Intel Could Take YEARS to Catch Up… - Ryzen 9 3950X Review
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AMD is bringing 16 cores to the masses with the Ryzen 9 3950X - Does it live up to its Threadripper predecessors? In a word… Yes.
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  • Seer King
    Seer King

    Linus can I buy an i9 9900ks from you! Because I cant find a reasonable price anywhere online. They are all going for $800+ by resellers on amazon. ;( somebody pls help lol. No but seriously;(

  • Erskine

    So Intel got more FPS in game than Amd, isn't the only thing we whant to know?


    Or if you are into multi raid card set ups. Those use a lotta pcie lanes as well. I'm so sick of all these high end cases and CPU reviews not considering people who use 8 to 16 drive raid arrays.

  • Sunny Banks
    Sunny Banks

    Ummm... I don't get it. The tone of Linus' voice makes me believe that AMD has completely blown away Intel. But then he shows the graphs, and in many of them, the Intel 9900K/S is actually performing better.

  • Mitch

    Within in two years AMD has changed the scope of the PC market.

  • Amin Momtaheni
    Amin Momtaheni

    can you compare FX9590 to 3950x? why no one compares old tech to new tech to see how far we improved in CPU. I want to see fx9590 with 5700xt or 2080ti vs 3950x with the same graphic cards and same amount of ram. if the rams are ddr3 vs ddr4 due to 2006 technology of fx9590 its ok. do some modern and old gaming comparisons. I want to see just how far a graphic upgrade could get me and others with old systems would take us today.

  • GTRdeamon

    Just got my Ryzen 9 3950X today. This shut be a good replacement for my old I7 980X.

  • Voy2378

    I wonder why there is no mention of OC... Oh because AMD is so greedy that you can not bump their clock by 100 MHz...

  • JK

    *ornamental plastic vegetation not included*

  • herbetron o
    herbetron o

    bought this cp for 1,270 aussie bucks and it turned up 2 days ago YIPPEEE,checked newegg and it was on for 1600 before tax and postage!!WOW what a bad black friday from them!updated my motherboard yesterday (had to do 3 times)then set xmp profile and it fucked my hard drive,always have a back up so alls good,end of story i havent even put the bloody thing in yet ha ha

  • QUANTUMquest The billionaire salesman cowboy
    QUANTUMquest The billionaire salesman cowboy

    Thanksmas sale what??????

  • High Rise
    High Rise

    Finally was able to get to Amazon fast enough to order my 3950X today. Now the wait begins...

  • Miljörör för Språkpartiet
    Miljörör för Språkpartiet

    9900 is Faster than 3950 in games. Amd need more firepower and less cawz to Catch up

  • Zul Izwan
    Zul Izwan

    no0o0o0o0o0o i just build ryzen 7 3700, dont makes me upgrade... again

  • hippity hoppity i'm taking the property
    hippity hoppity i'm taking the property

    It’s so good but 1. I don’t have the money 2. It’s out of stock everywhere and I already have the ryzen 7 3700x

  • TYBO

    Not my proudest fap.... actually you know what.... yes it is.

  • Clint Hightower
    Clint Hightower

    Real competition is the only way to go.

  • Duane Putnam
    Duane Putnam

    Set this up in the LD PC-V10

  • Dillon the gamer
    Dillon the gamer

    6:57 when we look a little closelyer

  • Religion LOL
    Religion LOL

    I love how the AMD fanboys are so smug forgetting that AMD has been absolute shit for years. Intel is still far superior. The 9960x is the CPU I have and it won't give me issues for years to come.

  • RyanGamingXbox - Gaming and more
    RyanGamingXbox - Gaming and more

    Intel & AMD in a CS:GO match. Intel: "13 : 2", we are winning! AMD: Let's comeback boi. *A lot of matches later* AMD: "13: 13", we can make it. Intel: We won again. Yes. We can win this game. AMD: "14: 15", We have took back the round.

  • K K
    K K

    I thought intel i9 is the most powerful PROCESSOR!? And the best brand ?

  • Mike R
    Mike R

    I thought we were going to see it in action..........WTF......

  • Mal Long
    Mal Long

    Wish I could afford one, I’m still gaming on a quad core amd. Never mind the graphics card and motherboard and memory, I could afford a new case just.😭😭😭🕊🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿❤️

  • guts dragonslayer
    guts dragonslayer

    900$ This hurt my wallet

  • Andy H
    Andy H

    Bummed my 3900x only hits 4.2Ghz

  • Supreme Lucks
    Supreme Lucks

    Y’all a bunch of nerds😂

    • Lexi Chan
      Lexi Chan

      yea you go kid! Tell em!

  • C O
    C O

    I sold my 3900x for this, but no stock!

  • Reinier Garcia Ramos
    Reinier Garcia Ramos

    Dude, your voice is soo annoying!

  • kjell martin olsen
    kjell martin olsen

    intel are more stable on running heavy stuff games programs. amd drivers are so bugged on asus MB. had to turn off hardware stuff in chrome. put al hdd to quickremove. install latest amd chipsed gpu raid drivers. IT is bugged. run all MB in pcie 3.0 but keep the speed on pcie 4.0 ssd nve disk. games read by 2000-4990mb read the going from pcie 1.0 - 2.0 was bugged like pcie 3.0 too pcie 4.0. if intel gets pcie 5.0 and we can use pcie 4.0 gpu hdd ssd on it and not loosing any speed ill wait for pcie 5.0 speed. oh bugged pcie 4.0 i almost gave y(o)eah UP. as a warrning x570 series are bugged. RUN in PCIE 3.0 or lover. (w) sign DUAL fingers V V

  • The Wonder Craft
    The Wonder Craft

    Yes it'll take Intel years to catch up but it'll take years for AMD to supply the demand for this processer

  • Einheit-101

    Why not buy a i7 9700k, OC it to the max and then have the best gaming performance at half the price of these monsters?

  • Kouteiba

    But i9 9900k is still more powerful in terms of gaming

  • Darren Shepherd
    Darren Shepherd

    What if I wanted to put this in a mineral oil submerged PC? (It's a joke.but not really)

  • Pawan Gupta
    Pawan Gupta

    Let it be Amd or intel, user will always use windows.


    Meh, still can't beat Intel when it comes to gaming. Wake me up when AMD gets better single-core performance. Otherwise, AMD is still just for media content creators, which are a dime a dozen in the first place. AMD continually fails over the course of a decade to bring anything actually exciting for gaming, which is why they are abandoning gaming and going for the commercial sector. That presentation was all just BS.

    • hurricane

      lmao, the single digit % difference is still swaying you towards Intel? AMD is wiping the floor with Intels CPU's in all use cases (except for slightly lagging behind in games, but they've closed that gap significantly in the last few years and there will be more IPC improvements with the next gen), and offers a much better price/performance ratio. Also, with core counts finally increasing, games will utilize more and more threads soon.

  • 조재현

    I never thought segways to ad would be my favorite part of the video ever.

  • Christopher Robin
    Christopher Robin

    all these years being an AMD fan and finally, they are back on top and kicking ass

  • Rod Munch
    Rod Munch

    You mean it could take years for this to be in stock.

  • cami_ insidebooi
    cami_ insidebooi

    @6:54 "...When we look a bit closelier"