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  • k4tt3n

    josh fully cucked the two phones q

  • OP Max
    OP Max

    Tobys annnoying

  • Billy Whote
    Billy Whote

    When jj could not remember 68+1 that's a win win I was dying inside and screaming at the screen

  • Ivan Velichkov
    Ivan Velichkov

    I literally think that I will beat you easily 🤣🤣

  • Sion Davies
    Sion Davies

    16:36 ish JJ not knowing the lyrics but trying to sing along

  • Brooklyn

    Is it sad that I knew the despacito one and I don’t even like the song

    • Saiyan Legacy
      Saiyan Legacy


  • Seith Utop
    Seith Utop

    I guess Megamind cuz JJ, Gradiet cuz white, brown, black perspectively :)

  • Daniela Saenz
    Daniela Saenz

    21:43 intentando cantar en español

  • LeonmasterG

    Swear vik is just there for moral support

  • Thebadassgamer

    ethan reminds me of the old ksi just white

  • Tyler Capell
    Tyler Capell

    This is basically Ethan vs Tobi

  • MoDaGod Games
    MoDaGod Games

    It’s get up what it is not get em

  • Ninvex / CorruptedNDG
    Ninvex / CorruptedNDG

    20:30 I love how JJ stares a Ethan and then realizes that he's going to get beaten up

  • Kamrany47

    suck out your marge about pricks

  • I forgot my name
    I forgot my name


  • Kay M
    Kay M

    Can someone give me the time of when the panic at the Disco song happens?

  • Some guy named Mike
    Some guy named Mike

    I'm glad Timberlake came up in this, the 1 I got straight away! I ain't no shit about grime, rap or Logan Paul 😂😂

  • Dhavish Gaming
    Dhavish Gaming

    20:32 master beats slave up

  • zizi

    you lot are terrible at spanish😭

  • Alex Kagarov
    Alex Kagarov

    imagine all the spanish cringe moment for the "despacito que"

  • Alex Kagarov
    Alex Kagarov

    11:50 what a duo!

  • Kai Sutton
    Kai Sutton

    Would of been better if it wasn’t like taking in turns

  • Azeem Syed
    Azeem Syed

    ksi ghost writer exposed

  • sarah catherine
    sarah catherine

    i literally pissed after i read simons, viks and tobys name

  • Aaron Parkinson
    Aaron Parkinson

    It kinda pisses me off that Ethan is on his phone in every video

  • CoE Kipp
    CoE Kipp

    I got 2 phones 1 need to charge If they twins i can' tell they ass apart

  • Chasingau

    6:25 is the right lyrics too...

  • Jacob Wilson
    Jacob Wilson

    either jj has a ghost writer or that uppercut made him forget his own lyrics

  • Daniel Diaz
    Daniel Diaz

    5:15 Harrys got a lot of plugs for coke

  • Alisha Corley
    Alisha Corley

    I was screaming the lyrics😂😂

  • Neive Broughton
    Neive Broughton

    Omg the highlight is when Simon says, “You fuck with me right” at 11 minutes in and Josh’s face is literally like so confused and Simon’s face is just like, “ I didn’t say anything”. Love it 😂😂

  • iCantget Patched
    iCantget Patched

    Y’all got to show some love to this group of teens who got inspired by the sidemen and made a EEsoft channel about them and is trying to grind to be like them please go sub and show some love the channel is called..... The Retarded Sidemen

  • justis massey
    justis massey

    Jj..olajide olayinka..ksi, won't fight me 😭😭

  • adam

    i got £20 from this site. its better than youtube, you wont regret it @t

  • Elledeenx13

    I’m sorry but who tf did jj forget the lyric in fwb I haven’t heard that shit in ages and I knew

  • Will

    Can I just say I got more then them, so I win Also I'm madly in love with Ethan

  • Driftui

    Is it me or josh looks green screened

  • Qwerty Games
    Qwerty Games

    Anyone else expected "Down Like That" to be one of songs...

  • Iyaannn

    14:02 lmao that was sick tbf

  • Zeynep _06
    Zeynep _06

    How comes whenever team gradient whisper they never acc give an answer? Vik, Simon, Tobi WHAT THE HELL R U WHISPERING ABOUT? 😊