Last to SCREAM Wins $10,000 - Scary Haunted House Challenge
can we get 200k likes!?
comment who was the worst at this challenge!! HHAHA
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  • Brent Rivera
    Brent Rivera

    oooooo scary😱😱😱 who had the funniest reactions!?😂😂

    • louisa dior
      louisa dior

      Lexi hensler is a queen for any reactions 😄

    • jassica sweet
      jassica sweet

      Brent's scream XDD

    • Izzy and Millie's Life
      Izzy and Millie's Life


    • Nikita Guleria
      Nikita Guleria

      Jaumpa boys 🤣

    • Pang Cha
      Pang Cha

      Brent Rivera hi. The boy win

  • Karima Hisham Casimiro
    Karima Hisham Casimiro

    Why don’t you try asylum manila at the Philippines its very very scary

  • Lexi

    Title hint Brent if you want a girl never say “take her not me” 😂❤️

  • M1ch3ll3 ok
    M1ch3ll3 ok

    I wish your vids we're longer 😭😭😭

  • Mekia M
    Mekia M

    Team the boys are starry 🐈🐱🐱

  • Pastrychef5122

    There was a fake dead person

  • Pastrychef5122

    I went in a maze scaryer

  • Amissah croffie
    Amissah croffie


  • Abby Dang
    Abby Dang

    I think Juapa screamed the funniest

  • bow Phuttharat
    bow Phuttharat

    Both of the girls

  • bow Phuttharat
    bow Phuttharat

    Ben is a scaredy-cat

  • Gracie Carrillo
    Gracie Carrillo

    it was so funny when the boys were screaming and the girls to but mostly the boys

  • Jasmin Herrera
    Jasmin Herrera

    The boys screemed more then the girls 😂😂

  • Izzy and Millie's Life
    Izzy and Millie's Life


  • Ryan Salameh
    Ryan Salameh

    Poor lexi

  • Ryan Salameh
    Ryan Salameh


  • Ryan Salameh
    Ryan Salameh


  • Magda Rdz
    Magda Rdz

    The boy are going to lost

  • Sandra Thomsen
    Sandra Thomsen

    aaaaa 😭😭😭🤡🤡🤡🤡

  • Dalila Williams
    Dalila Williams

    I love you so much💟💗💟💗💟💗💟💗💟

  • Madeleine Shin
    Madeleine Shin

    the Lexi team was awesome!

  • Amber Marenda
    Amber Marenda

    Me: enjoying this like. Friend: screaming for the hole video

  • GamingAngel_YT

    Hi its gaming angel yt's bes friend bret i love your vlogs u and ava should do a last to leave the car challeng and have a surten amount of money to buy food u are the best youtube'r in the world. Like if u agree.😃

  • Tyler Bolden
    Tyler Bolden

    That was me when I went to the field of screams

  • Kayla Perez
    Kayla Perez

    Juanpa tho xD

  • Kaylee Gonzalez
    Kaylee Gonzalez


  • Envy da Kid
    Envy da Kid

    I feel really sad for you

  • fishing monster aj 1247
    fishing monster aj 1247

    You lol😂😂😂😂😂😋😋😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😆😆😄 sorry

    • fishing monster aj 1247
      fishing monster aj 1247


  • lilit matinyan
    lilit matinyan

    Brent you are the best ❤️

  • Wõlf

    I wish I was there because I can easily win because I can’t scream wait I just embarrass myself. In this comment

  • Hsbdjfnfj Bdjdbejbf
    Hsbdjfnfj Bdjdbejbf

    Behind you look behind you

  • Dania Daily
    Dania Daily



    Not Even Scary for me tbh😅 That's just fun

  • Serena Pizano
    Serena Pizano

    Ngl I only watch his video if there is someone certain in it like Eva or in this on Juanpa yk

  • Edwin Salguero
    Edwin Salguero

    Brent you scream like a fricken girl

  • Ultra Gaming
    Ultra Gaming

    Is it me or I want to do this with my friends 👫👭👬 Like if you wanna to..... |

  • Jade-Marie Lesage
    Jade-Marie Lesage

    Lexi,s suck

  • Edith Muñoz
    Edith Muñoz

    What omg

  • Kennedi White
    Kennedi White

    I just realized junpa is in here from lele pons

  • Braiylin Stroud
    Braiylin Stroud

    I went is Wompus woods witch is way scarier

  • Gacha Eve
    Gacha Eve

    Can you please react to your old videos! For me ! There so cute (do the ones from 7 years ago)

  • K Steele
    K Steele

    Brant you scream like a girl and when you screamed i laft so funny

  • Luna Croft
    Luna Croft

    Juanpa screaming in spanish. Mood

  • Pixie Mishra
    Pixie Mishra

    OMGGGGGGG Y ARE ALL THE COMMENTS “nO oNe LiTeRaLlY nO oNe nOt a SiNgLe sOle!!??!!??!” Srsly stfu

  • Marcus Melkersten
    Marcus Melkersten


  • Tracy Waugh
    Tracy Waugh

    Lexi Rivera she was so scared 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Stephanie Fensom
    Stephanie Fensom

    Lexi H : screaming* Also Lexi H : looks at lasers* ooooooh I like these Love u all so brave I wouldn’t dare baiii love u

  • نورة N
    نورة N

    The girls better

  • Marian Vermeulen
    Marian Vermeulen

    Is Brent and Lexi dating????

  • Grace Marcelo
    Grace Marcelo

    Hi mr brent im ur biggest fan im 10 year old girl in phillipines hope to see u soon 😁

  • sichi 808
    sichi 808

    “ohh pretty cool” **near the laser beams**

  • Chantel Williams
    Chantel Williams

    Lexi.R she all mosted cried

  • Michael Dolton
    Michael Dolton



    Since i have the first like that i was just roasting the monsters and bully them with words

  • laura evans
    laura evans

    Watching this I didn’t scream once

  • Put da Wee
    Put da Wee

    I would be so scared

  • Daniel Champagne
    Daniel Champagne

    Lexi bicause is sau a chicken

  • slime is satisfaiya
    slime is satisfaiya


  • slime is satisfaiya
    slime is satisfaiya


    • slime is satisfaiya
      slime is satisfaiya


  • Fatima Martinez
    Fatima Martinez

    Hahahahaba I can't it was funny mostly the funny kid 🤣🤣😂😂😢😢