Logan Paul
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I’m a 24 year old manchild living in Los Angeles. This is my life.

  • erik walker
    erik walker

    I hate hate hate hate hate hate hate you

  • Turtle

    justins wrong

  • KainanLFC


  • Don Minter
    Don Minter

    Logan would be better in mma then he would be boxing but it is opposite for Ksi

  • Paiten Forward
    Paiten Forward

    a was but a have no mony

  • grujic bby
    grujic bby

    Did you win

  • Jakub Galuščák
    Jakub Galuščák

    Justin Bieber WAS wrong..

  • BalloneySalloney Off
    BalloneySalloney Off

    Who's watching this after Logan's loss

  • Faiz Irsyad
    Faiz Irsyad

    I like Logan Paul than Jake Paul. I don't know why.

  • dawid2882


  • Legend sbm srstha
    Legend sbm srstha


  • i will kill you if you reply to my comment
    i will kill you if you reply to my comment

    haha why would someone pay for this shit im not supporting ksi or logan they have enough Money already.

  • Iqra Qureshi
    Iqra Qureshi

    How to watch logan losing*

  • Stanley Chona
    Stanley Chona

    When logan lost his lil dickyz but if theres one thing her Mom is so sweet when in the bed when ksi rocks her

  • JD JD
    JD JD

    Cant beat ksi who is a HORRIBLE BOXER. Wants to fight in the UFC....dont be sick for that one bro, that wouldnt be good for YOUR HEALTH

  • Rexa Zockt
    Rexa Zockt

    Logan Paul is that Typ of guy: That on Withe guy in class that always loses and says. He cheatet !she pushed me!The game was already over so it doesn't Count!!! Almost forgott he is rasist too.😊

  • Tovala Cram
    Tovala Cram

    Logan’s a flop He’s a geezer Who’s with me

  • Lucas Animations
    Lucas Animations

    Lol I watched it on a yt live stream

  • NovaNation

    Here to tell you logan you didn’t win

  • SpringReaper Uro
    SpringReaper Uro

    Who saw the ending that was lit

  • Nate Bauer
    Nate Bauer

    Or just go on twitch

  • Alan The potato
    Alan The potato

    Sorry you lost I got so mad

  • Emily Mattix
    Emily Mattix

    why did i just get the notif 😂

  • Emily Mattix
    Emily Mattix

    why did i just get the notif 😂

  • Brennan Davenport
    Brennan Davenport


  • Osiris Gg Ghost
    Osiris Gg Ghost

    I just want you to get back to vlog

  • You lost but did good

  • Jonathan Meddis
    Jonathan Meddis

    Seriously Logan, you should give a shot to MMA

  • Nolan Shanks
    Nolan Shanks

    I don't think you should be promoting your L TBH, glad I didn't pay for it. Pretty boring fight. Anyways, have a good day and God bless:D

  • zach long
    zach long

    He will see us once he's a champion.. never again

  • Ashlin Thomas
    Ashlin Thomas

    oh the irony

  • Xavier Nonas-Truong
    Xavier Nonas-Truong

    U lost ha ha

  • Darwish_ Gamer
    Darwish_ Gamer

    Everything you said disappeared 😂😂 😂🤣 🤣 YOU LOST 💩

  • Zack Tfue
    Zack Tfue

    Hi Logan idiot dog

  • Money Master07
    Money Master07

    Anyone watching after he lost

  • RokuLux

    If Justin bieber is with you. Your gonna lose.

  • rb doodie
    rb doodie

    Ksi sucks logan win ksi go suck my butt

  • Destin Ku
    Destin Ku

    You lose the fight

  • Roberto Silva
    Roberto Silva

    I live cloae to it

  • James Netusil
    James Netusil

    Go away. Please.

  • l dc
    l dc

    ksi is the champ

  • joeyp978

    Yeah because Dana White let's 0-1 Boxers into the UFC.. LOL

  • rainbow asain boi
    rainbow asain boi

    Go to new zealand is the best dude litterly is lit like you.

  • Steven Olynick
    Steven Olynick

    Why did I just get this notification. It's November 11th?

  • Jeanine Hall
    Jeanine Hall

    I’m watching this after the fight and you lost KSU so much better

    • Itz_amar Yazid
      Itz_amar Yazid

      Yes and KSU is definitely a thing you are very correct

  • Ethan Bayne
    Ethan Bayne

    I paid $19.99 just to watch your all talk-no action ass get handed to you..

  • ItsEj

    Shame U takled the y’all but didn’t walk the walk Ksi talked the talk AND walked the walk

  • why.

    Sorry to burst your bubble, but I’m probably not gonna watch the fight :/

    • Bebars Eg
      Bebars Eg

      The fight was yesterday

  • Boldtruck540 TTV
    Boldtruck540 TTV

    This dude lost omg

  • Dwi Rahayu
    Dwi Rahayu

    why did you lose i cry

  • Kolben Marshall
    Kolben Marshall

    Ksi won

  • Drah t
    Drah t

    You lost you fuckin bitch shut the fuck up everything you said didnt happen ksi destroyed you

  • Zack Sutton
    Zack Sutton

    L.p. should have won because ksi did cheap shop

  • Nikos Siaplaouras
    Nikos Siaplaouras


  • Nikos Siaplaouras
    Nikos Siaplaouras

    You are fricking trash

  • shakoor ali
    shakoor ali

    Lol literally most of the fight is on EEsoft

  • Grayson Parker
    Grayson Parker


  • Ra K
    Ra K

    Logan were are u ?😂😂 how your fight

  • Danielle Maria
    Danielle Maria

    You suck Logan Paul

  • Flaming sword_xxx
    Flaming sword_xxx

    Hmm I think we might see them struggle, put on some extra weight, and mmm as early knockout is rare, u DO need. A hell lot of sped aNd force which I think tht Logan has however he might need to work on the speed, just a liiiiiitle bit so he can come across the chance to even knock him out lol