Planting 20,000,000 Trees Will Actually Have This Impact
The Infographics Show
Go to every dollar donated plants a tree.
We are all try to plant 20 million by 2020, that means 20,000,000 trees by December 31, 2019! We have donated $1,000 and we hope that you can as well!
Be a part of the positive change and let's show EEsoft has real positive influence. EEsoft community can come together. With the help of MrBeast, Mark Rober and other EEsoft creators, we want to do our part!
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0:00 Trees provide food, air and environment for animals
0:26 Let's review the impact 20,000,000 trees will have
0:40 earth is rapidly losing species - middle of mass extinction
1:00 donating twenty million dollars is like building an animal city
1:25 Japanese language has a word for this - tree bathing
2:00 trees reduce air temperature through blocking sunlight
2:30 trees can also cool down building, limiting the need for air conditioning
3:00 if you can't donate, consider planting a few
3:22 trees deflect sound
4:05 a single tree can take as much as 11,000 gallons of water out of the soil
5:00 a single tree can absorb enough carbon dioxide to support two humans
5:33 The canopies of trees act as a physical filter, trapping dust, pollen, smoke and smog
6:00 do everyone a favor and plant some trees
6:40 Be a part of the movement, go to and donate today!

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  • The Infographics Show
    The Infographics Show

    We've already donated $1,000 and hope you can make a donation toward this cause as well. Even if you can't donate, you can share the #TeamTrees videos and maybe even plant a tree yourself! Visit and make a donation today!

    • Code Lazar Yeet
      Code Lazar Yeet

      The Infographics Show mr beast and mark rober started this shout out to them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Admin M14
      Admin M14

      1000 trees? Really? And you're making way more just from this video I think that's lame. I believe a percentage of your earnings from this video should go to the cause not just 1000 trees.


      Best Project

    • aySucc

      I'm just a kid so I'm using eco Asia.

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      Can’t donate but I do have a plum tree in my garden

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    Gamer Like No Other

    I most definitely donate, this is saving the world

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    Gamingexpansion Meltdown

    Nobody: Teens who share vape smoke: 4:28

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    Baw Meh

    More trees

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    Oahu Fish dive

    Think about this..... There are people in the world so rich that they could definitely donate at least 1 million or 10 million and it wouldn’t affect them that much.

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    newbie noobie

    Let's plant 20 milion trees in mars

  • ``.- KKSF -.``
    ``.- KKSF -.``

    Can someone help me, where can I find tools and seeds to make trees? And where can I plant them?

  • waluigi the prophet
    waluigi the prophet

    This video is portraying the effects of planting 20 million trees without showing the rest of the information. How much emission is released per day? How much carbon is emitted during the entire process of planting these trees? If you could show all the numbers, you'd find that the benefits of Team Trees is rather negligible.

  • GameNReader

    Mr. Beast has done more for the world than donald trump has ever dome or will ever do

  • Ivy

    I support this and donated. But I would like to know how the organization exactly works. Is it nonprofit? Why does it cost one dollar to plant a tree? This is extremely expensive considering the fact that a tree grows on its own and just needs additional water and that the 20 million trees are already there. Otherwise they couldn't plant them all by 2020. I think they want to plant a lot of different trees. If I buy an apple for 30 cents I get 15 trees out if it. This makes 2 cents for a single apple tree. Same applies to other fruit trees. Deciduous trees can be multiplied by cuttings. It's a little bit more difficult to multiply conifers. But you see what I'm trying to say. And to plant all the trees they need space. And the space shown in Mr. Beasts video is surrounded by other trees. If they would just stop cutting the grass all the seeds and seedlings would survive. Boom hundreds of trees just by doing, imagine, nothing. *Surprised pikachu face*. Also you can find a freaking lot of free seeds outside. In parks in forests etc. So I want to know where the organization gets the trees from. Yeah a few hundred dollars for setting up the campaign maybe. The organization already exists. And maybe (if it's not a nonprofit) pay people to do the job of planting. But 20 million? Really? No. Something doesn't add up. But I still donated. 5 dollars don't hurt and it's something very important. And if it takes them one dollar to plant a tree. Yeah. Do it. I think it should be something more like 1 dollar = 10 trees. You can donate AND you can do something on your own. 💚🌱🌱🌱

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    Primesman 0

    Did anyone notice that elon donated 1000000$

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    Icey Drop

    We need Bill Gates to donate

  • Chro Me
    Chro Me

    Andrew Yang is proposing to beef-up U.S. Forest Service. MATH: If U.S. Forest Service hired 5 million full-time tree planters at $8/hour, each person worked 9-5 and planted 1 tree per work-hour, would amount to 40 million trees per day at $81.6B annually, would offset U.S. carbon emission. For contrast, currently 5+ million people in U.S. receiving non-disability unemployment checks.

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    Glow Mobile

    NIce vid!

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    lalicorne Ulasi


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    An Thai Pham (An)

    20 million dollar that we need to get a transfer in soccer or Real Madrid or Barcelona have new tree that 302 million to 302 milloin tree

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    Spring Li

    Why doesn't this video have 20 million likes

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    What if all EEsoftr had this compe of who can plant the most trees? Bruh what if they won't be *just* EEsoftrs? What if *we* have this competition?

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    Bailey Benton

    just go watch thunderfoots video about team trees this guy is pretty bias...

  • Paul

    Switch from Google to Ecosia to turn searches into trees

  • siddharth singh
    siddharth singh

    Well , in India 220 million trees were planted in one day

  • Ice Cream with 10,000 subs
    Ice Cream with 10,000 subs

    And parents say the internet and everyone on it is bad

  • Chris Cornell
    Chris Cornell

    How much carbon dioxide gas was/will be used to plant these trees? When the trees were first grown, they were planted by a machine that burns fuel, covered with pesticides from a machine that burns fuel, harvested by a machine that burns fuel, transported to multiple locations before its final destination by truck that burns fuel. What about all the plastic pots? Where did they come from? How much carbon dioxide gas was produced from machines in the production and transportation of them? Then all the gasses created by all the people who traveled in a car to and from the planting location. On and on and on. I'm not saying you shouldn't go out and plant a tree, I'm just posing a question. What is the positive impact(if any), after all is said and done? How many decades will it take these trees(after the 30+ years it takes them to mature) just to offset the impact of merely planting them in the first place? Its my opinion that planting trees may be nice, but its not the answer. We need to focus on significantly reducing the production of greenhouse gasses.

    • Chris Cornell
      Chris Cornell

      @waluigi the prophet Interesting. I'll check that company out.

    • waluigi the prophet
      waluigi the prophet

      Planting 20 million trees wouldn't really do anything in the grand scheme. The amount of Carbon Dioxide that these trees would store would be offset by a day worth of human carbon emission. This entire project won't really do anything except give people blind hope to an ineffective cause. Personally, I am giving my support to a company named Carbon Engineering. They're developing technology that can take carbon dioxide directly out of the air.

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    Samntha Segrain

    There in it too the Mr beast 20000000 tree planting like if you donated

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    Sarabjit rai

    whos here because of doctor mike??????

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    Light Fusion

    its all fun and games until a tree falls on your house during a snow storm or a hurricane

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    Josh Jack

    Mr beast Mr beast Mr beast Mr beast Mr beast

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    Crystal Barahona

    My house is a mfking forest and it's hot asf

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    Only Apple

    The trees are so close each other!!!! They can’t grow up!!!!

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  • Tin Zaw Myo Htwe
    Tin Zaw Myo Htwe

    You know the whole world’s government could do if they each share money to buy more trees but they lazy to do it....

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    nirvan gaming 5

    I have a question are they planting the yrees only in usa or every country

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    Furious and Sensible treat

    2019 trees 2020 cleaning oceans

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    Anis Ezaimie

    destroy life!!!!!!!!!!

  • dailydols

    I expect 90% of all the planted trees to be dead in less then 5 years, because it was not only axes that killed them, but the environment, like drought.

  • CA 4341
    CA 4341

    i love this video (:

  • CA 4341
    CA 4341

    trees absorb carbon Almost 98% (by weight) of a tree is made up of six elements: carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, phosphorus and sulfur. Tree growth occurs in specialized tissues referred to as meristems. This tissue is found at the tips of leaves and shoots. Growth in diameter occurs at the vascular cambium inside the stem. planting trees will help global warming by reducing carbon Search Results Featured snippet from the web As trees grow, they help stop climate change by removing carbon dioxide from the air, storing carbon in the trees and soil, and releasing oxygen into the atmosphere

  • CA 4341
    CA 4341


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    If you're broke like me use ecosia! For every like this gets I'll make a new search.

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    This honestly made me smile

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    Hey No

    Didn't mrbeast already do this

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    Kappa Life c:

    So basically.. Trees r the solution to all earths problems

  • Imposter Pandacat
    Imposter Pandacat

    3 mill trees planted, I don’t think 20 mill will be reached but it’s still nice that there are more than before Edit: okay um there’s 15 mill planted... why does EEsoft say 3 million

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    GD Lucc Lucc

    1:25 I think you forgot about the Vietnam war

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    Abby Didelot

    So basicly, Mrbeast is saving the world,and you can to,Please contribute i know i did!

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    the happy bears

    Oxygen is a better green house gas and will make the earth hotter. Then people plant more trees then cause more heat for natural habitats like the ocean but cool in humans habitat.

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    Now i remember why I unsubscribed

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    Finally a collab between all my favorite youtubers!

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    Don't be scared to plant a tree yourself

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    Why stop at 20 million?

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    if we plant trees we can stop the end of the world? *NICE*

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    Wait so if a rich person donates 30 million$ Are we gonna go crazy?

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    someone needs to tell bill gates about this thing.

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  • Lps Wildwolverine
    Lps Wildwolverine

    I wish everybody saw this video and planted a couple trees around their neighborhoods

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    Joseph burger

    I know everyone wants to think there are 15 million baby trees planted or maybe even just 200k but as you can see on the Arbor Day foundation they havent uploaded any videos on them actually planting them, but to be fair they need a lot of people to get the job done

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    CURRENTLY AT 2969690

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    My class will donate too And we r close to 100

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    Elon Musk: Seems legit. Will donate 1 million

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    First Customer Pays: 20Million (Bill Gates)