Sleepy Russian Souvenirs 🎁 ASMR • Soft Spoken • Wood • Lid • Tapping Sounds
Gentle Whispering ASMR
Please leave a comment with the airplane greeting suggestion :D 06:39
Tiny spoons 00:37
Large spoons 04:48
Huge spoon (soup scoop) 08:00
Ornate jewelry box 11:30
THE BEST SOUND IN THE WORLD 🤤 15:22 omg... I had to make it for another couple minutes, cause wow! ♥
Tiny ring Box 20:57
Lid open and close sounds (drool) 21:38
Shell jewelry box 24:11
Thank you for watching! :) ♥
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  • Gentle Whispering ASMR
    Gentle Whispering ASMR

    Please leave a comment with the airplane greeting suggestion :D 06:39 Tiny spoons 00:37 Large spoons 04:48 Huge spoon (soup scoop) 08:00 Ornate jewelry box 11:30 THE BEST SOUND IN THE WORLD 🤤 15:22 omg... I had to make it for another couple minutes, cause wow! ♥ Tiny ring Box 20:57 Lid open and close sounds (drool) 21:38 Shell jewelry box 24:11 Thank you for watching! :) ♥

    • Derek Taylor
      Derek Taylor

      Airplane greeting suggestion: Thank you for flying ASMR Airlines!

    • Shannon Henson
      Shannon Henson

      Please make t-shirts as merch.

    • Andrew Canulette
      Andrew Canulette

      This is one of your best videos yet. I've enjoyed daily for a week now, joking with my wife I don't know what happens after about the 3 minute mark...when you start tapping on the spoons, it's lights out for me! Zzzzzzz...LOVE YOU, and YOUR WORK are a Godsend to my sometimes addled soul.

    • Jamie Joy
      Jamie Joy

      @Emily Hackbarth hahahaaaaaaa

    • Emily Hackbarth
      Emily Hackbarth

      'Let these sounds take you to another plane' 😂

  • Jacey McMullen
    Jacey McMullen

    This video is an absolute pleasure! And that first box 🥰😴

  • Jason Edmondson
    Jason Edmondson

    7:34 your incident laughing allways gives me the feel goods!

  • Elena Yu
    Elena Yu

    Was cooking at my grandma's, found the exact same golden, red and black ladle you have! I put it in a pretty box so it can showcase itself in all its glory

  • Zoejacobs97

    When I was a child I genuinely thought the sound of planes flying past when I was in bed was the sound of the earth rotating 😂

  • geet

    Hey Maria I wanted to request an updated version of the Russian doll video you did a while ago, pretty please 💛💛

  • JimFILMbOOKaSMRfun

    Half my family is Russian and I love when you do show and tell in English and say the Russian words for them. Please do more! It’s so cool. Even if it’s just regular items.

  • Brian Daniels
    Brian Daniels

    Hello,I've been watching you for about 3 months and I've also watched some other ASMR speakers but in my whole life I have never experienced a voice as calming or a look in someone's eyes as calming as your voice and the look in your eyes, whenever I watch and listen to you speak.Your presence in existence has completely changed my life and how I relax,calm down and enjoy my leisure time.Thank you is not a sufficient enough phrase to show my gratitude now but it will have to suffice for lack of a better gesture of gratitude that I have not yet discovered.I hope your day is wonderful when you read this because you have made my day fantastic and magical this morning,thank you 😉 until the next time you shining ray of beautiful positive calming energy!!!!!♥️♥️♥️

  • Emma Blood
    Emma Blood

    I absolutely LOVE the zoom mic. I always get so so excited when you use it 😍

  • Denver

    Not that this matters to you of course, I used to have an Estonian girlfriend in the mid-90s, and you both have such similar features! You could almost be twin sisters. You're far more at peace though! Lol (don't let the thumbnail fool you, I'm not a gal)! Anyway, nice videos, as always.

  • Melissa Bucholz
    Melissa Bucholz

    I love love love the sound of your nails in the box

  • Jenny Bower
    Jenny Bower

    The moment I watch/listen to your videos I’m reminded to do my nails!! Yours are so beautiful!! ❤️

  • Amberley Millett
    Amberley Millett

    I love this mic. It's all about that bass.

  • Kristin L
    Kristin L

    All of those items are so beautifully hand painted that I wouldn’t want to use them!!

  • so p
    so p

    Can you please do a video with the birch box and the small box your mom's friend painted

  • Caroline Diaz
    Caroline Diaz

    0:34 “items” hit diff

  • Hope Keller Miller
    Hope Keller Miller

    Is it just me or does it warm your heart when she finds very specific sounds she thinks we will enjoy most, like the little pointy end inside the spoon?

  • lemonnade65

    Oh Masha, this video is like a shower of tingles... I am melting faster than the North Pole! you are trully gifted and manage to convey all your kindness through your videos :D

  • Busy Mama
    Busy Mama

    What about a new variation of the rain song for the airplanes? ‘Airplane, airplane, go away, come again some other day, it’s time for tingles and role play’ 🥰

  • Trav


  • Christian Terry
    Christian Terry

    I’ve been watching Maria for about three years know. Pleeease tell me she was joking about being a feminist. 😔😣😖😞

  • Tierney Williams
    Tierney Williams

    Right as you said it 16:50 kitty purr not having my earbuds in my cat listening was rubbing up against my phone. We’re both passing out! Always sooooo mesmerizing Maria 💝🤤

  • Becky

    Maria have you noticed that the scene on the front of the shell is actually the other-side view of the church’s on the inside of the shell and the inside snow tracks are from the horses that rode through to the front shell picture! It’s so pretty!

  • paigeallis

    The Brothers, Wright, interrupting my night,

  • Shyann Kettler
    Shyann Kettler

    I love the random tapping at different speeds! So many tingles!

  • Emma Smith
    Emma Smith

    All i see is Marilyn Munroe....its the.eyes 😍

  • blur blur
    blur blur

    The box began to sound like a purring cat

  • zgredzix


  • Василий Остапенко
    Василий Остапенко

    В 5:11 ктото пустуна пустил))

  • M M
    M M

    wow i lov red nails

  • MissMarisa7Beauty

    You should read old Russian fairytales or children’s books! I’d love that!!!

  • Serra K
    Serra K

    Sound is like Cat purrr 😇

  • Kathryn Rogan
    Kathryn Rogan

    My son hasn’t been sleeping well the last week, so I haven’t gotten to fully enjoy one of your videos for a while now, and literally (I mean LITERALLY) not even a minute into this video, I was getting tingles alllll over my head and down my neck😍 I missed it so much!😭😌✨ thank you!💕

  • Ryan Z. Dawson
    Ryan Z. Dawson

    Slap like now For microphone with BASS

  • Chachi Versace
    Chachi Versace

    wow,, what a quality. what camera did you use ? thanks .

  • willynthepoorboys2

    I agree that sounds just like a cat purring, so good! Yes a whole video of the little birch bark box would be great. That is a very unique jewelry box, magnificent art work. You have gifted your mom with a real treasure.I hope it is handed down for generations and brings pleasure to everyone.

  • Gene Quagmire
    Gene Quagmire

    16:24 Sounds a lot like cat purring.

  • Queen Bri
    Queen Bri

    Planes fly high in the sky But as they pass our side We wave goodbye

  • Maren Johnson
    Maren Johnson

    Love this mic!

  • Marzy Art
    Marzy Art

    Your voice is soft and naturally asmr, you dont have to whisper like others.

  • Beth E
    Beth E

    "Why, little plane, have you no delay, when it's Maria's filming day?" 💚💜💖

  • Ball Guy
    Ball Guy

    I'm actually mostly polish and Russian and was born in America so I don't know much about my culture but seeing these was educational to me so thank you 😴😴😴❤❤❤

  • Olivia Martin
    Olivia Martin

    I love the airplane sounds, sounds like home to me

  • Дмитрий Морозов
    Дмитрий Морозов

    Красная смородина, ухххххх) ногти красивые, длина прям идеальная, такая сумасшедшая немного Маша стала)))

  • JohnnyBR

    Maria starts speaking and I go look the dictionary for the meaning of platonic love 😋

  • scarecrowwoman

    Your old wooden sounds video is my most watched asmr vid. So pleased to see a 2019 update!!! Like Christmas came early 🥰

  • Mireille Harb
    Mireille Harb

    All the items are perfect

  • Sovereign Snorlax
    Sovereign Snorlax

    He saved her. Stop it.

  • Простое рисование
    Простое рисование

    Год слушаю асмр, и вот на 15:44 первые мурашки словила за все это время. Хоть узнала, что это такое 😁

  • Jessi Tschu
    Jessi Tschu

    Oh my gosh 15:30 ithis is the best sound i heard in a while

  • A B
    A B

    PLEASE do another video of just that little box. it gives me insane tingles! this video was fantastic by the way, it has quickly become one of my favorites. thank you for all you do :)

  • Haider Raja
    Haider Raja

    @24:14 you could honestly auction that for millions! So beASMRutiful!

  • luke Tichy
    luke Tichy

    Jewelry box is probably my favorite asmr item ever- of all time. So gorgeous!!

  • ha neul
    ha neul

    16:30 tho❤

  • Robyn Dawn Hannigan
    Robyn Dawn Hannigan

    Hi Maria, thanks for your honesty about the microphones. They're really really nice,and I thought that the sound, which is a bit more close-up and a little different like you explained, is a better sound for this kind of a close video. I've really enjoyed some of the other things you've done on the channel, but I do miss this all the sound so thank you for bringing it back for the day.

  • Stephanie Johns
    Stephanie Johns

    Beautiful items! Thank you for sharing.

  • CrispyAviation

    “The airplane is at takeoff thrust, leaving us all in the dust.”

  • 23 ranger
    23 ranger

    pretty voice i subscribe your channel

    • 23 ranger
      23 ranger

      Pretty princess

  • Cally Kitten
    Cally Kitten

    Hither, yonder goes the plane Soaring over peak and plain. Over cloud and over sea. Over my town, over me. Over every city. In the sky, but under star. Up so high, but sound not far. Your passing gives me ASMR.

  • rage elixir
    rage elixir

    Need money