Testing Useless Nail Hacks (Blowing Bubbles Through My Nails)
"Which life hack do you think was tHe MoSt UsELeSs?"
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  • cmtangiiti89

    "They've got ads" This video cuts to an ad 😂😂😂

  • little wolfa
    little wolfa

    That video was made for you

  • Riley Campbell
    Riley Campbell

    *Troom Troom* Im blocking out the haters *me* Yeah you are blocking out the hater.....While your blocking out your eye sight

  • Sunny The Pastel Panini
    Sunny The Pastel Panini

    S i M p L y N a I l A l O g I c A a A l W h e r e a r e y o o?!

  • Carmen Dauth
    Carmen Dauth

    I'm really glad that they where having fun.

  • James Grisson
    James Grisson

    Cristeen Christen says age, 1 minute later wait how old am I?

  • Superstarnova 75
    Superstarnova 75

    B U B B L E B E N

  • XXTypical XX
    XXTypical XX

    i love how they are generally happy blowing the bubbles through the fake nails

  • inglés cool kaylee nunesCernas
    inglés cool kaylee nunesCernas

    12:30 lol

  • LunaJana_야나


  • lizzfrmhon

    Those stupid troom troom videos are dangerous. So stupid and making hound stupid people go and handle things like drills and knives and shit. Some idiot will kill themselves one of these days.

  • Donika Gashi
    Donika Gashi

    I love That they are matching hahahahahaha💗😂❤️

  • evildragon05

    12:46 MY OPINION ON THIS TOPIC written; January 22, 2020 On this topic about whether or not people's videos are kids or not. What about the people that have kid friendly videos but also have adult content? I feel that if y ou h arent asking for info from kids then it doesnt really matter. TFK I believe is going to move the kids channels to EEsoft for kids where you can only get them on there with no description and you cant subscribe as well as demonitising the youtubers channel. I c ou old lose a bunch of the EEsoftrs I watch on here to EEsoft for kids. I am above the age that I need to be tk be on here si it doesnt matter now. But If I am being honest I wasnt when I started. Plus people lie about their ages all the time on Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, and Twitter. There isn't much of a difference if you do or do not take people off this EEsoft. I want to apologize I went on a rant but it is my honest opinion Also I am not watching this for the first time just desided to write something about it. -Chris

  • Queen Oof
    Queen Oof

    Her : I wont be drilling through MY nails ME : thinks she IS getting Ben

  • simple sushi
    simple sushi

    Did anybody else notice how many of her videos have millions of views?

  • Misty Sings
    Misty Sings

    Proof that bubbles make you lose all maturity Now I'm not that mature, I'm only a middle schooler, so I'm not saying I'm THAT mature or anything but like.......... I'm more mature than a 3 year old. Well during lunch, a friend of mine had bubble mix, how she got it, I have no idea. Basically, we were screaming, laughing, pretending our moves were Pokemon moves, and running to pop them whilst being maniacs..... This was one of the best things so far this year, it was beautiful.

  • death fox
    death fox

    ItS Not A PROmlEM AnyMOrE -troom troom

  • Julia Cortez
    Julia Cortez

    Those spoon glasses reminds me of the "blocking out the haters" vine.😂😆

  • Anssa

    Imagine if Christine drilled her real nails

  • Cannon B
    Cannon B

    She had the perfect opportunity to blow the bubble gun at the camera instead of covering it with her hand... *w a s t e d*

  • Luke Singh
    Luke Singh

    9:42 Cristine: *slowly turns into the blue eyed girl*

  • Tara Tricky
    Tara Tricky

    I’m a child but I watch this anyways

  • Bella Carlin
    Bella Carlin

    When it starts to load at 2:40 Honestly my life

  • k i z
    k i z

    Christine: Oh they've got ads *ad pops up*

  • stop start
    stop start

    Missed opportunity to call it the holo-day collection

  • Maja Osmalek12
    Maja Osmalek12

    Not even all the hacks are for nails like lol

  • blue peanut butter owo uwu
    blue peanut butter owo uwu

    but i'm a kid i'm like 9 years old

  • *Dax _XD_*
    *Dax _XD_*


  • Jo Spargo
    Jo Spargo

    The bubbles bring so much joy. Your bubble nails brought joy to me 😂

  • Gabby Franklin
    Gabby Franklin


  • x0xBabsx0x

    My Saturday's have just not been the same without a new video from Simply. 😔 💿

  • Abigail Thimothy
    Abigail Thimothy

    This is the most excited I've seen beyyyn, wtf

  • Tsukurikata

    Tea... Ben... Nails... Something is up here...

  • Arushi Pandey
    Arushi Pandey

    I have the exact same bubble bottle thingy. 😍😍

  • R B
    R B

    Anyone else think troom troom secretly made this to Cristine 😂😂 “Ben” “tea” “bubble nails” .......... oh yeah troom troom is on to you 😂😂

  • Akina Sakura
    Akina Sakura

    You can't say bubbles in a mean way

  • Vintage Nemo
    Vintage Nemo

    Honestly, I wanna make that rubber ducky headband...

  • Rainbow Barf
    Rainbow Barf

    When you went on the first ad I want on ad

  • Leah Shantz
    Leah Shantz

    When Tati shook the NARS brush set I legit thought it was my cat walking in the room lol!

  • Maddox Tillery
    Maddox Tillery

    lol they upload the same things.

  • Kayla Thee Savage
    Kayla Thee Savage


  • Krazygamerkat

    Whose here in 2020!!

  • Hunter Hisoka
    Hunter Hisoka

    Right after she said,"they've got ads" an ad played

  • Terrible Unicorn Twins66
    Terrible Unicorn Twins66

    What would happen if you knocked all of the nail polishes down

  • Katie McCluskey
    Katie McCluskey

    The second after she said “they’ve got ads” an ad started playing lol

  • Alexa Mandes
    Alexa Mandes

    I want a cristine and Ben podcast so bad! I could listen to them talk about literally anything

  • Purplebluecrow

    Troom troom adding Ben as a character to side eye Christine reminds me of when they made Danny Gonzales into a character to sideways insult him. They have a habit of that it appears

  • Marianna Laza
    Marianna Laza

    You should do some more

  • Chawndel

    "Do it again! Do it again!" That was so totally adorable!

  • Alessia T
    Alessia T

    1:15 Cristine: They’ve got ads *ad plays on my screen* Me: and so do you

  • Sophia Buzdugan
    Sophia Buzdugan

    It’s like they’re in a honeymoon

  • Ellie the temmie
    Ellie the temmie

    I love how ben seems so ammused by this

  • Nekku_gacha ’
    Nekku_gacha ’

    Try 123 Go

  • Andrew Martin
    Andrew Martin

    I thought she was going to try multiple

  • PurpleSnowstorm

    I really need a collab of cristine and jenna marbles they have the exact same energy i need them trying dumb life hack stuff together

  • Tanvi Bali
    Tanvi Bali

    Beynana being a whatever year old with a mental age of 5 y/o : "Do it again! Do it again!" 🤣🤣 I can't 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣♥️♥️♥️

  • T.V Chan
    T.V Chan

    US:who the hell will make a braces party and think thats trending TROOM TROOM:bois we have we have somthing new

  • Lil Muchacho
    Lil Muchacho

    7:32 7:14

  • Jordyn Young
    Jordyn Young

    5:12-5:17 she was feeling herself😂

  • Macey Gordon
    Macey Gordon

    I’m a decade old