Here's How YOU Can Help Find a Cure for COVID-19!
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We show you how you can setup Folding@Home, a distributed computation project that allows you to donate your computer's processing power to help model protein dynamics to combat diseases like Parkinsons, Cancer, Huntingtons, and most importantly, COVID-19.
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  • Nicholas Dubois
    Nicholas Dubois

    I'm downloading folding at home when I get home later, this sounds awesome!

    • Joseph N
      Joseph N

      @R T You sound quite pessimistic. Why?

    • Bryan

      matrixfull was covid not being a drop down option ever solved?

    • Joshua Long
      Joshua Long

      I have never seen my own cpu run this hard!

    • y2kenh

      i see the linus1 server online!

    • WaterspoutsOfTheDeep

      @Kenchan1337 I believe they are trying to work on modeling a vaccine which for all intents and purposes is currently pointless. Perfection is the enemy of completion as the saying goes. We only need to severely inhibit the virus for all intents and purposes not fully prevent it with a vaccine. Time is the most important factor at this moment. Do you understand now moron?

  • Multivex

    How does it decide when my PC is idle? I set it to idle but it seems to always think my PC isnt idle

  • Jonnathan R
    Jonnathan R

    Is the audio weird? is it just me?

  • Andynonymous

    Dude can I haz all this titans???? peas?

  • Karthig1987

    Is boinc still a thing? I remember LTT had 2 teams in the past.

  • Paul Bean
    Paul Bean

    guys I have a weak ass PC, a dell optiplex 780 w 10 GB of ram and a core 2 duo, no graphics card. I want to use it for emulation but would this be a decent use as well, or is it to weak to provide any help to the cause

  • Big Bro
    Big Bro

    Folding at home used to be available on playstation 3 as well, i'm not sure if it still is though.

  • Inspirational Goosebumps
    Inspirational Goosebumps

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="666">11:06</a> What if Linus reflection on the left turns around and stares at him ?

  • tiny rampage
    tiny rampage

    "we found a LITTLE machine"

  • Patrick Willmann
    Patrick Willmann

    Got my weak-ass i7 860 folding for LTT. Awesome video!

  • Raka

    Please, if you do not have a decent dedicated graphics card, DO NOT FOLD right now. There are big wait times for projects because so many people with hodunk put-put computers and laptops are hogging projects, and their systems take several hours to days to complete a project, as opposed to 1-2 hours or less with good GPU's. When there was no wait time previously, it was true that everyone could help, but now those people are slowing down research.

  • Nick C
    Nick C

    Linus, please STOP pointing at things with that metal tool! It gives me anxiety :)

  • x86

    Nice job, and now the internet provider for this pandemic period should offer 100GB down/up fiber to linus for free. You have my respect .. but please don t show your electric bill after 1 month:).

  • Martin Liu
    Martin Liu

    I'm folding on a laptop. RIP laptop.

  • doctoramg

    Who is going to pay for this

  • cstrikes0urce

    you've become rather annoying this year, take a chill pill on the content and wait for tech to be announced

  • 29110sc

    is the 2060 that's a TU-104 (rtx 2080 but cut down) that is faster in blender, also faster for folding than a normal 2060?

  • Jean-Francois Gagnier
    Jean-Francois Gagnier

    How are you doing on the project of helping folding at home by using your Bandwith? I need to fold!! lol

  • sukirai valencia
    sukirai valencia

    Good work, looking forward to the next video to help cure covid-19

  • Swift Bow
    Swift Bow

    So much for social distancing for you guys in this video.

  • el solo
    el solo

    Can I have that cpu when you're done with it?

  • CrafterJunkie

    I joined! Im folding for LTT now!

  • BixbyConsequence

    Hadn't run Rosetta@home in 6 years, but it only took a couple of minutes and they still remembered my stats. Most of the tasks seem COVID-19 related.

  • Bush Master Flash
    Bush Master Flash

    Now if you could get this to run on cell phones as well..............

  • damysticalone87

    More importantly and the most important 4sure right here: Check that out, sort by "Newest first": eesoft.infodiscussion

  • damysticalone87

    Watching at your great build, I see 3 improvements, which would improve the performance by 40-70% (at least by 20% 4sure). But those 3 improvements I would try first of all for myself, if I had the money.

  • Max Bainrot
    Max Bainrot

    I have my old gaming pc running it now :) and working on trying to get my problem child AMD card working in another PC too, Wish there was a way of having stuff power up when there are work units available, I have a proliant G3 that's setup for hypervising so happy to stand up even moar compute **edit** but it's noisy AF so I don't want it running if there aren't any workloads available

  • IamCoalfoot

    My landlord is kinda sticky about power usage, or else I'd probably be doing this. Still cool to see so many people joining in, even if I can't.

  • TTV_misT_ thirsT
    TTV_misT_ thirsT

    So I was wondering if I can have that perfect cure to covid 19 please stay

  • Tea Burn
    Tea Burn

    LTT is 100% an essential service in the fight to end the CCP Virus.

  • Peter Teehan
    Peter Teehan

    Im going to talk to my Sever Admin to see if we can run this with our company infrastructure. We sit idle between 1am and 7am MST. 6 solid hours that we Fold for a cure! Ty Linus!

  • Goodwiil

    But can it run CRYSIS?

  • Coluurs

    Anyone else get random crashes when using FAH?

  • Esergy

    Tobias Kratzmann

  • Esergy

    Added to it guys

  • Raaampage

    I know @home projects for a long time, just tried to use it back again, but I can't set it on full power my cpu's temperature goes crazy like 75°C I'm pretty sure it'd have gone much higher if I didn't stop it :/

  • Jason Sousa
    Jason Sousa

    $3000 USD FOR EACH Titan V!!!!!! :o

  • SamJigga

    No, thanks. They're not gonna pay my electricity bill when I'll be unemployed and they'll make billions selling the cure.

  • Saul Toro
    Saul Toro

    Linus, i think you can single handedley provide more than enough computers for something like this. Look at your warehouse, put them ALL to work. You literally have thousands of parts lying around that can do more than most of us dream of doing. Get on it! Chop chop!

  • JaayOnPC

    Linus getting biceps

  • Simon Westman
    Simon Westman

    My computer pushes 550W from 1 card and 1 CPU under full load.. Yet 40W on idle... 👌

  • As Sh
    As Sh

    A comment.

  • Chandralal.R.Kurup Ramachandrakurup
    Chandralal.R.Kurup Ramachandrakurup

    Hey stupid, idiot

  • Chandralal.R.Kurup Ramachandrakurup
    Chandralal.R.Kurup Ramachandrakurup

    Hey stupid, idiot

  • Me The Gorgeous
    Me The Gorgeous

    Guys you rock! it's really cool to know that you've joined the cause =) i'd joined your team, but started folding like 10 days earlier and now i'm folding for team Ukraine =)

  • Skymint525

    Got 3 workstation setup for this.

  • curtis prest
    curtis prest

    Okay i've scoured the internet for hours now and nowhere is there any explaination as to what you do with the creedit you earn. nowhere. thats. completely. insane. How is anyone supposed to be motivated to continue when it's impossible to see whats even going on? You need a new video explaining how this all works and not just how to sign up to YOUR team for it to get yourself points.

    • Sev

      @curtis prest that's certainly one perspective. I suspect the point system was put in place to instill competition. Though FaH is set up to default to folding without you even setting up a name or team. when done anonymously there is no record for bragging rights. which anonymous (aka default) holds 3rd place among contributing team.

    • curtis prest
      curtis prest

      Sev So it’s literally bragging rights to your contribution to curing stuff? That’s kinda sad.

    • Sev

      There is no compensation. They're just 'fake internet points'.

  • Chris Jackson
    Chris Jackson

    LTT team has rocketed to the top of the stats :)

  • Mr. Potato Head
    Mr. Potato Head

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="155">2:35</a> Dennis with his little school chair

  • Mark Arnott
    Mark Arnott

    DON'T WORRY 🤷‍♂️THEY SAID THE Quantum Computer Will Solve All our SCIENCE & Research Viruses etc 😳👨‍🔬when? think there still got the guys programing that 3RD dimension crap 😕

  • Stephen Davey
    Stephen Davey

    I remember folding being on ps3

  • Stitches

    Dick move, Linus: you stole a bunch of Team PCMR. GET YOUR OWN FOLDERS!!

  • pompeyvw

    I'm trying to run Folding@Home on all my kit. My Mac is running full belt but my work Machine cant download a working Unit :( why ?

  • Savant PCs
    Savant PCs

    Makes me proud to be a PC Nerd

  • David Sharp
    David Sharp

    Like lots of people, I've joined on the Team, got one work unit and now nothing else. Linus your server is needed urgently

  • Michael Byléhn
    Michael Byléhn

    "So this is going to be our next video" 5 videos, and very few WUs later....... nada :(

  • cpt_macmillan

    Can you please do eft vs warzone fps

  • BackYard Ingenuity
    BackYard Ingenuity

    linus so i tried to join the team, says dead line is closed but you can still join the team how would i do that. i have a few powerful pcs and lots of extra gpus. i would like to join the team

    • Sev

      I stumbled on the same post, around the bottom it reads this is not a competition hosted by LTT, but rather by a member of its forum.


    So if i did this can i use my computer or it will just keep folding ?

  • Devilmaycry Dante
    Devilmaycry Dante

    My PS3 do folding@home for years.

  • TenaciousP5k

    you son of a bitch. i'm in!

  • Daily DB
    Daily DB

    Can that rig place crysis?

  • c r o w
    c r o w

    I would but theres no android download rn :(

  • Miguel Mayol
    Miguel Mayol


  • Dan Brooks
    Dan Brooks

    lol "well today's that day" the covid 19 researchers call for aide and the pc community shall answer!

  • Paweł

    Team Linus NUMBER 3!!! Great job everybody.

  • LondenTower

    i was attempting to ask my employer to install folding@home on both workstations, but he refused. it's okay though. those only were ryzen generation 3 cpus with an amd radeon RX 5700 XT. *OUCH*

  • Computer Hacks
    Computer Hacks

    If any one has problems related to Windows please comment back.Maybe I can help.

  • doel89

    using crypto mining to cure virus

  • Mr. ToothBrush
    Mr. ToothBrush

    Bro I’m bout to tell my old middle school to use all of those old pc for this😁

  • Grashüpfer

    I am one in a million!!!

  • Ryan Davis
    Ryan Davis

    Linus, while folding@home is a great project. Have you considered also building a twin computer to contribute to Rosetta@home? The research I've found online says that Rosetta@home does more for one side of the house for protein design, docking, and interactions while Folding@home focuses on simulations. It would be great to see one for both.

  • Harry Mu
    Harry Mu

    hb Rasp pi?

  • sniper xxx88
    sniper xxx88

    I loaded up all my PC's with F@H and they are all going for LTT been watching your videos for years and you helped me build my first pc as well as when my son needs to figure something out for his computer he watches your videos love ya bro keep making them vids

  • John Bovee
    John Bovee

    @Linus Tech Tips... Know anyone with a 3D Printer? They're looking for people to collaborate with to get as many Nano Hack Masks Printed and distributed as humanly Possible. The .STL File is absolutely free. They also have print and assembly instructions on their site

  • Dakota Jett
    Dakota Jett

    Folding for ya Linus!

  • Davi Fernandes de Freitas
    Davi Fernandes de Freitas

    I cant work and folding in my 3770K at the same time... Sad... :'(

  • Rebus Forever Reviews
    Rebus Forever Reviews

    Joined up, lets beat this as swiftly as possible.

  • B0omer96

    I used my PS3 to fold proteins for the human genome project. I was disappointed with the results. =(

  • J M
    J M

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="206">3:26</a> jake watches NELK confirmed.

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