Intel’s behavior is PATHETIC - Core i9 10980XE Review
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Welcome to what is hopefully the final Skylake refresh: Intel’s Core i9 10980XE. But is that all it is? And who should buy it? Let’s find out..
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  • Linus Tech Tips
    Linus Tech Tips

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    • alysdexia

      @Jasper Störningar there are also older overpriced AMD CPUs (see Anandtech conclusion chart) and they don't come with iGPUs like Intel's which Iris Pro/Plus also lead in speed/watt. So Linus is dumbass like your kind who can't account for everything. Why don't I paste my notes so far of the best desktop leaders? W CPU/(CPU+GPU): best CPUmark 2019 Nov: /W, /$ 15 ~3/5: i5-1035G7, : ~, Ice Lake 15 ~11/14: i7-10710U, 13107: ~1112, 30 Comet Lake 15 ~16/19: i5-10210U, : ~, Comet Lake 4·5 ~3/4: i5-7Y57, 3676: ~1089, 10 Kaby Lake 5 ~13/16: i5-8200Y, 4339: ~1068, 15 Amber Lake 9 ~8/11: i5-1030G7, : ~, Ice Lake 7 ~11/14: i5-10310Y, : ~, Comet Lake 7 ~6/7: i5-8210Y, 4227: ~705, 14 Amber Lake 4: T5700, 2039: 510, 7 Broxton 65: 9 PRO 3900, 32889: 505, Matisse 35 ~6/7: i9-9900T, 15090: ~503, 34 Coffee Lake 28 ~23/26: i7-1068G7, : ~, Ice Lake 28 ~9/10: i7-8559U, 12224: ~485, 24 Kaby Lake R 6 ~11/13: N5000, 2456: ~484, 15 Gemini Lake 6·5 ~4/5: J3710, 1913: ~368, 12 Braswell 11·5 ~17/19: i7-4610Y, 3746: ~363, 10 Haswell 45 ~58/65: E-2186M, 14526: ~362, 23 Coffee Lake 25 ~64/71: i3-8300T, 8032: ~356, 47 Coffee Lake 10 ~6/7: J5005, 2905: ~339, 14 Gemini Lake 30: EPYC 3201, 9634: 321, 19 Snowy Owl 13 ~30/37: i7-3689Y, 3220: ~305, 9 Ivy Bridge 7·5 ~2160/2473: N3540, 1933: ~295, 8 Bay Trail-M ("105") >125: 9 3950X, 36051: ("343") <288, 48 Matisse 17: E3-1220L V2, 4419: 259, 23 Sandy Bridge 37 ~6/7: i7-4722HQ, 8093: ~255, 6 Haswell 47 ~29/32: i7-5950HQ, 10850: ~255, 18 Broadwell 11 ~15/17: i5-4210Y, 2375: ~245, 8 Haswell 80 ~68/75: E-2278G, 17670: 244, 36 Coffee Lake 95 ~72/79: i9-9900KF, 20402: ~236, 41 Coffee Lake 55: E5-2630L v4, 12847: 234, 21 Sandy Bridge 50: EPYC 3251, 11690: 234, 37 Snowy Owl 200: EPYC 7702P, 46067: 230, 10 Rome

    • alysdexia

      @Πυξίδα της ηθικής wrong, cretin:

    • alysdexia

      @Jasper Störningar Intel lead desktop speed/watt for almost all power classes. AMD underreport 9 3950X's TDP by 20% to 40%; see the Anandtech report.

    • alysdexia

      @robert1235421 has !-> their; 1 != 2; should -> ouht

    • Iron Quarks
      Iron Quarks

      ok, you swines, i subscribed. repeating all the time convinced me..... you maoists. still, I won't buy your underwear.

  • Lorenzo Bello
    Lorenzo Bello

    No Linus, you will not have the drincc

  • Zacc Gaming
    Zacc Gaming

    This is one of the few times I have seen Linus legitimately pissed, get your shit together Intel

  • León Coretz
    León Coretz

    Oh yeah, can you do a video of what the hell happened to the 10960X 16-core?

  • León Coretz
    León Coretz

    Actually this was pretty exciting--How big of a flop Intel made!

  • Josh Smith
    Josh Smith

    I admire the big guy you have working for you, he is stunningly intelligent and knowledgeable about all things technology, hope you pay him very well! a guy like that is hard to find.

  • Rifter6

    That looks like a Ferret, not a Weasel. Don't bad mouth ferrets. ;)


    I would consider the 10980Xe at say $850-900 as I currently have a X299 board that is compatible with a bios update (in which I can upgrade the cpu), that being said I would rather buy a 3950 or go Up to the 3960 AMD cpu if I was building new machine from scratch. But currently even at the reduce $1000 I can buy a 3950, and a new Board, and likely still have $50 left to go toward ram...SO for just a few bucks more I build an entire new system vs upgrade my current one, and then I would have a spare PC to use, gift, or sell.

  • Food Republic
    Food Republic

    Thats a cute ferret

  • Kram Nossib
    Kram Nossib

    Thank god I picked up an 8700k before intel lost its fucking mind. Stripping the flag ship of HT and then demoting the flag ship for a BS core I9 scheme is a damn shame. Lets not even mention the mobile power saving core 2 duo rip off market being pushed as I7 in 2019 today still intel 👀(Im not lying, 2.7GHz dual core i7-7500U). Fuck you Intel. Waiting for Ryzen to push gen 4. Might even just go ahead and demote Intel myself. AMD fanbois actually have an argument now. Intel defenders are all REEEEEEEE unless they honestly are being paid to shill this shit.

  • Adam Browne
    Adam Browne

    "Intel's a bitch" -Linus

  • Seto Senco
    Seto Senco

    I walked in here expecting an average review not Linus going Linuts over this shit

  • Dantastic

    Nobody: Intel : *For my next trick I'm going to f*cking kill myself*

  • Qoostewin Sch'Kuen'Te
    Qoostewin Sch'Kuen'Te

    Windows and now Intel are on gaming life support

  • Qoostewin Sch'Kuen'Te
    Qoostewin Sch'Kuen'Te

    When did Linus start listening to Eminem? This might get me to respect this channel....damn about time. I am quite impressed with Darth Linus

  • Sean H
    Sean H

    I like angry Linus, love the passion.

  • Daniel Tanu Wijaya
    Daniel Tanu Wijaya

    Intel: To demonstrate how overpricred our chips are. I saw the price in half!

  • Din Sel
    Din Sel

    What is he banging on about???

  • BoONightNight

    This is Gold!! I love Linus

  • peter

    getting to much project placement. im out.

  • Han Lockhart
    Han Lockhart

    9:06 It`s not harsh if it`s the truth. We need to more truthful in Society again.

  • zigzack54

    Not sticking up for Intel, but their revenue mostly consists of server grade chips. The margin on those chips are crazy. And as of now, Intel has no competition for said chips. Their gaming fan boys are a microcosm of their clientele and income.

  • Maiahi

    About the Deep Learning stuff Intel was talking about, "repeated multiplication of numbers" for Convolutional Neural Networks is something GPUs are very well equipped to handle. CNNs are really parallelizable, so any old cheap GPU with hundreds of cores should do the job better than your shiny new CPU with 12 cores. If you're ready to spend hundreds of dollars on a CPU, and 0 dollars on a GPU, this might be of some value.

  • John Cena
    John Cena

    I hope Intel sues Linus so that nobody buys their crap anymore.

  • Dystar 924
    Dystar 924

    "Ryzen will never be less but 🆕️er." 🗨😏--☎️

  • Vasto Lorde
    Vasto Lorde

    that hint.. NICELY DONE!!!!!

  • Private Author
    Private Author

    Our corporate culture is pure and noble. Be quiet pleb! We know better.

  • Josh64440

    I don't understand much about PC building yet so I've been binging your videos for like a year. I feel like I can trust you on this matter which is why I opted to go for AMD for my first gaming PC

  • C3

    I'm pretty sure that's a Ferret and not a Weasel.

  • Skywind

    what's with the blurred out measurements in the performance graphs

  • Walter Birdwell
    Walter Birdwell

    I have AMD PC with AMD GPU and CPU. AMD definitely beats Intel when it comes to CPU bit need to catch up to Nvidia when it comes to GPU. Also they need to work on their Software, I kinda have a bit of a Frankenstein PC but every time I try to update my AMD drivers it basically breaks my PC, so I just rarely update. Once in a blue moon though I will try an update and it won't break it, but it should always work, my PC isn't so scuffed it should do this. GPU: XFX 580 RX XXX CPU: Ryzen 5 1600 Memory: 16 GB at 2.4k Mhz MB: GIGABYTE GA-AB350M Just in case anyone was wondering Will probably replace it in about 3 years when I get out of college and get a full job.

  • Rocky Go
    Rocky Go

    My fx6300 is just so proud seeing his younger brothers strive... Time to grab a new upgrade for this one! Ryzen 5 2600 should be a good one!

  • Dave Watt
    Dave Watt

    I couldn't tell, was Linus pissed or what? Best use of exploding animal graphics that I've seen in awhile.

  • Carl Stanford
    Carl Stanford

    Best Linus video I’ve seen. Go get em son

  • Christopher VanZetta
    Christopher VanZetta

    I remember +20 years ago CPU's cost $100. Now nearly $2k??? Fuck off.

  • Matthew Best
    Matthew Best

    Lol you’re mad a product was launched before another one like every company doesnt do this i see amd has been throwing mad advertising your way remember your whole delidding is useless video while everyone else was getting 20c drops and 700mhz yeah unbiased lmao

  • Importman2009

    Intel slashes price in half - which means they have been ripping consumers off for a while on their overpriced processors...

  • Seth Klein
    Seth Klein

    Its almost as if Intel knew what they were doing until ryzen showed up. Correct me if I'm wrong but Intel been doing this shit ever since AMD actually stepped up. They've had no competition for years then the moment they do, they're completely lost as to what to do. Been that way since ryzen 1 came out as far as I can tell. Albeit Intel has had a few good processors since, but mostly doing bs like that since the zen came... right?

  • Seth Klein
    Seth Klein

    I went to like this video 3 times in the first few minutes😂 linus is so triggered and just on fire😂😂

  • S3V3NF0LDF4N

    last time i saw linus this mad was when apple refused to fix their computer even after being offered payment