Realme X2 Pro Review after 10 Days - Excellent x 2!
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Realme X2 Pro Review after 10 Days Usage - Is this the DREAM Flagship Killer?
8/128GB - ₹29,999
12/256GB - ₹33,999
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Realme X2 Pro runs on Color OS 6 based on Android 9 but is expected to get Color OS 7 based on Android 10 very soon.
Realme X2 Pro sports the Qualcomm Snapdragon 855+ chip along with 6/8/12GB RAM and 64/128/256GB Internal Storage. The battery capacity is 4000 mAh.
Realme X2 Pro sports a 64 Megapixel primary camera, an 8 Megapixel Ultra Wide Angle camera, a 13 Megapixel telephoto camera, and a 2MP depth sensor.
Realme X2 Pro has a 16MP selfie camera.
Realme X2 Pro is launching in India on November 20.
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  • Technology Jock
    Technology Jock

    PRICE: 8/128GB - ₹29,999 12/256GB - ₹33,999 What do you think?!😁

    • evil- warzone
      evil- warzone

      Most Indian brothers don't speak English so I find it difficult to understand.. so thank you for speaking English...

    • Lucky Chawda
      Lucky Chawda

      Your wish its totally worth it and damn that fast charging gives you that peace.

    • Bharatharajan Viswanathan
      Bharatharajan Viswanathan

      12/256 - ₹30000 is ok

    • Lucky Chawda
      Lucky Chawda

      @AJAY DAS naah

    • Lucky Chawda
      Lucky Chawda

      Have the Cement Master edition just go for it


    Bro did you run into some voice delays during playing pubg when connected to a bluetooth headphone??

  • sertanejopoprock

    Missing only IRDA for this phone be perfect!

  • Dave Sanchez
    Dave Sanchez

    Does it have a led notification light?

  • Lazuardhi Dwipa
    Lazuardhi Dwipa

    Watching this with realme x2 pro..

  • Harrypotter in malayalam
    Harrypotter in malayalam

    Literally top notch

  • H Hanumanthaiah
    H Hanumanthaiah

    I am having lg v30+ but I am not getting natural colour with strong video can I go to realmi x2 pro because I am uploading Bulbul Strange performance

  • francis ibeke
    francis ibeke

    How can I get skins for phone (Infinix Note 5) or any matching skin sent to Nigeria?

  • Omar Abdul
    Omar Abdul

    thanks from Iraq

  • Amer Shabana
    Amer Shabana

    Don‘t Messe with Oneplus 7t realme 5 is nothing compare with Oneplus.

  • prabhu prabhu
    prabhu prabhu

    Bro u r speech very super

  • Mimoe

    This or the 7t or the rog2 8gb version

  • Omar Diman
    Omar Diman

    X2 pro is a extraordinary phone of this price ❤❤

  • Abdullah Almamun
    Abdullah Almamun

    Dislike for annoying english pronouncing. 👎👎👎👎👎

  • kapillovekapil

    I think bro u should make a video very day

  • Asif Imtiaz Saory
    Asif Imtiaz Saory

    Watching this video in my realme X2 pro.

  • Mario Matteis
    Mario Matteis

    Hi! I can't seem to find something about this smartphone: does the usb-c port support usb hubs, hdmi out and so on? Thanks!

  • Glenn Pineda
    Glenn Pineda

    Can they ship the phone skins to philippines?

  • Minam Dai
    Minam Dai

    My x2pro order on hold due to CAB 😠😠

  • Village Vingani
    Village Vingani

    Can anybody buy this champ and send it to Sri Lanka ? I can pay you in advance.

  • Myself None
    Myself None

    hello brother plz plz reply i m gonna buy a new phone after maybe 2 months which should i buy for heavy gaming like pubg... x2 pro or one plus ??? which one should i buy in last February

  • King Vicky
    King Vicky

    Watching in my Realme x2 Pro

    • Bhushan Kambale
      Bhushan Kambale

      how about camera

    • sai ram hanumanthu
      sai ram hanumanthu

      Bro what about performance

  • Eugene Nazarius Fernandez
    Eugene Nazarius Fernandez

    Thank u for speaking English! Watching reviews from India i think? Their intro is in English then after they speak in their mother tongue.

  • Nikhil Kumar
    Nikhil Kumar

    Mujhe 7t ke baare me nhi maloom par jab me ye pahli baar haath me liya to laga ki paani me haath dala hai.bahut hi premium feel hota hai haath me pakdne par

  • ovaiz basha
    ovaiz basha

    U r English is nice Bhai

  • oli oli
    oli oli

    The battery health is not getting worse because of charges. 2 batteries are being build in and they are charged with each 25W, so it's no problem.

  • Pokémon Mega Evolution
    Pokémon Mega Evolution

    Can someone please tell me which phone to buy and why ... I really care about getting a clean OS experience and premium build quality , but I also need a big battery with fast charging , so which one should I buy ?? Note : the oneplus 7t and realme x2 pro are the same price in my country .


    Yeah guys i have purchased realme x2 pro and i love streaming on this phone it's the best phone i have ever purchased 😍😘


      @Adrian Kasa ok bro checkout my channel

    • Adrian Kasa
      Adrian Kasa

      @HUNTER007 GAMING okay


      Bro it supports 90 Hz the touch is very cool and i love playing on this device💘💕

    • Adrian Kasa
      Adrian Kasa

      @HUNTER007 GAMING screen on time


      @Adrian Kasa SOT WHAT?

  • KaKarot Uchiha
    KaKarot Uchiha

    This or rog 2??

  • Robert Belarmin
    Robert Belarmin

    Bro.. will this mobile work in US. What if I buy one in India and take it there ??

  • Toplist India
    Toplist India

    Thought refresh rate was 100 hrtz

  • Ajith Harizz
    Ajith Harizz

    Are you located in vadapalani shanthi towers??

  • GilterX Gaming
    GilterX Gaming

    Watching this on my realme X2 pro It is excellent just buy it!

    • Nikhil ki bakwas
      Nikhil ki bakwas

      @GilterX Gaming thanks bro mera phone shipped ho chukka hai ab sirf delivery baaki hai

    • GilterX Gaming
      GilterX Gaming

      @Nikhil ki bakwasit is good for selfie and phone 64 MP terror

    • Nikhil ki bakwas
      Nikhil ki bakwas

      @GilterX Gaming bhai selfie aur photos ke baare me koi gyaan

    • GilterX Gaming
      GilterX Gaming

      Aacha hae Bhai saap 90hertz Snapdragon 855+ Deadly combination

    • Nikhil ki bakwas
      Nikhil ki bakwas

      Bhai mera x2 pro 9 December ko aa raha hai camera ke baare me batao

  • Abhay Shukla
    Abhay Shukla

    Upcoming EEsoft Techno Geeek Champ. Quality and To the Point Content. Keep going Brother.

  • w3 33
    w3 33

    Release date on Philippines?

  • Dendy Ferlian
    Dendy Ferlian

    I like that accent

  • Geier S
    Geier S

    Looking on realme x2 pro😁

  • Vel Vemou
    Vel Vemou

    Hi Ashwin, would u recommend Asus Rog 2 or Realme X2 Pro...

    • durgesh pachpande
      durgesh pachpande

      Same goes to me which one

  • Sakib Hossain
    Sakib Hossain

    Subscribed from Bangladesh :)

  • ALL Videos Av@il@ble
    ALL Videos Av@il@ble

    Realms X2 pro ultimate smartphone just click

  • Seba L
    Seba L

    Hi Ashwin! Can you tell us if this phone is compatible with Quick Charge 3 or 4+? Thanks!!

  • Vihad Vihu
    Vihad Vihu

    Battery backup?

  • Ajith Kumar
    Ajith Kumar

    X2 pro or 1+ 7t?? Please suggest me good

  • Roshini Singh Walia
    Roshini Singh Walia

    This phone has few drawbacks which are not that noticeable and the charging speed is top notch. I am big camouflage fan so applied the black camo skin from

  • Anudeep Moturi
    Anudeep Moturi

    Oneplus 7T, Realme X2 Pro or Asus ROG Phone 2... Which one you prefer and why???

  • Ranelle King
    Ranelle King

    Holy cow, those Google camera selfies are incredible! I was a bit 'eh' on the X2 pros selfie camera to be honest, which was somewhat holding me back on picking this phone up, but seeing that it supports GCam has completely obliterated those concerns. Wow.

  • Nelson Musiomi
    Nelson Musiomi

    Man... That intro was fire


    Is this sponsored?

    • Technology Jock
      Technology Jock

      Yes, by Capes India to show their skins😅

  • English Tech Reviews
    English Tech Reviews

    A50 vs k20pro vs x2pro what do you reccomend to buy plz reply and help me ashwin

  • jeggy jeggy
    jeggy jeggy

    When will realme x2 Pro vs OnePlus 7t comparison video come?

  • aditya uday kiran
    aditya uday kiran

    Realme x2 pro or ASUS rog 2? Which is the best pick?


    You planning to flash Indian/Global Rom on your phone?

  • Syafiq Azman
    Syafiq Azman

    I like this channel because of humble opinion.

  • Musical Khan
    Musical Khan

    i literally bored while watching! this stuff

  • Incognito Sapiens
    Incognito Sapiens


  • Ramakrishnarao Kasibhatla
    Ramakrishnarao Kasibhatla

    Dude, please go through the topic right from the 1st second and please minimize your intro and please explain about your sponser after 3 mins or may be after 3 mins. Then your content will get more views , from past 1 month I am directly jump to 2mins these days. Please do it man, anyway, thanks for your good content

  • marc hitchens
    marc hitchens

    Heard there will be a new phone coming soon with 100w able to fully charge in 17 minutes


    Sir Mera comment Ka reply please Karna,meine a pH khadiya he realme blind sale Mey but jeise ki Madhav sir bole the ki hame realme headphones milegah but oh to Mila Nahi ? Ager milegah to kab or keise milegah

  • Cocheton

    Watching your review from Paris, got that phone in european version a week ago and very satisfy with it, only minor bugs here and there but appart from that, this device is a beast ! Cheerz from France ! Good job mate.

    • Punk Buster
      Punk Buster

      How much is that phone?

  • Sherin Omar
    Sherin Omar

    Thanks a lot for this video