Realme X2 Pro Review - The Killer Value Flagship
Realme X2 Pro Review. A full in-depth review covering battery life 90hz and 60hz. Camera review, video samples, loudspeaker test, gaming review, charge time test, benchmarks, Gcam test & more.
02:56 - Screen
04:50 - Audio & sample
06:29 - ROM performance
07:50 - Benchmarks & tests
11:18 - GCam works?
11:45 - Gaming review
13:51 - Camera review
19:36 - Final words
20:49 - Full Pros & Cons
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Unboxing video here:
X2 Pro charging time test & gaming thermals:
X2 Pro 4k60 sample:

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    Unboxing video here: X2 Pro charging time test & gaming thermals: X2 Pro 4k60 sample: 02:56 - Screen 04:50 - Audio & sample 06:29 - ROM performance 07:50 - Benchmarks & tests 11:18 - GCam works? 11:45 - Gaming review 13:51 - Camera review 19:36 - Final words 20:49 - Full Pros & Cons

    • ahmed soliman
      ahmed soliman

      I can't change launcher this phone, can you tell me how to change it?

    • Bikram

      I just can't tolerate phones with notch even though the specs are best,i just can't let something get in between my viewing experience wat has gone wrong with this design trends .

    • jeddungo24

      how did it get to L1 security level??? i thought it is only available on L3 level..pls. answer..thanks

  • Current Fone
    Current Fone

    *flagship killer killer*


    This mobile is perfect 👌 with super charger

  • Vincemac

    Nice phone how much?

  • Rohz Popper
    Rohz Popper

    Camera is quite good but the video shake a lot ! Like having an earthquake !

  • Archaic Revival
    Archaic Revival

    How does the macro mode compare to Oneplus?

  • best tech commercials
    best tech commercials

    I just want to know does this phone have any display setting to make its colour natural.

  • Illyrus Emperor
    Illyrus Emperor

    This phone shits on all Huawei phones, on every single one of them.

  • anshari rizki
    anshari rizki

    Shaking shaking shakingg

  • vino kulafu vash
    vino kulafu vash

    Can i have one of those phone

  • Benjamin Mensah
    Benjamin Mensah

    Best review ever, very informative


    Do you live in a paradise or something? Jeez that view when you show the 4k footage!

  • Eed Merzek
    Eed Merzek

    I need urgent reply, please. How can I make NOVA Launcher the default Launcher on this phone? Thanks in advance.

  • Daniel Tarigan Silangit
    Daniel Tarigan Silangit

    Please make video comparation realme x2 pro vs asus zenfone 6.. Thx before.. 🙏🙏🙏

  • Sakib Hossain
    Sakib Hossain

    I heard it doesn't support aptx hd Is that true?

  • Chee Jun
    Chee Jun

    thumbs up for u mate

  • Ayron Facto
    Ayron Facto

    Will games such as mobile legends have 90 fps? If not, being stuck in 60 fps makes 90hz screen useless for gaming

  • Mathew

    The 20X zoom is available on the ultra wide angle. What is the problem with this guy?

  • Mathew

    why do we need the google camera when it has well camera inbuilt? This guy is really a nuts

  • Mathew

    This guy is a supporter of Xiaomi it seems. He didnt mentioned that this phone is Dolby Atmos,Hi Res Audio certified and for display HDR+10 certified.

  • Rami Lejonhjärta
    Rami Lejonhjärta

    Hi Chris. Do you recommend this or OP7T?

  • Freddy Rajali
    Freddy Rajali

    As for the camera 20x zoom, i think you should stretch it manually to enable it. The same thing happens to my friend's Oppo Reno 2, you can't enable it right away by pressing the zoom button & have to manually stretch it with your fingers to enable the 10x zoom.

  • Freddy Rajali
    Freddy Rajali

    I'm really considering to switch from my vivo v15 to this one after knowing the superior specs & much better cameras

  • Ade Teguh Prasetyo
    Ade Teguh Prasetyo

    OnePlus : I'm True Flagship Killer.. Realme : You True What??

  • Tyo

    Cantt waiitt launching in indonesiaa

  • Amish

    Does it have Google news feed?

  • Max Calland
    Max Calland

    Hey man I live in Australia and I was wondering if this phone actually works here, im looking to buy it and if you could reply I would appreciate it a lot. ps just subscribed

  • Dimitris Glykas
    Dimitris Glykas

    How and where can i order this phone? i live in Greece. Only through AliExpress??

  • Bob Johnson
    Bob Johnson

    Does it give on screen or light notifications

  • Rahul Gogoi
    Rahul Gogoi

    do it support internal audio recording?

  • Chirantan Banerjee
    Chirantan Banerjee


  • Sakti Biswal
    Sakti Biswal

    Could You please compare the camera of X2 Pro with those of Redmi K20 Pro?

  • Jackie LOL
    Jackie LOL

    Why no video out? ,it almost perfect.

  • Shirinov Fakhri
    Shirinov Fakhri

    Oppo reno ace please review

  • De Safa
    De Safa

    I will buy this phone because of your video😘

  • Not Athiest Truth Seeker
    Not Athiest Truth Seeker

    Logo placement tiggers ocd in me..

  • Jajalaatmaar

    One thing that bothers me is how badly translated ColorOS is from Chinese. Elementary shit like setting an alarm and it saying "5 hours from alarm" when it means to say "5 hours to alarm". How the fck do you make these kinds of mistakes? The same mistake is made in Dutch, my native language, so I think they just google translate whatever they write in Chinese. Feels cheap as fuck.

  • Agustin Catalano
    Agustin Catalano

    I mate. Thanks for the review. I would like to ask you if this phone has any issues with the network connectivity, looks like the 4g network supported are much less than the OnePlus 7t. I like to travel to others countries and continents and i would like to know if I'll have some issues with the 4g or 3g connectivity. Also what phone do you recommend, realme x2pro or OnePlus 7t? I love the battery charger of this one Thanks

  • Psych Megh
    Psych Megh

    We Indians need a reviewer like you. I was looking for a detail review of this mobile & found you. Thanks I'm going to get this mobile once it's launch in India.

  • rafik lmd
    rafik lmd

    Ok ?