Stray Kids "바보라도 알아" M/V
Stray Kids(스트레이 키즈) "바보라도 알아" M/V
Stray Kids Digital Single "Mixtape:바보라도 알아"
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  • Love it BOI
    Love it BOI

    b a g g e d m i l k

  • Sylva Lane
    Sylva Lane

    Jeongin looked so done with him when taking his drink

  • Melissa de Min Yoongi
    Melissa de Min Yoongi

    Sean................ Detesto verlos cerca a chicas !!!!!

  • TheNewDream LOL
    TheNewDream LOL

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="166">2:46</a> momento en el que me rompen el corazón a mi y a jeongin :,(, tal y como dice la letra-

  • Nica Gravidez
    Nica Gravidez


  • im youtubers
    im youtubers

    Masih pusing sama teori. Trlalu banyak pendapat dri stay, gue jdi bingung

    • yaliso gioouy
      yaliso gioouy

      Mas esse M/V tá perfeito, tomara que a parte 2 seja mais rápido porque eu estou curiosa :-)

  • Shin Ryujin
    Shin Ryujin

    Thnaks god I don't stan gay groups

    • yaliso gioouy
      yaliso gioouy

      Estranho em, será que Hyunjin esta gostando Minho e não da menina ou é minha inveção na cabeça ou I.N esta com ciúmes por isso que pegou o suco ? gente eu não po

  • Kpop-pop

    who loved this song? I loved it a lot ... I think i.n likes Hyunjin in the MV 😂💕💕💕

  • Dance ‘till you KPOP
    Dance ‘till you KPOP

    Okay so... my theorie: Hyunjin likes the girl but Minho doesn’t like her as more than friend. But Hyunjin doesn’t know so he tries to compete with him. Jeongin is like, maybe Hyunjin’s friend. He sees Hyunjin getting way too obsessed over the girl but doesn’t know how to help him. And the other are just.. the crew? Idk lmao. But why do they show Minho’s face when Hyunjin takes the girls hands? What if Minho is just trying to get Hyunjin’s attention cuz he wants to be friends again like they (maybe) were before Hyunjin’s obsessive crush came along. But what is Jeongin in that case? Okay nvm I’m confused

  • Daniela Guerrero
    Daniela Guerrero

    nomms haaaaa por dios

  • Hola M
    Hola M

    Solo vine a poner por 937472926836 vez que amo la canción

  • Daniela Guerrero
    Daniela Guerrero

    olovorgo ....nomamen se maman con todo los amooooooo

  • Shayma Hasn
    Shayma Hasn


  • Noor Emad
    Noor Emad

    Who else misses woojin😭😭😭😭🥺😭😭😭😭😭😭😭🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺😭😭😭😭🥺🥺🥺🥺😭😭🥺🥺🥺

  • Setareh Kheirmanesh
    Setareh Kheirmanesh

    this song and mv are so pererfect

  • Setareh Kheirmanesh
    Setareh Kheirmanesh

    im exol here and i like stray kids

  • - AᥒothᥱrKρxρxr ::悲 MultifandomBubú
    - AᥒothᥱrKρxρxr ::悲 MultifandomBubú

    The girl is having the Y/N life

  • Kap Mang
    Kap Mang

    They really said “to be continued “

  • koesoh

    okay but hear me out- what if the girl is hyunjin's sister who he was trying to protect from minho- but then he fell for minho instead and yeah jeongin's unrequited love for hyunjin but we've established that already

  • •Hobbiii •
    •Hobbiii •

    *Stray Kids not Straight Kids*

  • K T.O.P
    K T.O.P

    Estranho em, será que Hyunjin esta gostando Minho e não da menina ou é minha inveção na cabeça ou I.N esta com ciúmes por isso que pegou o suco ? gente eu não posso pensar nisso. Se a parte dois mostrar que I.N esta gostando do Hyunjin eu vou ter ataque cardíaco e se não for vai tomar no seu rabo JYP (essa parte é mentira, tabom JYP ). Mas esse M/V tá perfeito, tomara que a parte 2 seja mais rápido porque eu estou curiosa :-)

  • SUPREME 作 成 狼
    SUPREME 作 成 狼

    JHSGAKASSJSFS I'M GONNA CRY LIKE D: THIS SONG IS SO GOOD AND THE GIRL MY HEARRRRRRT HMPH I'm a bit jelly T^T but like I love this, I love you guys UwU

  • ijosh Gaming
    ijosh Gaming

    Who's watching from Indonesia ❤️🇮🇩

  • Hanna Rodriguez
    Hanna Rodriguez

    Happy second Aniversary

  • Kim SeokJin
    Kim SeokJin

    Gay Theory: what if Hyunjin is inlove with Lee Know and not the girl? And Jeongin is the only one who noticed it lol (Don't come at me it happened before in an old kpop mv)


    Parece que alguém acabou de virar o meu grupo utt.

  • skjin cloud
    skjin cloud


  • bene zahir
    bene zahir


  • bene zahir
    bene zahir


  • bene zahir
    bene zahir


  • عراقية كيبوبية
    عراقية كيبوبية


  • Maia Samira Crisosto Godoy
    Maia Samira Crisosto Godoy

    alto triangulo amoroso jaja

  • Muong Dao
    Muong Dao

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="121">2:01</a> okay but why does I.N kinda look like Hwall from the boyz (😔 miss you)

  • Shajeea

    Minho doesn't know how lucky is he that he got to hold her hand !_!

  • Esther


  • Jane Kim
    Jane Kim

    Army are here to support you❤ Stray Kids are so talented ❤💜They're so damn handsome tho❤ fighting

  • Hiba Jama
    Hiba Jama

    Everyone here is making love octagons with the members while I’m still confused about who the girl likes. 🤔🤔🤔

  • G-DRAGON multifandom
    G-DRAGON multifandom

    Quem é do brasil da like pra min não me sentir só

  • Ariana Flores
    Ariana Flores


  • Ariana Flores
    Ariana Flores

    Loveee song!!!!

  • Ariana Flores
    Ariana Flores

    Visualvideo nn

  • May

    It's been four days and I'm still vibing with this song. Like... I don't get tired of hearing it... Is this what you call SOTY material

  • Amara Baker
    Amara Baker



    Amo la canción más que a mí misma xdxdxd

  • Anastasia Cindy
    Anastasia Cindy

    Can someone tell me about the title? Because i dont know hangul:((

    • nazalea ZF
      nazalea ZF

      mixtape : on track (or even a fool knows, this is translation of that hangul)

  • klesta

    ok buy wHy is no one talking about the "to be continued" at the end like what does that mean are we like getting a part two or am i just overreacting

  • Janhavi Singh
    Janhavi Singh

    when is part 2 this was such a cliffhanger smh

  • clara gasi
    clara gasi

    im sorry sir my eyes only see hyunin.

  • Green Tea
    Green Tea

    Plot twist: they aren't fighting over the girl, they're fighting over each other. They are all jealous of the girl.

  • Starr Vue
    Starr Vue


  • ANNA Tsareva
    ANNA Tsareva

    Какой милый клип

  • MinSuga

    Dios los amo tanto TT

  • jeongin skz
    jeongin skz


  • 냉베

    This is comeback?or what?

    • Nancy Mendez
      Nancy Mendez

      냉베 it’s a release single for their mixtape project also released on debut anniversary. Comeback is soon :)

  • _pistacho_

    Yo esperando que declaren a Minho visual para tener 2 visuales 7w7

  • hannayu

    I need behind the scene of this MV, i wanna see how minho and hyunjin laughing each other during the shoot😂😂

  • Doa Abuzant
    Doa Abuzant

    في اي حد عربي؟!⁦⁦❤️⁩⁦❤️⁩⁦❤️⁩

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      زهرة البنفسج

      ستاي عرب

  • Rafida Yunii
    Rafida Yunii

    Oh tidak hyunjin!!!!!kenapa kamu bisa setampan ini sih😭😚

  • stob it
    stob it

    everyone: talkin bout how gay they are me in i-stay: *came to the comment section to find the name of the song*

  • EJ MC
    EJ MC

    Idk what's going on but I love the song lol😂

  • eugenia Kozhevnikova
    eugenia Kozhevnikova

    In love with *eeoh*

  • la locuras de Mio
    la locuras de Mio


  • Kacian Brown
    Kacian Brown

    Let us confuse non stays

  • Gabriela Veron
    Gabriela Veron

    Ahh con quien se queda la chica? Ahre

    • Seo Han Bang
      Seo Han Bang

      Con ninguno de los dos, al final se queda con Stay jejeje


    Meu Deus o que foi isso kk AMEI

  • Soraya Canga
    Soraya Canga

    Someone said that who wrote the love song was changbin to felix, but i don't think so, someone can confirm it to me? please

    • Girl in the Bubble
      Girl in the Bubble

      lol, it's false, but yeah Changbin wrote the song,

  • aisha

    awww felix was so cute in this video i love it

  • Victoria Quinster
    Victoria Quinster

    Espero que cuando todo sobre el coronavirus pase, StrayKids pueda venir a México, me gustaría ver a mis chicos en vivo :c. STRAYKIDS LOS AMOOOOO

  • anis qistina
    anis qistina

    comei do lino ni

  • Bang Chan
    Bang Chan


  • grxce kxm9⃣
    grxce kxm9⃣

    i feel like hyunjin's actually jealous of the girl because before she started getting involved with minho, hyunjin and minho were best friends in school. when she came along, minho started crushing on her and gave all of his attention to her, leaving hyunjin alone with jeongin.

  • Daisy Cueyactle
    Daisy Cueyactle

    Awwww i wanted to cry😔

  • Latifa mohammed
    Latifa mohammed

    Skzz , I'm dying with your vocals 😭❣️❣️

  • music A.P
    music A.P

    hii 😍

  • suga sleeps
    suga sleeps

    God: you have one wish. Soo what do you wish for. Me: I wish to become that girl's hand. God:are you sur- Me: YES I AM.

  • lili moon
    lili moon

    Такое ощущение что трейлер дорамы посмотрела😵

  • Ahlam Abdilaahi
    Ahlam Abdilaahi

    Alexa play that should be me

  • Trisha

    Chan's face at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="194">3:14</a> : Bitch wut are u doin make it quick my arms hurt.. Sorry that was random i couldnt help but notice it HAHAHA

  • Mili Diaz
    Mili Diaz

    jeongin is so in love with hyunjin omg😭

  • melophile _18
    melophile _18

    Why tf jeongin looks like he has a crush on hyunjin 😂😂 lmaoooo