Testing Useless Nail Hacks (Blowing Bubbles Through My Nails)
"Which life hack do you think was tHe MoSt UsELeSs?"
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  • Stephanie Kruse
    Stephanie Kruse

    Make more tik tok vids

  • mypupismup

    Hey, adults can enjoy bubbles too!

  • Alyazia Mohammed
    Alyazia Mohammed

    i lovet

  • MimiLuvs

    Ben having fun was adorable 💖

  • Sierra Van Sickle
    Sierra Van Sickle

    The only EEsoftrs I've seen complaining about this are toy/cute/innocent artsy EEsoftrs who don't make videos for kids but they draw the attention of kids. Like Dollightful and NexJen. Dollightful makes vidoes for older people who love to customize dolls but since it's cute and playful she's been told she's a kid's channel. And NexJen reviews toys for moms and dads to see if they are worth money or not and she's afraid she wouldn't be able to do anything just because she has toys in her videos. Other than that I don't know anyone else. Plus I don't watch kids EEsoftr stuff. And I also am not very interested in that. But like honestly the small portion of kids EEsoft stuff I have seen don't even need comments and stuff like that. Anyways I'm fine with this as long as my favorite EEsoftrs who aren't kids channels don't start getting demonetized because they are "kawaii" and have toys in them.

  • Seta Samimi
    Seta Samimi

    so ironic , XD When you said " they got ads " an ad popped up

  • Alexia Montoya
    Alexia Montoya

    I thought troom troom Just listen stupid in spanish but now I know that not

  • OfficialDanek

    aw this was uploaded on my birthday! just got back from holiday's so playing catch ups!

  • Jacklynn Huckleberry
    Jacklynn Huckleberry

    You should try le mini macaron it comes with gel nail polish remover wipes and a hand mask

  • Pastadudde

    Ben looking real daddy here. and oh lord his arms. has he been working out?

  • Mycrazy .life&adventures
    Mycrazy .life&adventures


  • Scarlett-Rose Diosi
    Scarlett-Rose Diosi

    eesoft.info/hd/video/r7HWZIeZxqFojZs try this

    • Scarlett-Rose Diosi
      Scarlett-Rose Diosi

      does any of it work

  • Squishylover 4eva
    Squishylover 4eva

    Someones weave got snatched at recess today oop

  • Emily Cusick
    Emily Cusick

    At least they’re becoming a little more self-aware

  • Lilly Dean
    Lilly Dean

    Troom troom has run out of ideas and started copying Christine

  • Mariah Grinnell
    Mariah Grinnell

    I wonder if Bed watches her videos?

  • Random Radical
    Random Radical

    Simply: "putting nails on my nails" Me: What nails

  • J. K.
    J. K.

    Did anyone notice that a simply-fan liked the ben troom troom insta Pic? XD THEY FOUND HIM BEFORE CRISTINE DID :D

  • Leanna Kekai
    Leanna Kekai

    I know how to achieve the flaming manicure because I did it once. You just have to apply long fake nails, go to warm some tortillas on the stove and not be careful.

  • Amy Leneski
    Amy Leneski

    Troom troom has a messenger account


    if you have a story go to story booth and tell every thing even super women did it

  • Georgia Bennetts
    Georgia Bennetts

    I understand cristine's annoyance with teachers not hole punching sheets. I would have to hole punch mine and then everyone would ask to borrow my hole punch and it would take a few minutes for everyone's to be done compared to the few seconds it would have taken for the teacher to do it !!!!!!!

  • Meeyah Hill
    Meeyah Hill

    I didn't know adults liked bubbles. 😂😂😂😂😂😂 But hey who's to judge

  • Charlotte Adams
    Charlotte Adams

    I think it's great when Ben comes on chatting about random political issues - it's such a different vibe! It's both entertaining and informative :)

  • Grace Villarosa
    Grace Villarosa


  • Julie H
    Julie H

    This was great. I laughed so much.

  • Jody Knight
    Jody Knight

    This is the 1st time I've watched this channel and this lady's voice sounds a lot like Jenna Marble's voice to me, maybe they're from the same area or they're related or something??

  • Anna Gautreaux
    Anna Gautreaux

    They didn’t use a drill they used a drimmel. It would’ve worked better if you had that since the bits are harder than a predrill which is what you used. Not gonna lie I’m kinda annoyed by troom troom for misleading people which is kinda sad that I’m even worried about it lol. It’s just because I’ve worked with both tools for scenic building so I know the difference

    • Anna Gautreaux
      Anna Gautreaux

      Honestly really impressed by the hole punch idea though

  • Depressed. Suicidal.
    Depressed. Suicidal.

    Me wondering how she's so energetic... Coffee?...Mhh No. Sleep?...Nah. Tea?...I don't think so.... Nail polish fumes?..Yes!No.Mabye?... I don't know anymore.

  • KimmyG2Shoes

    my mom: "wtf are you watching?" me: "two 30 year olds playing with bubbles and loving it" my mom: 🤔🤔

  • Diego Gomez
    Diego Gomez

    eesoft.info/hd/video/i4a8g5nT0oagdco do this video please

  • Gacha fam
    Gacha fam

    You should look up holo taco on eBay,wish,and Amazon see if anyone is selling them😂

  • Annie Lee
    Annie Lee

    Watching fully grown adults blow bubbles out of nails like its somthing they have never seen before.

  • Beth Hoskin-Lloyd
    Beth Hoskin-Lloyd

    4:30 did they just use Russel Howard's joke??? 😂😂😂

  • Mystiqueivy

    Oh yeahhh i cant believe she didnt tell him the guy from troom troon being named ben too lmaooo

  • SpaghettiNerd 2019
    SpaghettiNerd 2019

    7:00 You're giving me war flashbacks... But in my case if you forgot the paper you might as well say goodbye to everything

  • Mystiqueivy

    Im so glad she didnt do them on ben for a change! Poor him haha! I also had more comments but ive forgotten them since i watch this, damn it! I really should just comment immediately as im watching, that ways fresh and i dont miss on sharing my fave bits haha. Love you guys ❤

  • Leila Bear
    Leila Bear

    Love ur vids

  • Leila Bear
    Leila Bear

    Her nails be looking like the camera on the iPhone 11

  • Loveless6676

    Use a dremel not a drill 🤣 I'm a little shocked the hole punch worked lol