I Flew To MrBeast’s House & Knocked On His Door
He was erm... surprised haha
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  • Jake Paul
    Jake Paul

    Who wants me to do more FOR SALE videos?! Remember TURN ON those post notifications!!

    • cp34bleep

      No please no

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      • B r e a d • L o a f • Animations!

      Hay can you about me out pls I love your videos pls!!!!!!¡!!!

    • Lucio Soriano
      Lucio Soriano

      Sub to mrbeast

    • Daniel Nieves
      Daniel Nieves

      Do smosh

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  • Lam Seng
    Lam Seng

    Call for help from hospital

  • Anellia vaskova
    Anellia vaskova

    jasmine L yes i did just do that because of mr beast

  • Emperor Palpatine
    Emperor Palpatine

    13:43 *Chincam intensifies*

  • Alexander Molina
    Alexander Molina


  • ethan barter
    ethan barter

    jake is gay

  • Natalia Whatarau
    Natalia Whatarau

    Who’s better mr.beast team=like Team ten=comment

  • KitsWorld

    This is stupid. You can’t just go to someone’s house even if they are famous. Invasion of privacy definitely.

  • Victor Suárez • 10 years ago
    Victor Suárez • 10 years ago

    jake Paul u gained a couple pounds

  • MBP GamingYT
    MBP GamingYT

    Start from 12:51 coz ur time is precious..... I know everyone came here just to see MrBeast

  • FallbackDrake 0
    FallbackDrake 0

    Imagine if anyone clicked on this video for Jake Paul. No one likes you they clicked on it for Mr beast

  • Carrie Carebear
    Carrie Carebear

    11:08 OR SHOT 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • Carrie Carebear
    Carrie Carebear

    8:10 Sell Faze Rug’s & his brother Brawadis’ homes.. I have both their addresses but i’m sure you do too 😉👍

  • Deliz Chicas
    Deliz Chicas

    i did

  • Speeder 213
    Speeder 213

    clout chaser

  • Abstract G
    Abstract G

    Who clicked on it for mr beast and see these guys yelling at us

  • Rob Fowler
    Rob Fowler

    Stop this, its rude

  • Sasha D.
    Sasha D.

    "Did you do it?I'm old" *she's everyone in my family over 40*

  • JPB

    Can anyone believe JAKE PAUL called mr beast infamous?

  • leighsia mailangi
    leighsia mailangi

    Mr beast is better than jake Paul jake Paul just wants more views

  • Jimin's Jams
    Jimin's Jams

    this is the most awkwardest video ive seen

  • Debbie Danielka
    Debbie Danielka

    I saw his house

  • Nika’s Channel
    Nika’s Channel

    Mr beast is better

  • The Crazy Crew
    The Crazy Crew


  • Amelie Stronach
    Amelie Stronach

    13:14 That akward moment... :V

  • Camila’s Gaming Corner
    Camila’s Gaming Corner

    Who’s better jake Paul comment mr. beast like

    • Camila’s Gaming Corner
      Camila’s Gaming Corner

      Do y’all like mr. beast or jake paul

  • Camila’s Gaming Corner
    Camila’s Gaming Corner

    Why are they saying what if we were soo sexy


    Hey we need to accept that mr beast is rich I mean both of his friends are wearing Gucci

  • Kelly Birley
    Kelly Birley

    What’s your username on fortnight

  • Kelly Birley
    Kelly Birley

    Your it’s every day bro jake Paul

  • A Raptor
    A Raptor

    DUde Im your Bigeest fan bro I love you; adn jame charlie

  • Landen White
    Landen White

    Can you come to South Carolina Greenville

  • SurviverH2

    Jake Paul the bully in school Mrbeast the shy kid in school 10yrs later bully desperate to be friends with him lol life

  • Gustavs Gorodovičs
    Gustavs Gorodovičs

    What are you UP to

  • Rancho Cordova California
    Rancho Cordova California

    Am I the only one or was Chandler about to knock this man out?🤣

  • Cruz DeLeon
    Cruz DeLeon

    Did you see how cris when he opened the door and when he went back inside he look at the camera and looked back really fast. IT’S ALL STAGED

  • littlebruhduh_YT

    Ur so rude

  • CottonCookie gacha
    CottonCookie gacha

    He was chill

  • Nichole Waller
    Nichole Waller

    Stop blering

  • Blue Plays
    Blue Plays

    MrBeast hates you

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