Nerf Trick Shots | Dude Perfect
Nerf trick shots at a whole new level!
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  • Killerbeast God
    Killerbeast God

    ZZZ 😴 do that a trick shoot it’s the sleeping poper you have to have a nerf gun it’s over time please 😎😎

  • PP_ PandaPower
    PP_ PandaPower

    Rick Smith Junior

  • Mr. Whydidyoudothat
    Mr. Whydidyoudothat

    I never thought that watching grown men do incredible things with nerf guns entertaining.

  • KxngOfAFS

    these guys are looking tired now

  • Creeper GamingXP
    Creeper GamingXP

    That’s dapper

  • Valeh Genceliyev
    Valeh Genceliyev


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  • STW_AssaultZz

    Did you see the fake bowling trickshot so like----------------------->

  • BigDuke6ixx

    'Take 10034'

  • unknowunknow unknow unknow unknow u
    unknowunknow unknow unknow unknow u


  • Cristiano Ronaldo
    Cristiano Ronaldo

    Just imagine how much time this took to make 💥💥🥶🤯🤯🥶💥💥

  • Riley Hefferan
    Riley Hefferan

    At :19 seconds there’s 4 cup triangles left like if you see it

  • Nicname 7002
    Nicname 7002

    Читаю коменты и ничего не понимаю))Есть русские?

  • Kerem Soner
    Kerem Soner

    *--* *--*

  • Liezl Bauto
    Liezl Bauto

    Thats imopossible

  • Pam Green
    Pam Green

    I guess the swordfish dinner is a bullet 😂

  • Nguyen Thanh Tung
    Nguyen Thanh Tung

    Em la fan ham mo cua cac nguoi quay whim



  • Arlo’s Life
    Arlo’s Life

    At 1:50 who is the guy behind the sign thing

  • Ahaan sunil Mishra
    Ahaan sunil Mishra

    Make a video on Rubik's cube

  • GWJ Arnold
    GWJ Arnold

    Who agrees that they don’t celebrate as much any more ⬇️

    • theultrayoutuber

      Yeah, they used to jump and high five and yell. now just a much quieter celebration

  • Jaiden Burks
    Jaiden Burks


  • abgezockt HD
    abgezockt HD

    What is the dude on the bottom left corner at 1:49 doing there? 😂

  • Anh Nga
    Anh Nga

    rất giỏi puá nha hâm nhỉ nhề

  • aonan zhang
    aonan zhang

    Nerf ultra one is a scam

  • Harry Lomas
    Harry Lomas

    2:32 anyone feel like there’s a secret room behind the bookshelf

    • mikaylah D:
      mikaylah D:


  • Ibrahim Abbas
    Ibrahim Abbas


  • Ibrahim Abbas
    Ibrahim Abbas

    So cool

  • IT Андрей - программирование легко!
    IT Андрей - программирование легко!


  • Sarah Von Ruden
    Sarah Von Ruden

    15 how long did it take to make that humongous tower

  • Krystian Matias
    Krystian Matias

    Dude perfect are the best youtuber’s I the world

  • Jose E John
    Jose E John


  • Sai Sidhesh
    Sai Sidhesh

    Dei ona pods lose

  • Joey Palladino
    Joey Palladino

    Do a nerf fortnite battle

  • Havok Jones
    Havok Jones


  • elfeliz

    I want to believe.

  • Abdikhadar Amed
    Abdikhadar Amed

    It s fale

  • Cayden Cartledge
    Cayden Cartledge

    This is da best video for comments🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪

  • Jared Morrow
    Jared Morrow


  • John Zitz
    John Zitz

    Like if they got it in one shot

  • Mehdi Meta
    Mehdi Meta

    Jo is best

  • The Ultimate Legends
    The Ultimate Legends

    2:01 isn’t a trick shot

  • The Ultimate Legends
    The Ultimate Legends

    0:58 I was so confused about what he was saying

    • Quintet Liter 2
      Quintet Liter 2

      Domino Domino right angle switch

  • 배그잘하는 사람
    배그잘하는 사람

    1:27 what is it?car

  • Johnny Serna
    Johnny Serna

    3:18 wwwwhhattt

  • Foxy Philippines
    Foxy Philippines

    Most of them has grown a beard

  • Clare Vryhof
    Clare Vryhof

    Garret's double balloon pop he had the viewing thing turned to him so he could see it.

  • Jesaiah Coca
    Jesaiah Coca

    You know what they need to do is a 24 hour challenge at the office

    • Kentaro From Wii Sports
      Kentaro From Wii Sports

      Jesaiah Coca agreed

  • DF OutDoors
    DF OutDoors

    You do realize that on there no looker shots they are looking at the camera screen to see where the bloon is. 😂

  • Yung man
    Yung man

    Hawkeye wants to know your location

  • Pietro Games
    Pietro Games

    is perfect

  • caseper yang
    caseper yang

    Bullet broken

  • sunitha das
    sunitha das

    make some more nerf videos

  • Mesica Jawahar
    Mesica Jawahar

    I'm am having strongarm mega jolt rapidstrike andsurge fire which is the best

  • CentralAviation

    When you realize they can look into the camera

  • Máté Brunner
    Máté Brunner

    There is one frame after the gong shot at 3:04, where you can see some bullets on the floor. Almost perfect editing:)

    • Daegan06

      I couldn't see

  • Logan Carter
    Logan Carter

    0:49 He’s looking out the camera lens 🤣

  • Silas Jones
    Silas Jones

    Ultra disappointment.

  • Hien Doan Dieu
    Hien Doan Dieu

    They did look they look at the cam and see it they cheer


    WWlll Trickshots