Realme X2 Pro vs OnePlus 7T: The Budget Flagship War!
The Realme X2 Pro recently arrived in India at a great starting price of Rs. 29,999 and while it’s clearly better than the Redmi K20 Pro, can it take on the OG flagship killer, OnePlus? Well, we put the Realme X2 Pro vs OnePlus 7T to see which is the more value for money flagship.
We compare the Realme X2 Pro vs OnePlus 7T cameras, battery, charging speed, performance and more.
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  • Dead clasher
    Dead clasher

    Watching on my realmex2 pro

  • Yash Sagar
    Yash Sagar


  • Prateek Mehta
    Prateek Mehta

    Software is a huge let showstopper for One plus devices ...Trust me its almost on par with PIXEL devices..

  • Nitish Chaudhary
    Nitish Chaudhary

    Realme x2 is great but the oxygen os on OnePlus 7t gives better software experience than realme's color os.

  • Raj kumar
    Raj kumar

    Neat and clean explanation.. super bro...

  • MobileMafia

    Build quality is better on the oneplus and the resale value and image too.. so i'll go with oneplus

  • Santosh Venkatesh
    Santosh Venkatesh

    Hi Beebom, I want to buy this phone in India but need to know if this phone will work in the USA and Australia, are the bands compatible?

  • siddharth patel
    siddharth patel

    To bhai realme lelu

  • raghu veer
    raghu veer

    Realme x2 pro is better mobile and price low

  • Deep sagar bisht
    Deep sagar bisht

    U know what guys I have both of them, I mean one is mine(one plus 7t) and other one is of my dad(x2 pro) and I don't see or feel any difference on my pubg gameplay not even minor difference....but I don't know about cameras and all other stuff and seriously I don't even care...have a good day

  • Parmeshwari Thakar
    Parmeshwari Thakar

    X2 Pro..Beats 1+.....😀


    There we did it plus is no more

  • status world
    status world

    Best comparison videos i have watched.. 👏👏

  • Aadil Nursumar
    Aadil Nursumar

    Oneplus 7t have max 8gb ram and realme x2 pro hav max 12gb ram

  • Swapnil Sudhir Kashikar
    Swapnil Sudhir Kashikar

    Watching on my iPhone SE ✅☠️

  • Jae Ik
    Jae Ik

    Watching with my Oneplus 7T. 😎

  • sagar shinde patil
    sagar shinde patil

    Realme keliye kon 29999 dega bc 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • vivian Panditi
    vivian Panditi

    Both are BBK's phones

  • Chaeyeon Lee
    Chaeyeon Lee

    bUdgEt? My wallet cannot comprehend that meaning

  • Haya Aqsa
    Haya Aqsa

    New subscriber



  • Archaic Revival
    Archaic Revival

    Bluetooth headphones are inferior.

  • gamer 007
    gamer 007

    Hindi bolne me sharam aati h ky

  • Mr438IB

    Could someone please tell me where to buy the Realme X2 Pro in the United States?

  • Mario Ratatouille
    Mario Ratatouille

    Why is he kept looking at our left ear?🥴

  • Deepak Kumar
    Deepak Kumar

    Hi bhupesh. .. Nice sweatshirt... It's of Jack and Jones right 👈

  • Anirban De
    Anirban De

    X2 pro clean winner when we consider price

  • Shajhanmeia Meia
    Shajhanmeia Meia

    win x2 pro.

  • Mahbub Alam
    Mahbub Alam

    Well they might be twins I guess🤔🤔


    Real Realme wins ... Out of the top...

  • Maruthi Rahul
    Maruthi Rahul

    Insane 25 min 100% charged, this all makes sense .. meanwhile i am standing and texting on charging, stupid toy

  • Rohit Kumar
    Rohit Kumar

    Sir ji Hindi bola Karo bade angrez ho gaye hi

  • 457,123 ,679,245 views
    457,123 ,679,245 views

    I can guarantee everyone one thing . The faster the charging speed is the faster your phone is going to have battery problems and have less battery capacity . So this is why everyone is trying to find batteries with solid medium than the common liquid one available currently in every phone . So software wise and battery wise and generally brand wise I'd prefer everyone to buy one plus 7t here . Cause if you plan on using it in long term like (atleast 2 years) I wouldn't bet my money on realme X2 pro I am most likely to regret. But if you want a phone with headphone jack and decent performance and if I don't care much about software and battery issues later. And if you plan on switching to other phones in 2 years then sure go ahead . Exterior design is really good in this phone too so . But then again if you think about it you can invest some more and buy iPhone xr . Best budget phone on market currently . If you can afford iPhone 11 then it would be the best decision you have ever made . But if you are an android guy I'd ask you to wait till next year to buy a one plus that beats iPhone 11 and costs even less ...

  • Charan gamar Tg
    Charan gamar Tg

  • The guy from NE
    The guy from NE

    Anyone watching this on their POCO F1

  • Rocking Rocket
    Rocking Rocket

    I am watching this in my oneplus 7t. No doubt the software experience is way better than color os . And my freinds are excited about one plus phone and not so excited about realme phone . Realme is not considered as a nice brand . When you take out a oneplus phone you'll get some attention because friends know that it's a oneplus with its looks . Whereas realme is almost similar to other phone designs and no one gives a f about realme written on the back of a phone.


    Ill wait for pocof2 n also my salary only 8k

  • Abhishek Gupta
    Abhishek Gupta


  • Ali Assad
    Ali Assad

    Where is the front camera video recording?


    Realme os is coming

  • Anush Anu
    Anush Anu

    Realme is a winner best better osm


    Good work

  • lol 々Mortal
    lol 々Mortal

    OnePlus users to realme users : chaar din ki chandani h bs fir andheri raat,

  • lol 々Mortal
    lol 々Mortal

    Stats are similar but performance isn't, will go with OnePlus anyday coz operating system of mi n realme is just shitttt

  • mazamh

    Your X2 Pro got Always on display sir?

  • shivam sharma
    shivam sharma

    One 7t owner right here

  • Life is Beautiful
    Life is Beautiful

    Both of this phones are my favorite

  • Jack Ulver
    Jack Ulver

    what about the ads that appear on realme 🙂🙂

  • Naveed Hussain
    Naveed Hussain

    Well, I need stock experience instead of this useless ColorOS

  • shayar varu
    shayar varu

    one plus 7T best oxygen OS awesome

  • Dark

    Realme is veryyy better than oneplus 7t! 🖕

  • Secret Artist
    Secret Artist

    Whats matter both are subbrands of oppo

  • Farhana Nipu
    Farhana Nipu

    His dream phone!

  • Michael Respicio
    Michael Respicio

    nice review, very direct to the point and accurate, none bias unlike other.

  • ChrisLyn

    Me : Saleperson whats the spec of realme x2 pro Saleperson : HEADPHONE JACK Me: get my money and give me 2 units 😲

  • Aloewells

    For videos go with ONEPLUS 7T bcos OIS will save u the day.

  • Rakesh Jha
    Rakesh Jha

    You are wrong.. OnePlus 7t charging takes 30 min only to reach 10 to 100%

  • Christian Öhrn
    Christian Öhrn

    feels like the Realme X2 Pro have a cleaner and purer picture!

  • Tuhin Debsharma
    Tuhin Debsharma

    These are not budget phone lol.... don't think everyone is rich like you.... it's india bro.

  • rambot670

    Wondering when the Poco F2 will launch with SD 865..