Giving Harvard Students an iPhone 11 If They Can Answer THIS Question
Giving strangers the iPhone 11 for answering this question. I went to Harvard University and I gave new iPhone 11's to anyone who knew the answers ;)


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  • sports is everything
    sports is everything


  • TechnoFreak

    INDIANS are crazy intelligent

  • Ryan Barnes Year 8
    Ryan Barnes Year 8

    Surely there friends heard the answer in the background

  • Andrea D'Alù
    Andrea D'Alù

    Harvard, $300.000 just to get in, they already have a new iphone

  • Mahfuzul Ifty
    Mahfuzul Ifty

    They could not answer the last question..thats why they are reading in Harvard i think

  • Henry Chan
    Henry Chan

    The right answer to question 2 is -153 You most logical way of doing it is to fit a polynomial to the curve, which gives us f(x) = -0.5667x^5 + 9.5x^4 - 59.333x^3 + 170x^2 - 217.6x + 102 (if you plug in numbers, f(1)=4, f(2)=6, f(3)=9... f(7) gives us -153.246 and some change, which is the next number in the series.

  • Jan Paweł
    Jan Paweł

    9:13 That's HALF-DAB

  • Alyssa Jo
    Alyssa Jo

    Why did i know it was 19 and I knew the last question.....but didn't know the middle 2 questions

  • Panda fluffy
    Panda fluffy

    “What’s the hottest plant ever” Some of them: Mercury 12 year old me: Come on I learned this during I was 10 years old

  • Khona Cele1
    Khona Cele1

    That cute black girl is smart

  • Khona Cele1
    Khona Cele1

    That cute black girl is smart

  • james Gand
    james Gand

    how many Iphone 11 can he afford now with 9.5 million views?

  • Aleksander Blaznek
    Aleksander Blaznek

    why harvard students? they and their parents are already loaded lol

  • naza ibeneme
    naza ibeneme

    Hahaha had 2 Nigerians in the competition and she won..... 9ja to the world

  • Suraj gupta
    Suraj gupta

    Sravya who won the Iphone is an Indian .

  • Сергей Пофигистов
    Сергей Пофигистов

    So when white guy giving banana to black guy they call it racism and when asian guy do the same shit they don’t give a fuck? Hmmm

  • Saranghae Armyyy
    Saranghae Armyyy

    I thought the hottest planet was sun I knew I was stupid why did I even try

  • mr bhardwaj
    mr bhardwaj

    Dat Indian is smart af

  • Ayasha Csay
    Ayasha Csay

    My heart was beating sooo fast😓 and I was smiling😂. First video I’ve ever commented on😅💗

  • Bir singh rajput Rajput
    Bir singh rajput Rajput

    Can you give me a iphone 11 bro

  • Swirle13

    of all the "poor" students to give brand new iphones to, you chose one of the most expensive schools to go to give away iphones when people are pretty well off if they can afford harvard

  • m m
    m m

    When I mentally answer the questions and the answer is correct, i feel like a genius studying at Harvard as well. Lololol

  • Lara Jane Enriquez
    Lara Jane Enriquez generous of you...a lot of them dug deep for answeres...when it reached the planet question...i literally screamed, my son knows this so much! and he is just 5! thanks... love from PH

  • pravin rao
    pravin rao

    I got math and science one right.

  • Dakka Manish
    Dakka Manish

    In This Shravyaa Is Our Country And That Tooo Our Ap State...!!!😘

  • Rj Sh
    Rj Sh

    2:41 Racist!

  • Daniel Logan
    Daniel Logan

    Big fan of people like this. You rock bud.

  • MissAllanPoe1989


  • Fire Extinguisher
    Fire Extinguisher

    Nice video dude!

  • abrar faysal
    abrar faysal

    I deserve the I phone 11 because i could answer all the questions and took 5 sec for each q..

  • Tanaya H
    Tanaya H

    now that you went to the smartest school in the us can you do this at the DUMBEST school aka ASU

  • Muhamad Rezaldy
    Muhamad Rezaldy

    This is not true, there is two contestant its a group there?

  • Kevin Guevara
    Kevin Guevara

    I have no idea how to answer these questions

  • Nathan Barford
    Nathan Barford

    Could have sworn this one was probably the highest views

    • devansh tyagi
      devansh tyagi

      Nooooooo, I got fucking rickrolled 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  • Evan Sison
    Evan Sison

    I'm still confused..where did they get the 19 in Round 2 ?!

  • Bi cHi
    Bi cHi

    Damn.. That Jessie is my actually my type

  • celso

    10:18 I have two now lol

  • Jahdiel Pajarillo
    Jahdiel Pajarillo

    I wanna banana now

  • Lexie H.
    Lexie H.

    The black girl new them so fast what the heck

  • Cinnamon Doll
    Cinnamon Doll

    I'm so happy for them ♥️ enjoy your new phones

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