HIGHWAY 3 (Part 5) The Audi RS4 is back!! Police chase [HD]
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The Audi RS4 is back! The police wants revenge on Skurken after the last video. Police officers have even sent private messages to our instagram accounts requesting a rematch. Here it is
Driver: Skurken Co-Driver: Critical

  • Critical

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    • Arturo

      Seems like ''midnight'' club

  • socoffingsource 90
    socoffingsource 90

    You guys are so fucking stupid🖕

  • Swift_

    Fucking wild! 🤘🏻

  • The Punisher
    The Punisher

    Yeah hahaha

  • mike

    Do this in every country if you really have balls

  • K. ToTi
    K. ToTi

    This is all cool n stuff however it’s very dangerous and stupid. Speed kills, i think we should leave the car chases to Hollywood. having said that i will report this channel and I suggest other viewers do so aswell ☺️

  • Phantom Recon
    Phantom Recon

    Since when did need for speed have good graphics?

  • Anastazi Sarigiannis
    Anastazi Sarigiannis

    I guess they don’t have police choppers in Sweden?

  • Zunt

    Man this is not safe at all .... Where can I sign up for lessons

  • Baguette Launcher
    Baguette Launcher

    dat troll 4:12 with his sandwich xdddddd

  • Owen Demars
    Owen Demars

    My boy downing a sub going 200

  • JinxCollateral

    My mans just eating a sandwich

  • William

    this is funny to look at

  • Mark Landers
    Mark Landers

    He must of pressed the s button for s, Cape....

  • Mark Landers
    Mark Landers

    That rs won't be suffering with carbon build up on his manifold...

  • Jason Fryer
    Jason Fryer


  • Jim meisner
    Jim meisner

    The fukn sandwich 🤣🤣🤣

  • Tsumi Goyard
    Tsumi Goyard

    Funny how the passenger enjoying his bread


    I’m only half way through an even I’m getting gaaaaased 😂 Feels like I’m in the whip with em. This is a real treat for the eyes

  • Robert Brozowski
    Robert Brozowski

    You guys are fucking awesome!!!

  • ShaayH1Z1

    all im scared about these films are pedestrians

  • Mahler Robin
    Mahler Robin

    until a car crosses the street, than you now... bey bey

  • Kevin Gomez
    Kevin Gomez

    Co pilot chilling eating a sandwich while sliding in dm’s on Instagram 😂😂

  • Airán ESM
    Airán ESM

    I think that is fake lol

    • Airán ESM
      Airán ESM

      @Critical I can't believe that you can upload these types of video and the police don't go to you house lol.

    • Critical

      What is

  • Kevin Torres
    Kevin Torres

    6:51 dude was actually eating a burrito

  • Eric Sajid
    Eric Sajid

    Error stop 6min 56 - hot 7min19

  • Eric Sajid
    Eric Sajid

    His friend eats a Greek hahahaha

  • Benjamin1989

    Not that fast really

  • Moltas

    me escaping the police on my black moped cross also in sweden definetly gets redused to as if it was nothing when compared to this.

  • Moltas

    maby not so smart to use snapchat...

  • Shaffan Jaffer
    Shaffan Jaffer

    This guy knows this city like we know GTA SA

  • Gilles

    Did you remove your plates ?

    • Got It
      Got It

      Someone could have died because of this piece of shit!



  • Wayne Jako
    Wayne Jako

    If this was Mother Russia: you'd be gay to have a RS4

  • Montassar Chtioui
    Montassar Chtioui

    Where is this place??

  • Wolfgang Fruehauf
    Wolfgang Fruehauf

    Tracksuit adds 100whp

  • 40thStangGT

    Eating a sandwich doing 155 👏👏 🚗🚓🚨

  • Beaner Boi
    Beaner Boi

    My mans really escapes by going into a park, what a legend

  • TSR.zeko. ,
    TSR.zeko. ,

    My man living in gta

  • Vasile 09
    Vasile 09

    This guy drives better in real life than me in Forza Horizon