Realme x2 Pro Waterproof Test
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This video is about some waterproof tests on the Realme X2 Pro.
Is Realme X2 Pro waterproof or water resistant? You will find answers in this video.
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Hello everyone, today we are going to do the waterproof test of realme x2 pro.
Realme x2 pro should be considered Realme's first flagship machine, not only with Snapdragon 855 Plus, 90Hz Samsung AMOLED screen, but also 50W SuperVOOC flash.
From the hardware point of view, realme X2 Pro can be said to be a flagship, but as a flagship machine, can not only be the hardware configuration to reach the flagship level, the corresponding software ecology is also qualified, today we look at how it is waterproof.
The screen is a highlight of this machine. It is equipped with a 6.5-inch Super AMOLED screen with a 90Hz refresh rate “fluid screen”. The biggest controversy on the back should be the position of realme LOGO. This realme made a new attempt to place the LOGO horizontally. Going to the lower right corner of the camera module, it looks really fresh.
If you accidentally drip on the phone while drinking water, please don't panic, the screen nano anti-splash coating can effectively prevent the water from splashing in life.
After the flushing experiment, realme x2 pro did not have any effect, I even thought that there was no water inside.
In the shower test, we found that this phone was still under the hood, it can be completely in the rain and not affected.
After the shower was over, the sliding was still smooth and the photos were not affected.
Next we put it in the water and see how long it will float.
When the test is carried out to this step, it is not difficult to find that realme x2 pro does not say that the hardware is thrown away, and the waterproof capability is also very powerful.
After taking out the phone, there was basically no problem except for a slight slippage.
If you still want to see other mobile phone waterproof test, please leave a message and tell us, don't forget to pay attention to click on the small jingle, you can receive our information in the first time. Next we look at its internal water intake.
Open the phone case, do not see water droplets, but there is a little water droplets in the local area, the waterproof label does not change color, it means that it does not enter the water, the waterproof level of this phone should be between 7~8.
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