zuure

      And my skin probably won’t even be shipped to me from what I’ve seen..

  • Yadira Quintana
    Yadira Quintana

    But what's the fcking point of vandalizing a hotel like that? I just don't understand why can't people just hang out and party why do they have to break shit or I don't know, maybe perhaps people were to wrecked?? Idk lol

  • Hrewzz _
    Hrewzz _

    Mrtop5 called out logan

  • seeriu ciihy
    seeriu ciihy

    When you realize keem didn’t do the Halloween costume competition

  • Boneless organic Water
    Boneless organic Water

    Wait, so you’re going to give a car away and record the process? It doesn’t sound so generous to give something away only for video content that will end up making you money.

    • seeriu ciihy
      seeriu ciihy

      Anyone else order a case from slickwraps and still waiting?

  • Sub2MeifYouHaveaBigPipi

    Ksi won because the refeere took 2 points away from logan

    • Hrewzz _
      Hrewzz _

      Stfu thats not true dumbass are u blind? Ksi didn't get points when he knocked down logan so keep eating logans ass but just shut the fuck up you 8 year old

  • Stephen steve
    Stephen steve

    Low key I stop watching keemstar since what summer of 2017 💀🤔

  • SKAF_PathFinder

    Crazy how Keemstar predicted The fight before hand!


    Before the video started , i wanted to see how does Kemstar defend his druggie friend banks. But wow lol "this is happens all the time in Vegas" "just a rockstar being a rockstar" god your so bais. Racist prick

  • BenOsmond04

    Well at least theres no way for people to beg for likes...

  • Aiden Williams
    Aiden Williams

    Fuck you keem star

  • Connor Roberts
    Connor Roberts

    Wow really

  • KG08 1000subs no video
    KG08 1000subs no video

    I need a new car mine just broke ☹

  • Xtronicon

    Bruh I thought I missed the fight because of the thumbnail -_-

  • Sandis Kļaviņš
    Sandis Kļaviņš

    Knoking out someone is difrent then tko or just a slip so yeah mate sensei is best youtube boxer

    • gtoss chddy
      gtoss chddy

      Why is this goober still around?

  • Razor

    Thanks Keem... I’ve just been scammed by SlickWraps, never heard of them until you promoted them and when I ordered my wrap it didn’t proceed, it stayed stuck on the screen and when I reloaded it was paid obviously 🙄 But it’s been 6-7 days almost and my order is still processing, I’ve tried to contact customer support multiple times only to be replied to with a bot. **Guys slickwraps is a horrible service, they don’t even respond to you to help you, I found out about this by going on Reddit about them a few days after I bought.** And my skin probably won’t even be shipped to me from what I’ve seen..

    • Razor

      gtoss chddy I’m being serious

    • gtoss chddy
      gtoss chddy


  • Jordzyi1


  • Omerde12

    What about Grandpa Kitchens death?

  • Dilun

    When u gonna eat that popcorn?

  • lincoln Arnett
    lincoln Arnett

    1:44 who else did it take a while to get the joke

    • sehhi vooty
      sehhi vooty

      It's not like EEsoft's trending page is only for specific regions or anything. It's not like KSI has more support in UK while Logan Paul has more support in the US or anything.

  • Isaiah Dressel
    Isaiah Dressel

    Anyone else order a case from slickwraps and still waiting?

    • Isaiah Dressel
      Isaiah Dressel

      @sehhi vooty what do you mean?

    • sehhi vooty
      sehhi vooty

      Knocked DOWN*** Not out

  • P -Mac
    P -Mac

    Logan is #1 because he prob has more american views. I'm sure KSI was trending in England lol

    • Hrewzz _
      Hrewzz _

      Prob justin beaver idk lmao

  • 0s1r1s

    FYI a knock down is not the same as a knock out. Pretty big difference...

  • pickolas cage
    pickolas cage

    keemstar is still a manchild.....noted

  • HotdogTurtle

    God, I need to win the car

  • Teresa Jackson
    Teresa Jackson

    thank you for all your news love watching. Now im on my mom youtube channel and would like to tell you her story. she has had a bad year she has lost her father from colon cancer and because of that she had to moved home left her dream house and lost her boyfriend at the same time. when we were moving home she broke her back and had to have 2 back surgery and was in bed for 5 months she had to learn how to walk again. and with all that i did not tell you that my brother has autism we have no car and we walk every were and to hear about what you are doing and i know you said had to texted you but my mom does not like cell phones at all so i was hopeing that you would get this i just hope you read this. my mom is the best we get what we want and she always goes with out and she is waiting for her to be able to go back to work thank you so much for your time. love jESSICA

  • john_ roswell
    john_ roswell

    I dont like Ali a but how did he copy

  • God Cove
    God Cove

    He said jj not ksi

  • Julio

    The video got leaked Ksi basically knocked him out


      knocked down

  • Kimmi Lee
    Kimmi Lee


  • BryanTehHero

    Why is this goober still around?

  • Gimme 200 subs please JUST MAKE IT HAPPEN
    Gimme 200 subs please JUST MAKE IT HAPPEN

    ksi knocked down faze by hitting him where his injury was not knocked out

  • _ alus
    _ alus

    Yes giveaway

  • FerretBarret

    Police officer: "Did you cause all these damages?" FaZe Banks: "Hold on, listen, listen, we'll get into that later"

    • sehhi vooty
      sehhi vooty


  • Wyatt Fiecke
    Wyatt Fiecke

    Knocked DOWN***** Not out

  • Bailey Young
    Bailey Young

    It's not like EEsoft's trending page is only for specific regions or anything. It's not like KSI has more support in UK while Logan Paul has more support in the US or anything.

  • Hey Hey
    Hey Hey

    Knocking down and knocking out are different things

  • Dub Zero
    Dub Zero

    clickbait ass title smh ....

  • Christian Garcia
    Christian Garcia

    Faze sensei has broken ribs prior to the sparring lol... tell the whole truth

  • Alfonso Cruz
    Alfonso Cruz

    my mom can' t get a job cues she dosen't have a car

  • bryan ceto
    bryan ceto

    Who thinks Jeff Bezos (owner of Amazon) should donate to team tree's Like if u agree 👇👍

  • Norbert Trafas
    Norbert Trafas

    Knock down not knock out

  • King Circe
    King Circe

    Went from knocked down immediately to knocked out

  • ProstheticAIM

    Well trending is not just Views, it is engagement and impact using comments, likes, dislikes, watch time its complicated apparently

  • Mioneii

    knocking down does not mean knocking out... omg are you that dumb keem??

  • Jake Franklin
    Jake Franklin

    Keemstar what’s ur problem with Christianity u were raised by it its a shame that u would talk like that god bless u Man U need severe help

  • It’s Rave
    It’s Rave

    Remember when faze was a bunch of nerds that played basketball and cod and made funny vlogs? Only person I can watch now is jev as the others are all just clout chasing fake gangsters

  • gtoss chddy
    gtoss chddy

    Who else thinks Bill Gates should donate money to the tree place?