Film Theory: Inside the Mind of Rick Sanchez (Rick and Morty)
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Season 4 of Rick and Morty is giving us a brand new, deeper look into the mind of our favorite genius, Rick Sanchez. Throughout the run of the show, people have speculated about what's going on with the smartest man in the universe. Today, I have gathered all the data I need to really dissect his brain. I think we may all have judged Rick a little too fast... or did we?
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Writer: Matthew Patrick and Justin Kuiper
Editors: Alex "Sedge" Sedgwick and Koen Verhagen
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

  • Gamer craft's
    Gamer craft's

    Please do a theory about hazbin hotel

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    Aussie Films YT

    Do u sleep mat?

  • mored arev haritourian
    mored arev haritourian

    neat now i can look real smart talking about rick

  • E White
    E White

    You just prove one of my theories, which is: Summer is more like Ric. I believe there may be a Citadel of Summers out there.

  • lesil1000

    He's smart enough to make a decent antidepressant, but my guess is he's too afraid it will change who he is. Or it's just convenient to the plot that he can't cure his depression.

  • Disco Doggo
    Disco Doggo

    And i still can't watch season 4 because im in australila

  • Gene Hunter
    Gene Hunter

    At of all honesty, this video is real deep... some may think it’s over analyzed, because it’s a cartoon.. but how it was explained throughout in full detail, only AWAKE grown-ups, will understand, and relate to it. Great video..

  • Go CPNG
    Go CPNG

    Symbolism Motifs And Redherrings

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    Emily Frampton

    Can you please do a film theory about how all the Holiday Netflix Movies are connected?

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    dahman mc

    so there is no original content after all

  • Wafflelord

    Do a film theory about how Mata killed Harlen in Knives Out. THE EVIDENCE IS THERE!!

  • Ariana Ademi
    Ariana Ademi


  • FireDemon 129
    FireDemon 129

    Nice vid MatPat! Sometime, how about you do a video on the psychology of Saitama?

  • urmamaisnoob

    Wow this really hit home..

  • Mark Myhrer
    Mark Myhrer

    There is actually a Rick and Morty comic book series that is acknowledged as Cannon. Any more future videos in regards to Rick and Morty should also consider the comic book series


    Video idea: how a baby yoda BABY YODA!!!!!

  • glitter crystal
    glitter crystal

    Happy pills Rick that is what you need

  • TheAcidAssassin

    You should do a episode on Phineas and Ferb In about how doofenshmirtz turn everyone else into him with Electric static charge

  • Hayden Blakemore
    Hayden Blakemore

    Not sure where to put this, but has anyone else wondered how strong the new grinch is?? Dude can hold up all that stuff that can split rocks.

  • purpy x
    purpy x

    13:18 is it bad that I can relate to this

  • Flareon Gaming
    Flareon Gaming

    Do some hazbin hotel theories

  • purpy x
    purpy x

    I missed this episode 😢 I couldn't find it anywhere either

  • Milaki Gilchrist
    Milaki Gilchrist

    Can you do a video on how powerful the 7 page muda is ?

  • JRodriguez Granados
    JRodriguez Granados


  • sehhi vooty
    sehhi vooty

    Everyone in the comments: when Matpat explained depression, I felt that

  • synergy trilixe
    synergy trilixe

    You gotta do a poppy theory plz

  • DoctorDeadsmile

    Anti-social personality disorder is on a spectrum he doesn't have to have no empathy just less than most people

  • Tyler Hillock
    Tyler Hillock

    Could you make an episode about what country Fez from That 70's Show pleeeeeeeeas

    • sehhi vooty
      sehhi vooty

      i have one thing that i want to know about in clarence HOW DA HECK DID SUMOS ROCKET GO TO SPACE HE NEED 984,000 LITERS OF FUEL i want to know HE did this

  • James Tormon
    James Tormon

    Is flm theory/matpat is controlled by the iluminati by the popy vid?Or its just like a funny part.Or that is one of the clues that he is controlled by the illuminati??(I WROTE THIS AFTER WATCHING "IS POPPY CONTRED BY THE ILLUMINATI" LOOK AT THE END.

    • James Tormon
      James Tormon

      Spelling error:CONTROLED

  • warzone killerttv
    warzone killerttv

    when is Who is marry marry part

  • Jesse

    This video is super dumb. Who watches this garbage?

  • cold_bacon

    Hey I have a theory suggestion! Have you watched/heard of Hazbin Hotel? If you have, maybe you could do a theory on how all of them died and how it relates to their designs, or something like that. Just a suggestion :)


    look i doubt the writers thought about the brain remixing stuff thats overanalyzing matt.

  • Ryce Gabriel Major
    Ryce Gabriel Major

    Shut this down before COPPA or something

  • X men Wolverine
    X men Wolverine

    first live from britan Matpat can you do a thoery on the lutent's fire power from fire force

  • Noah Wilhelmsen
    Noah Wilhelmsen

    mat pat is overthinking af

  • BigGucci Sosa
    BigGucci Sosa

    What if summer is evil morty?

  • Wolfgang Kenshin
    Wolfgang Kenshin

    This entire episode is total trash. Yes, you can't truly invent, but you can come up with untrue stories much further from your own than you're implying, MP. Do you think no one has ever written a story that had no resemblance to their life? What about people who have heard the stories of others, and plagiarize them, even though they don't relate on any level? How can you be sure Rick wasn't ripping off the plot of a book, movie, or even story from someone he encountered? It's absolutely ridiculous to suggest we can get anything meaningful out of that fake backstory.

  • Russell Westbrook
    Russell Westbrook

    i clicked so fast on this

  • DanTheMan

    Hey MatPat, in the season of Christmas, could you do a film theory over the scene from The Polar Express where they are on the ice? Not over if the train could be on the ice, but if the maneuvers the engineer used to turn around the train and line up with the tracks. You’re the best and I hope you and your family are have a great day!