Iggy Azalea Eats Kangaroo and Talks New Playboi Carti Album | Disgustingly Healthy | Men's Health
Iggy Azalea takes the Disgustingly Healthy Challenge. Faced with termite-coated fairy bread and tarantula-Vegemite toast, she must choose between eating some "evil" Australian snacks, and answering even tougher questions.
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  • Romanfrank Mannel
    Romanfrank Mannel

    Lol Iggy she's nuts

  • Dramamine

    i wanna bang her but my bro carti 😖

  • KingzVEVO

    So when we seeing her butthole exactly? I’m waiting my nigga

  • suraj shelat
    suraj shelat

    Let us see yo butthole then

  • Purple Strike
    Purple Strike

    I only ever seen Iggy's stage acting never the real her. I expected her to be ghetto and loud but she's not I really like her.

  • Diego Ortiz
    Diego Ortiz

    WHAT? SHE'S A GEMINI?!?!?!?!?!?!

  • Epsilon

    Jerky is so fucking good, I’ve never had Australian jerky but I’d be smacking on that shit

  • Stacy Gray
    Stacy Gray

    Shes so prettyyy

  • Stacy Gray
    Stacy Gray

    Shes so cuteee

  • LlamaR/C

    *girl on a men's health show* 🤔

  • Ashley King
    Ashley King

    "Because I'm a procrastinator, I'm a Gemini" i felt that

  • Fernando Ayala
    Fernando Ayala

    Iggy should try Mexican food next time

  • king James
    king James

    0:02 let’s make it happen

  • 917 Dommy
    917 Dommy

    So it’s dropping in the next 60 days or did I read that wrong ?

  • Sincerely Majestik
    Sincerely Majestik

    Cardi, Nicki, Miley

  • Sincerely Majestik
    Sincerely Majestik

    I’d try the Emu jerky

  • Jonathan DeStefano
    Jonathan DeStefano

    She doesn’t say when wlr is dropping so don’t waste your time

  • RVWoodhead81SHU

    Sadly the kangaroo saw her butthole, not living to tell the tale...

  • prbvlms •
    prbvlms •

    i stan

  • MIKS 28
    MIKS 28

    Wheres the butthole?

  • s a d / 1 0
    s a d / 1 0

    Nasty ass bitch.

  • sasuke naruto
    sasuke naruto

    4:44 mom's back kinda scary , she 's gonna need a masseuse

  • Jose L
    Jose L

    Dang..her booty would make any man healthy

  • GOAT

    She's white but looks like she's a black girl with a weave

  • Taylor Meza
    Taylor Meza

    1:35 literally Uzi and Carti

  • josephine emilia
    josephine emilia

    My eyes were hurting when Mikeu Cyrus was twerking I'm sorry sweetie twerking ain't for everybody

  • TsunamiVVave

    Iggy Azalea wants to be black so bad she looks like if someone flipped the switch on cardi b

    • Jasmine Isabella
      Jasmine Isabella

      TsunamiVVave oh shut up

  • Josh T
    Josh T

    Imma save y’all the trouble she don’t say nothing ab the album

  • Raylan Mckinest
    Raylan Mckinest

    I sniff food, but my parents get mad

  • Andrea Ramirez-hildalgo
    Andrea Ramirez-hildalgo

    1:35 I felt that ♊

  • Young O
    Young O

    shes good for pornstar she would be rich

  • lilroberto

    i ' m a g e m i n i

  • AstroKlutz

    First time I've ever heard her talk

  • Joseph Tommy
    Joseph Tommy

    2:25 Iggy: I actually wouldn't care if you asked to see my butthole I would do it rather than eat that Me: Invents time travel to change the question

  • Kimberly coleman
    Kimberly coleman

    At 3:42 is it me or is one eye higher than the other

    • SpidermanWitAnAK


    • Zaylux

      no ones face is 100% symmetrical

  • Aquariana X
    Aquariana X

    I love Iggy 🥰😂

  • charles

    Does this have no taste buds

  • Hyun Min
    Hyun Min

    She really deserves more recognition. Like her new songs are great

  • Shiloh King
    Shiloh King

    I’m gonna play parcel parcel hahaha

  • Pastel anxiety
    Pastel anxiety

    Yaya im a gemini