I used math, science and tears to create a snake AI which always wins (sometimes).
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  • kasuha

    You can't make hamiltonian cycle on a grid with odd number of cells. Such as 3x3 or 5x5 grid.

  • Azian Google Snake
    Azian Google Snake

    what a noob AI lol

  • Seth Cereal
    Seth Cereal

    3 months. You mean 5

  • N.J.S. Jonker
    N.J.S. Jonker

    Witch program do you use to code

  • Sunee Vijitsrikamol
    Sunee Vijitsrikamol

    Oddly Satisfying

  • Jhoan Martinez Silva
    Jhoan Martinez Silva

    Wowwwwww, a small and básic tutorial how to train the agent with TF, awesome work (?)

  • sevenZ

    what do you use to make these videos? what language?

  • Michal Viljoen
    Michal Viljoen

    Yoh what and where did you study????

  • Al Rifat
    Al Rifat

    He went into hibernation after graduating from university.

  • Dumb-_-Collins

    *Normal tycoon music playing* When shit gets tense : FUCK IT WHERE PLAYING GOD OF WAR NOW! *super ass tense music starts playing*

  • Spartan War118
    Spartan War118

    I see multiple versions of code bullet fighting himself you okay man? lol, not the first time i had an event like that

  • Xian Naix
    Xian Naix

    Imagine he mispelled something while typing all those algorithms

  • Team X of Cha0s
    Team X of Cha0s

    Are you a free man now? Uni over? Finally more videos?

  • Aske Grundahl
    Aske Grundahl

    I would love to see you make an AI that can find diamonds in minecraft

  • thecahn

    Any perfect AI would actually be an overfitted algorithm, not an AI, wouldn’t it? Especially for a small task like this.

  • TritanicWolf

    What is his website? Please give me a link.

  • Adrian playsjr
    Adrian playsjr

    Who else see a maze or is it just me

  • Anton Gorrell
    Anton Gorrell

    maybe make it so the snake needs to have access to 100% of the open spots?

  • Siez The Moment
    Siez The Moment

    Can an A.I. play Tetris?

  • Cakeru

    Please fucking upload part 2 of enigma:(

  • kazuto kisuguya
    kazuto kisuguya

    Why does it keep going red

  • Demus Demore
    Demus Demore

    imagine a 3d game level that changes based on this snake algorithm 12:00, like layers of fear style level changes

  • Team Money Lacrosse
    Team Money Lacrosse

    Do A.I learns to play rider

  • Alexander Mccann-goodnow
    Alexander Mccann-goodnow

    i hope you see this but theres this game that i always play, its called curveball where its basically pong but 3-d and it has curving physics

  • Noodle Games
    Noodle Games

    Hype Bullet should be blue

  • Falling Feather
    Falling Feather

    Fuck you to

  • j6g Teeworlds
    j6g Teeworlds

    17:46 music, please?

  • trash cat
    trash cat

    Ur editing is amazing tho ????

  • KimetMX

    LOL! Love the humor!

  • Buddy Wirths
    Buddy Wirths

    Hey CB, I think it'd be interesting if you programmed an AI to learn historical trends in stock trading, then make trades based off of that. The possibilities for it are endless, have it watching thousands of stocks for the tale-tale signs of an upward trend soon to come based off of the hundreds of thousands of hours and trades that have gone on to "teach" it what a good trade is or isn't. I guess the end goal would be to have a bot that watched thousands of hours worth of trends and could constantly be searching for which stocks are going to increase in value. This would obviously not be easy and isn't really your field, and I know you probably won't see this, but I think it'd be very interesting just to see if an AI could do it.

  • PeppaPig Inator
    PeppaPig Inator

    Can someone show me how to code like some basic 2D games I find this stuff so satisfying I'm 12 and I've been wanting to code and make games for 4 years now so can anyone tell me what website to go on or teach me basics?

  • nothing ._.
    nothing ._.

    pls teach me

  • DestructionPlus

    Make an AI to play santa tracker games. Games like "Penguin Dash" and "Elf Jetpack" or some other shid.

  • Stefan Mitkov
    Stefan Mitkov

    Nobody : Code: AI learns how to aim and launch a nuclear rocket at North Korea

  • Creeper The Creeper
    Creeper The Creeper

    Can you try to make an AI that tries to beat “long live the new fresh” from just shapes and beats (preferably S rank, probably A rank at highest)

  • Charlie Clarke
    Charlie Clarke

    Who ever finds this interesting is boring

  • Rafiq Raja
    Rafiq Raja

    Lmao i loved your commentary though 😂😂

  • Pepa Ludrovský
    Pepa Ludrovský

    Even Snake isnt Bullet proof

  • K90SAS - Choppu
    K90SAS - Choppu

    why does he blur out curse words sometimes but only sometimes?

  • Goku Black
    Goku Black

    Was This find out now on dragonball Z reverence?