Iggy Azalea - WNBA All-Star Beach Party 2019 (Full Show)

  • Yahchannan howdavyah
    Yahchannan howdavyah

    23:34 maxi pad twerk?

  • J Ban
    J Ban

    Hey Iggy Love this Chic!

  • Justin Hilton
    Justin Hilton

    13:32 thank me later

  • aristhesexyintrepida

    You are beautiful woman don't let no one tell you the opposite

  • Branden Rector
    Branden Rector


  • Joci Jaksi
    Joci Jaksi

    This crowd is not deserve Iggy 🙄

  • Barbara Von Traumer
    Barbara Von Traumer

    I’m glad that crowed was lame made me respect her more. Her face is gorgeous

  • Groovetube714

    Sexy AF!!

  • dopemagic

    Dead ass concert... She is no where near a professional. She has to use her own instrumental back ground because she can't really hold her own. She has no dance move at all. No talent just a nice body.

  • Jessica Petito
    Jessica Petito

    Cadê a animação desse povo meu

  • joshua uno
    joshua uno

    Her talent is lit👑

  • Cls

    This looks like big budget big star operation. But, lol, they couldn't get better looking fans on stage than those $15 fans sold at Walmart ? tacky

  • Jakey R
    Jakey R

    Anyone else notice she fucked up her lyrics during kream? She said "I got bags I got cars" when its "I got cars I got bags I got real estate"

  • Jr Kuul
    Jr Kuul

    Damn even the entertainment for the WNBA is second rate smh these women are top athletes they deserve better

  • Britney Jean IGGZ
    Britney Jean IGGZ

    Queen IGGY. U're so underrated!!!!


    Imagine if she dropped PU$$Y during this set.... 🔥

  • joe khater
    joe khater

    Cheating is man culure and habbits.

  • nenitababi1

    That crowd is SO DDDDDEEEEEAD like dang!

  • Евгений Чех
    Евгений Чех

    Iggy ❤️💓💕

  • Jett Taylor-Crabtree
    Jett Taylor-Crabtree

    I swear she sounded bad at the beginning and she slowly got better and better throughout the performance

  • Chew Chewy
    Chew Chewy

    I cant tell if she is preforming in front of zombies or if she needs a new show. I think its a little bit of both. I like Iggy but I feel if she had a slightly different energy in her show made with a few tweaks, the whole experience for her and the audience would be so much more entertaining and higher energy.

  • sonereveluv you're right
    sonereveluv you're right

    I love her

  • Oksana Lepitskaya
    Oksana Lepitskaya

    Why is she famous? Why?

  • labig boss
    labig boss

    Luv yu my bitc$


    Shes good live im impressed!

  • KGM 93
    KGM 93

    So underrated ! People mad because she made a few mistakes yet love cardi who has disrespected her own race plenty of times ! And the people usually getting mad are the ones disrespecting some other race or gender !

  • Dr. Evil
    Dr. Evil

    Rap is dying.

  • Ma Car
    Ma Car

    Elle a des bonnes cuisses

  • Junim Ferreira
    Junim Ferreira


  • Дарья Убушаева
    Дарья Убушаева

    Безобразная жопа

  • Randall Ketcher
    Randall Ketcher

    its healthy i say there constellations, hold tight.

  • Blanka Augustino
    Blanka Augustino

    Improved live a lot.Welcome back Iggy I knew you had it in you. Fuck the haters. 😘

  • Doctor Feline
    Doctor Feline

    I now understand why certain artists are soooo anal about the many technical aspects of the stage which they are performing on... it can make or break your presentation. .. her act was decent but he sound & lighting was horrible. it seriously cheapened the quality of her show. .

  • Bruno Semog
    Bruno Semog

    17:50 Perfect 💋💕💕💕💕💕 Work

  • Eduardo Mojica
    Eduardo Mojica

    23:33 WTF Bro is that a pad in the ladies ass??? OMG 😱😂

  • Francisco Dallison
    Francisco Dallison

    Eu no show dessa mulher eu gritava mais alto que as caixa de som, te amoooo

  • Emanoel Silva
    Emanoel Silva


  • c. ramirez
    c. ramirez

    I hate when they book performers and the crowd is not even their type of crowd or don’t even know who she is 😒😒 they probably only knew “black widow”

    • LaserBlox Gaming
      LaserBlox Gaming

      and fancy???


    Please rise for our national anthem

  • Nick Mendonca
    Nick Mendonca

    I’m always amazed at how much stage presence Iggy has 😘