Realme X2 Pro vs iPhone 11 Pro Max SpeedTest and Camera Comparison
Ramesh Bakotra
Speed Performance and Camera Quality Compare of XIAOMI REDMI 8A AND REDMI 7A.
All apps we opens in this video are downloaded from

  • Taufeeq saifi
    Taufeeq saifi

    According to my.... Price according Realme x2 pro Best mobile... But iPhone is iPhone...

  • everything's 501
    everything's 501

    realme is best

  • Fraziixian Official
    Fraziixian Official

    Real me x2 pro wins in coc


    May be iphone is not getting proper network

  • José Cardoso
    José Cardoso

    Realme > iphone

  • Jiji Manoj
    Jiji Manoj

    Realme x2 pro best

  • Music Dj Status
    Music Dj Status

    Coc x2 pro win

  • Shirley KuuN
    Shirley KuuN

    for the prize and a more bit perfomance and camera i cvhoose realme x2 pro..for iphne 11 pro i would wait 5+ years later mybe the price drop

  • Aarefa Panwala
    Aarefa Panwala

    Tu jhuta hai clash of clan me realme jitha

  • Jinro Velasquez
    Jinro Velasquez

    Realme winner

  • Jason Ng
    Jason Ng

    if realme same price as iphone i bet realme will be better

  • david smith
    david smith

    Win realme compare with price

  • AamirMuhammed Bachaw
    AamirMuhammed Bachaw

    In clash of clans realme x2 pro won

  • Azriel Akbar budiman
    Azriel Akbar budiman

    2:10 bgst menang realme

    • Simon Lindu
      Simon Lindu

      Wkwkwk hp murahan tp spek bikin kejang2 user gengsi 🤣

  • বরকত আলী
    বরকত আলী


  • Aman Meena
    Aman Meena

    Iphone is brand

  • Pmc Pmc
    Pmc Pmc


  • Mr Saif
    Mr Saif

    Realme x2pro

  • Luca

    2:15 realme win , it's wrong

    • Jamal Ahmad
      Jamal Ahmad

      look that girl

  • Inpa coble
    Inpa coble

    Iphone11 Pro Max vs Realme X2 Pro in a nutshell: Screen size and display: Almost the same Battery size: Same Price: $900 vs $350 Realme is better with: -Lighther 25g -90Hz(Normal phone is 60Hz) -Processor is 40% higher speed according to -Higher mega pixel(both with ultrawide angle, MP doesn't really affect quality, only see the different while zooming) -*Charging speed: 50W 100% in 35mins but do not support Qi wireless charging (Iphone 18W) Sorry that if anything i say wrong. Information from: I don't think this video is good, because it doesn't fair. Your physical hand touching can't be exactly the same, and the pubg on iphone is opened before i think cause it pop up different interface, and also it can't test anything by clicking those app not games because you can adjust the animation speed on develop options.

    • Sarath 14K
      Sarath 14K

      @machinez lol I dumbs.

    • machinez

      Iphone chipset is better

  • Big Coffee ita
    Big Coffee ita

    Wtf, iphone didn't won calculator speed test

  • Sai Arnav
    Sai Arnav

    iPhone 11 pro has a matte glass which is attractive but it's slippery in some conditions. To add grip and protect it from scratches i applied a full body screen protector from

  • Michael C
    Michael C

    The realme takes better pics.

    • myorkss

      Realme takes less-sharper pictures but if you installed GCam, I think it would have better optimization.

    • TLBTM

      I thought the one on the left was the iPhone, 3:14 and said to myself it looks much better but then looked at the top and realised it was the x2. I Wonder how good the nigh photos are.

  • Noogiedagolagi thingydoodoo
    Noogiedagolagi thingydoodoo

    0:41 iPhone booted up first

  • kakaw Martin
    kakaw Martin

    What's the music sir?

  • vicky pawar
    vicky pawar

    SD 855+

  • Soham Maiti
    Soham Maiti

    4X2 Pro =1 iphone compare


    Apple destroys every thing in gaming I like its cheapset.

    • Last mod anything you know on minecraft
      Last mod anything you know on minecraft

      And it's only 1499$


      Sarcasm 😅😛😂😂

  • Noa-DraxxRD

    clash of clans in realme x2 pro , win

  • yeb Pilgrim
    yeb Pilgrim

    The comparison overall winner is iphone. If you talk about comparing speedtest & camera.. Funny things is, what we read their specs in intro especially about camera, 4 cam with 64mp still losing to 3 cam with 12mp.. But in other topics, prices, notch, design etc that's rely on each individual to decide 😄

  • Chaudhry Hassan
    Chaudhry Hassan

    I think realme x2 pro is best

  • simon xv
    simon xv

    If u use the 12gb ram model the x2 pro will be better

  • Varun Kaushik
    Varun Kaushik

    iPhone vs overpriced Chinese flagship😂

  • Nite Netitorn
    Nite Netitorn

    กดก็ไม่พร้อมกันแถมบางแกม ยังเป็น คนละแพลต ด้วย

  • immanuel gomes
    immanuel gomes

    When will I phone charge faster😝😂😂

  • TiBRA GM
    TiBRA GM

    clash of clans test time win realme broo

  • Josua Adimasta
    Josua Adimasta

    Realme x2 pro is the real......


    Realme is better

  • سجاد وحيد٭ۦ
    سجاد وحيد٭ۦ

    اذا عربي لايك

  • Yousuf Khan
    Yousuf Khan

    Ipho is the best phon in the hole world🇧🇩🇧🇩🇧🇩🇧🇩🇧🇩🇧🇩📲📲📲📲📲📲📲

  • Yash Pawar
    Yash Pawar

    Iphone 11 pro camera is next level It is close to dslr

    • Looney loser
      Looney loser

      iPhone 11 pro ke price main tu Realme X2 pro aur ek DSLR le sakta hai bhai

  • nikee Patel
    nikee Patel


  • Begatim Bytyqi
    Begatim Bytyqi

    Instead of buying this Iphone you could by realme X2 pro for your whole family and make everyone happy :P

    • Sarath 14K
      Sarath 14K

      @shebin disthu Security my ass. They're spying you. While after you buy some android. You can easily flash some custom rom. The most secured till now like lineage os. I sheeps still got false sense of security.

    • shebin disthu
      shebin disthu

      Real me doesn't have security feature in iPhone u get all secure feature

    • Aaron Stone
      Aaron Stone


  • Bhuvi Bhuvanesh
    Bhuvi Bhuvanesh

    Don't compare iphone 11 pro was 120k phone but realme x2 pro only 30k.the winner is realme x2 pro

  • ej toys
    ej toys

    For the price ill go with x2 pro

  • Abdul Rashid Sulaiman
    Abdul Rashid Sulaiman

    Realme camera lacks details

  • Pushkal pandey
    Pushkal pandey

    Why u using 8gb ram model in realme I was supprised when i see the PUBG test 12gb ram model is better

  • Aidan Nafis
    Aidan Nafis

    Goblok yang coc padahal dahulu kok yg iphone

  • Nicholas French
    Nicholas French

    Well done sir

  • Subham Chakravarthy
    Subham Chakravarthy

    Got this self healing protector for my realme X2 Pro from gadgetshieldz which adds grip to the device which was very slippery naked and with the case the device looks big and difficult to use.

  • Montu Jadav
    Montu Jadav

    Realme bet iPhone

  • PubG whiz
    PubG whiz

    The Camera is huge on the 11 Pro so got this camera protector from gadgetshieldz which fits perfectly on the camera bump.

  • Henrique Moreira
    Henrique Moreira


  • pradyut Roy
    pradyut Roy

    Who like realme like

  • Rami August18
    Rami August18

    The camera on iphone is another level

    • Rami August18
      Rami August18

      @Lover Animal i like dark bro 👍

    • Lover Animal
      Lover Animal

      Haha, iPhone câmera is Just more dark

    • Rami August18
      Rami August18

      @pixel gun i rather buy iphone

    • pixel gun
      pixel gun

      haha i would buy a camera than iphone

    • Rami August18
      Rami August18

      @Sarath 14K i love isheep 🤙😘

  • P S Y C H O
    P S Y C H O

    Don't compare this shit with apple

  • lucky ch.
    lucky ch.

    I phone 11

  • Qiqi Buro
    Qiqi Buro

    part of Clash of clans realme win



    • Gurjinder Singh
      Gurjinder Singh


  • Kɪɴɢ Lᴀxᴜꜱ
    Kɪɴɢ Lᴀxᴜꜱ

    2:12 your wrong... Realme is the winner

    • Jeet Bains
      Jeet Bains


  • Noora M
    Noora M

    In Clash of clans realme x2 pro is win

    • estro ssa
      estro ssa

      It's just poorly optimized software!