Hell Fest (2018) KILL COUNT
Dead Meat
**Note: I wasn't aware Bex Taylor-Klaus uses they/them pronouns when I made this video! My bad, meant no disrespect.**
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  • Dead Meat
    Dead Meat

    ►**Note: I wasn't aware Bex Taylor-Klaus uses they/them pronouns when I made this video! My bad, meant no disrespect.** ►►In Search of Darkness ('80s Horror Documentary) DEAD MEAT COLLECTOR'S EDITION available for pre-order IN OCTOBER ONLY here: 80shorrordoc.com/pages/deadmeat?variant=30300198699104 ►Email MOVIE REQUESTS to deadmeatmovies@gmail.com (please don't leave them in the comments!) ►► MERCH - hoodies, hats, pins, and tee shirts - available at www.deadmeatstore.com ► Support me at patreon.com/deadmeatjames for rewards like explicit versions of Kill Counts, full-length commentary tracks, early releases, review videos, and more! ►►Check out the DEAD MEAT PODCAST - new episodes every TUESDAY - at deadmeatpod.libsyn.com/ ►Thanks for watching - comment with your favorite joke!

    • Carlo Mejia
      Carlo Mejia

      "Thanks everybody, be good people" , hey James means it!

    • Bilbo Ballbag
      Bilbo Ballbag

      There were no flashing lights at the sounds.

    • Lugubriously

      Hey dead meat dude I know you’re trying to be respectful and I really appreciate it as a gay dude with a bf who is trans; but the problem with they/them pronouns is that the people that use them often do so to differentiate themselves in an attempt to be different to other trans people; which is a fruitless effort; no human is different really. But it’s not my problem with they/them pronouns, they have their place in usage for people that’re still figuring it out (being possibly trans), but my problem is with people (like the celeb you mentioned) who continually identify by they them pronouns, not only further confusing people on the outside of the trans movement but creating legal precedent against trans people (ie. Because of a surge in non-dysphoric “trans” people (you can’t be trans without dysphoria) seeking hormones, now in America being trans is not recognized as a real illness because of all these fucking posers trying to be “hip”/“different”/“unique”. My boyfriend can’t get on T because he’s so poor and their used to be programs for this sort of thing but now they don’t have it, for the American healthcare system doesn’t want to treat something that isn’t an illness,”supposedly”. Sorry I’m jus really frustrated by the bunch of people being like “I’m they them! I’m a boy and a girl. And I get to flip flop my pronouns between they them and he and she among other made up ones like zir” No mate you are biologically one thing and you identify as one thing too. We as people, as creatures, as non-schrodingers cat scenarios, can’t be two things at once. Stipulations however: 1. they them pronouns are valid for those that (as mentioned) are still figuring out their gender identity. They are not a gender. 2. They/them pronouns are sometimes used by people that are biologically hermaphroditic, but typically (and in the advent of surgery that is much better then it was five years ago) herm people lean towards identifying and using one specific pronoun 3. You need dysphoria to be trans but the severity of dysphoria is different across people due to a variety of factors. It is always present in cases of legitimate need to identify contrary with your birth gender. 4. You don’t need surgery to be a proper male or female. It’s all about feeling comfortable in your skin. If you want to go for surgery, it’s also all about comfort in your skin. Do whatever. 5. Some supposed users of “they-them” pronouns are often Spanish speaking people trying to place a queer identity with the word the have, then you translate it to English, bam. Confusion where you have people that in Spanish are identifying as queer (male and female) but in English it comes out as more they/them as we don’t have the proper descripting word. However, they/usage by Spanish speaking peoples America has typically switched to Latinx pronouns; incorporating less Anglophonic ideals.

    • Tom McMorrow
      Tom McMorrow

      The true horror lurking in the depths of humanity is summed up by *gestures to entire comment section on this post* just...all of thiiiiiis.

    • Casein Lujan
      Casein Lujan

      You should do the scream TV series that would be cool for the channel

  • BlitzYPup

    Yes , I too get scared by streamers

  • Blackpink fan
    Blackpink fan

    For a sec I thought my phone was messed up but it was just foggy

  • Lazy Skeptic
    Lazy Skeptic

    10:17 *screams*

  • ryan. tone.96
    ryan. tone.96

    Darby allin on stilts 😂

  • Eternal Rocky
    Eternal Rocky

    I like it how a lot of people their don’t get killed.

  • Dying Gamer
    Dying Gamer

    That slasher is my favorite slasher because he’s a dad. Like isn’t that the cutest ending

  • rheanne sabinske
    rheanne sabinske

    Valley fair which is an amusement park turns into Valley Scare during the month of october. Look it up it’s a lot of fun been a few times

  • Dustin Morgan
    Dustin Morgan


  • Mr. Potato Chip 20222227222
    Mr. Potato Chip 20222227222

    Nice jackbox party pack 3 reference u got there 👌 👌

  • XperimentorEES

    Working as scare actors is some fun stuff; and seeing more improvised dialog can help characters feel more real, but yeah the stupidity is distracting.

  • Dustin Mosier
    Dustin Mosier

    HELLFEST - an amusment park where the killer wants to kill you. "No problem here"

  • Super Mario trip Cool
    Super Mario trip Cool

    Hey James can you do the Childs play reboot 2019 please

  • mr climclam
    mr climclam

    thank God you make a video on it and btw I'm so lazy suggests to suggest the video

  • Jesse. hxc520
    Jesse. hxc520

    I absolutely love that you always reference wrestling!

  • Alexei Rogue
    Alexei Rogue

    @ 10:53 : " ... Given To Them By #RiffRaff ... " LMFAO!

  • Alexei Rogue
    Alexei Rogue

    @ 4:38 = " ... and zombie UltimateWarrior! What?!? ... " LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • garm nichols
    garm nichols

    7:56 is that the clown from dead by daylight?

  • Jakes Club
    Jakes Club

    I just watched the film I made a kill count but haven't uploaded it yet So go to my channle tomorrow

  • Dreadbear

    Hell Fest (2018) ------------------------- Director: Gregory Plotkin ------------------------- Producers: Gale Anne Hurd, Tucker Tooley ------------------------- Screenwriters: Seth M. Sherwood, Blair Butler, Akela Cooper ------------------------- Starring: Amy Forsyth, Reign Edwards, Bex Taylor-Klaus, Christian James, Matt Mercurio, Roby Attal, Tony Todd, Michael Tourek, Courtney Dietz, Elle Graham, Stephen Conroy ------------------------- Composer: Bear McCreary ------------------------- Cinematographer: Jose David Montero ------------------------- Editors: Gregory Plotkin, David Egan ------------------------- Production Companies: Tucker Tooley Entertainment, Valhalla Motion Pictures ------------------------- Distributors: CBS Films, Lionsgate ------------------------- Release Date: September 28th, 2018 ------------------------- Runtime: 89 minutes ------------------------- Budget: $5.5 million ------------------------- Box Office: $18.2 million

  • N¡gh†m∆res ∆nd 8Ø8s
    N¡gh†m∆res ∆nd 8Ø8s

    Bloodfest > hellfest

  • doesithurt123

    This is one of the few slashers where the killer doesn't die

  • Catch Dylan
    Catch Dylan


  • ClockWiseGaming

    ok wasent the girl with the mowhawk lookin hair in she looks like kirby

    • ClockWiseGaming

      never mined dam they look alike i googled the actors

  • Caleb Swaggy
    Caleb Swaggy

    Imagine getting hired there to just kill/stab people lol😂😂😂

  • Madison Anthony
    Madison Anthony

    Love the reference to greasy grimy gopher guts. He’s so effin’ cool, man.

    • Arshes Nei
      Arshes Nei

      Right? Now I have that song in my head. "mutilated monkey meat..."

  • Clemente Cuadra
    Clemente Cuadra

    Bruh it would have been cooler if Taylor had died in the guillotine somehow, I imagined a death like that with the other getting the fake blade and just slashing her face with it.

  • Cactus The Bad The Lucky Cowboy
    Cactus The Bad The Lucky Cowboy

    Wait a minute... -Silent Killer - No Personality -Kills Teens ...is this Halloween all over again?

    • Xx_ogerplays_xX Gacha Life
      Xx_ogerplays_xX Gacha Life


  • Jose Nunez
    Jose Nunez

    Do joker kill count

  • Jurrell Suttles Jr
    Jurrell Suttles Jr

    Is it possible to do a jeepers creepers saga kill count?

  • TotallynotKar ._.
    TotallynotKar ._.

    *photosensitive viewers* :oh, cool. A warning, and a tone. James is so nice.

  • wolfie__blu :3
    wolfie__blu :3

    i didnt forget


    Hey if you like horror events I’ll recommend Walibi Frightnights to you. (It’s in the Netherlands tho, so you know... if you’re in the area)

  • Blankie Blank66
    Blankie Blank66

    12:17 This is exactly what happens when a disney ride breaks down. The actors/Actresses lead the people to a back stage area and get kind of a free tour on their way out.

  • Forge Of Empires
    Forge Of Empires

    Hellfest is the first slasher movie i ever watched!

  • Muffin Man
    Muffin Man

    The killer looks like a knockoff Michael Myers

  • Sportz Clipz
    Sportz Clipz

    Bro this is some dead by daylight type shit

  • Hunnaded Mill
    Hunnaded Mill

    I have that same Jason mask! Iはべてゃつぁめじゃそんまsk!

  • Oliver-_- Rogerson
    Oliver-_- Rogerson

    Who else got the Derby Allan joke on 4:33

  • Deezy C
    Deezy C

    Can you please do Darkness Falls with Chaney Kley or Boogeyman?

  • Oscar Regino
    Oscar Regino

    So the reason why he kills is...

  • Matthew Cota
    Matthew Cota

    Welp that was a twist at the end

  • Ryuko Matoi
    Ryuko Matoi

    This movie started out really well! Gavin’s death was really well done and unexpected. However after that it started to get tedious and the characters got dumber and the kills more boring. Shame cause there was potential!!

  • Ericgot2k

    Friday the 13th: Vengeance

  • metalsonic2003

    thanks for this awesome review. i just bought this on ebay. watching it tonight. thank you

  • Ben Peterson
    Ben Peterson

    Do children of the corn

  • Logan Yeary
    Logan Yeary

    Alice Cooper does the whole fake guillotine head thing all the time in concert and I still wonder the same thing of how the hell he does it 😅

  • gr parito pro
    gr parito pro

    xD the first time the sound for lights you said the ring at the same moment it happened someone sent me a message

  • M M
    M M

    Need more kill counts

  • Bluemorpho28 the gamecat
    Bluemorpho28 the gamecat

    Haunt had a similar plot and was a lot better and more interesting

  • littlechonk 666
    littlechonk 666

    you're favourite thing to say is "TITLE CARD" is it not?

  • ArkOfDarkness

    That axe was my single biggest question watching this movie. Knife/Ice Pick from a food stand? Valid. Big ol' Carnival Mallet? Valid. Can't decapitate someone because the Guillotine Blade is shown as just a dull prop? Valid. (And realistic, from an OSHA standpoint) Killer pulls an ACTUAL FUNCTIONING AXE from a halloween maze prop? NOT VALID. (And judging how he uses it to hack and chop through things, it's a damn sturdy prop at the very least) In the VERY NEXT SCENE, the characters try to grab weapons to defend themselves? "No, this is a maze - these are all fake".

  • Max Peters
    Max Peters

    I have to say its awesome that they just don't show the face of the killer.

  • Sarah Buchanan
    Sarah Buchanan

    My name is Gavin!

  • Julia Marie
    Julia Marie

    i actually love how we never see the killers face. it's a great way to say that absolutely anybody in the crowd can be a serial killer.

  • Santiago Jaramillo-Vesga
    Santiago Jaramillo-Vesga

    I love this channel. It lets me watch horror movies without the nervousness

  • Mc Playz
    Mc Playz

    Why don’t you do for movies like this with theme parks that scare do the best and worst fake scare

  • Reapers Cure
    Reapers Cure

    Hellfest is like a larger McKameys Manor, a haunted house so twisted that over 70 thousand people want it closed.

  • Ren Aries
    Ren Aries

    Can we please get Hellraiser already PLEASE

  • Untamed Viper
    Untamed Viper

    Please do a kill count on blood fest!!

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