Perfectly Sculptured Acrylic Stiletto Nails - Naio Nails Tutorial
Naio Nails
Hey Guys
In this video, I am going to show you how to create an extreme length acrylic sculptured stiletto nail manicure
Sculpting long stiletto nails like this will require patience and precision, you can not rush this because the more you rush the application of the acrylic, the less perfect you will get it, this means more filing and this will add time to the whole service.
The preparation of this nail is important, longer nails have more chance of being knocked, which means lifting happens more. So by prepping the nail properly, you will find that less lifting will occur. we have a few videos all about prepping the nail, find the links below and brush up on this topic
Doing long acrylic nails is going to take longer than a normal manicure. but the client will also be paying much more, so again, don't rush it! This is the best nail tutorial you will find on EEsoft, Facebook or Instagram.
I hope you enjoy the video and feel free to leave a comment below.
Love Kirsty Meakin xxxx

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The products used in this video:
Natural Beige
Maximum Adhesion
Pinching Tool
Dappen Dish
100/180 Nail File
White Block
Lint Free Wipes
Push Pump
Mega Gloss Gel
Cuticle Oil
How to prepare the nail -
Facebook -

Website -
How to Sculpt Long Acrylic Stiletto Nails

  • Dani Bentley
    Dani Bentley

    I remember binge watching naiouk videos through the night about three years ago! I've since become qualified as a beauty and spa therapist and watching these videos again makes me want to take a course in acrylic nails to add to my quals 😍 I could never remember what made me want to take beauty therapy, but I'm now pretty sure it was because of this EEsoft channel!

    • ايلاف صدام
      ايلاف صدام

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    • Mallika Das
      Mallika Das

      so beutiful lais

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      Alexander John

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      Alexander John


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      Amanda Tan

      Dani Bentley , omg Same

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    Maycon Silva

    Oie tudo bem eu sou do brasil rio de janeiro eu amei os seus produtos n tem nenhum saite que manda seus produtos para o brasil?

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    Kirstie looks kinda rough in this vid...

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      Park jimin and They be the crack heads I love

      ATLHooligan it was 4 years ago just watching it tho haha haha 2020

  • Do You Know My Peach?
    Do You Know My Peach?

    If it takes 10min to only do one nail....


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      pink flamingo

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      Mona Khan

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      It’s Niyah


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    Maria Mendez

    Como hago para verlo en español gracias

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      usisgd kdihdks

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    Aylin Ixchel

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    raffaella lazzarini

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  • Richard Wolfe
    Richard Wolfe

    Long nails are freaky looking. Nothing attractive about them.

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      elle w

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      It’s all good if you’re not freaky (;

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      Tey K

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      Aylin Ixchel

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      Geraldine Schoofs

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    perfect...for tickling!

  • Jennifer Loves Make-up, Nails, Hair & Lashes
    Jennifer Loves Make-up, Nails, Hair & Lashes

    I honestly think this shape is the easiest to do but a lot of people are easy to make the mistake if making it bulky, just because of its beautiful shape but when you add on the other designs it adds up

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    aya gamal

    أظافر مقززة

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  • Pattie Savage
    Pattie Savage

    Wish u could have shown the underneath. U make it look so easy. Guess I’ll try acrylic again. But fiberglass n now poly gel have been user friendly for me thanks doll !,

  • Jose Rico
    Jose Rico

    Sksksk and I opp

  • Keyanalee Hohepa
    Keyanalee Hohepa

    I do not like long nail i like short nails

    • Karizma Charles
      Karizma Charles

      Keyanalee Hohepa Thats ok, we are all entitled to our own style! I didn’t use to like them very long, but I have grown to like them longer since I started doing my own nails....But people shouldn’t get mad at you for you stating your own opinion🙂❤️

    • Ohmygoth

      Cuz u don t have enougt money for long:))

    • Teaira Shanholtz
      Teaira Shanholtz

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      aaron —

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    Wait so you dont cure acrylics like you do with poly gel?

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      Yo_imabillieeilishfan 123

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    • Cherish Sheehan
      Cherish Sheehan

      No you don't cure acrylics, acrylics harden with the air, then you file them once the are hard the only thing you would cure would be your gel polish.

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    Martine Leygue

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      Yo_imabillieeilishfan 123

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    • Yo_imabillieeilishfan 123
      Yo_imabillieeilishfan 123


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      Fatah Panssino

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    Diamond Bans

    Just figured out I was bamboozled and have been being flipped off in this video

  • Emmaliana McBryant
    Emmaliana McBryant

    What is this tool that you use to pinch the nail to give it more form? Thank you for your time

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      brit miss

      It's called a pinching tool. I bought mine on ebay. The same one

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    Ibolya Szijgyarto

    I really like how you aligned the nail with the finger. My nails naturally angle up a little and whenever I get my nails done they angle the tip down, which I loathe. And when I voice my concerns they have the nerve to tell me that that's how it's supposed to be. I'm sorry, not everyone's fingers and nails are the same, some nail technicians don't understand that. You did such a great job, I hope to find someone as talented as you(who knows what they're doing) the next time I'll get my nails done.

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    billy job

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    billy job

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    Azucena Martinez

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    Emilia Mclarean

    This looks like it will take 2-3 hours to just apply the acrylics. Im never gonna do it lol. Fun to watch

    • AnaTheKitten

      With practice you get faster. For a full set of acrylics it takes me an hour including filing for longer nails. Shorter nails takes me 30-45 minutes. The part that takes the longest is when people want rhinestones and other designs

    • Stevie Diamond
      Stevie Diamond

      It takes a hour and a half for basic acrylics with a tip, for full acrylic nails it can take 1 1/2 - 4 hours, but acrylic sets last 4-7 weeks so it's worth a few hours

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    nur Zamindar

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    Melissa Crosier

    Excellent! I definitely will be able to "attempt " my own nails just from watching this tutorial. Thank you 😊 I love your videos. I think I've probably watched all of them. Haha, ok maybe not all of them but pretty close. You rock.

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    Kathy Falconer

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    Nail Couture

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      Michelle Beltran

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  • Desere Olson
    Desere Olson

    You know its an old video when kirsty isnt all bubbly and giddy in the intro.

  • AW

    I’d watch more of your videos if all the designs weren’t ridiculously long and impractical.

    • Stevie Diamond
      Stevie Diamond

      People with long nails often have desk jobs and do everything that you & I would do so don't jump to conclusions lol.

    • calichef1962

      While I agree with you that ultra-long stiletto nails are the ultimate in impracticality, these videos are really just for instruction and inspiration. Of course, nobody who works in nursing, massage therapy or pretty much any kind of administrative assistant or data entry can wear extra long stiletto nails. This is meant as instruction for nail techs who are asked for this shape by the client. Nobody is suggesting that this nail shape or length is for everyone.

    • AW

      @Desere Olson Only a real diva clearly doesn't have a practical hands on career.

    • Desere Olson
      Desere Olson

      Lol stilletos are not impractical. But its ok, only a real diva can appreciate the talent it takes to work them.

  • woo gnar
    woo gnar

    I’m grateful we’ve changed the format of this channel over time, so that Kirsty’s awesome personality can shine through! AND we can get comments/questions from Adam. 🙌🏻❤️

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