The BROFIST is declared a HATE SYMBOL! (this is bad)
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  • Dénes Nagy
    Dénes Nagy

    if the 👌 sign is white supremacist then all scuba divers are racist. So since you cant speak to each other underwater scuba divers make hand signal's and the 👌 sign actually means ok. now if the whole world knew that there wouldn't have been a fight between them. and also Epstein died of cancer.

  • Kaneboy

    We took pepe back from the normies

  • Heidi B
    Heidi B


  • Willi Strudl
    Willi Strudl

    7:40 Did he forget to censor this???

  • Noah Newberry
    Noah Newberry

    Who else got a pewdiepie store ad at the start

  • Yvan Sainathan
    Yvan Sainathan

    When you get a pewdiepie add on a pewdiepie video...

  • Creeper McCreeping
    Creeper McCreeping

    I just read about the billie is thicc thingy and for some reasons,other people don't get critisim while the tweeter got a ban and critisism I don't even know

  • Huitzil


  • Mr FriedChikin
    Mr FriedChikin

    What if they made it so if alinity used it she gets banned

  • Rainy

    Ok boomer

  • Eduardo Rocha
    Eduardo Rocha

    your white so you obviusly has no say in this

  • Aloosh

    Anyone else get a pewdiepie figurine ad? We have broken the algorithm 😎

  • Roli Moli
    Roli Moli

    Then the HK protesters posted his face everywhere

  • James Langley
    James Langley


  • yo momma
    yo momma

    Pepe was never dead LONG LIVE KEKEKISTAN

  • Zeddy Boi
    Zeddy Boi

    everything: gets declared as a hate symbol me: *still uses them* me: the fuck you gon do bout it, boomer?

  • Rin goh
    Rin goh

    replace the boomers in the government already

  • Tony Max
    Tony Max

    We should chop off our hands then hate can't happen!!!

  • Sarah Aurora Karish
    Sarah Aurora Karish

    So.... Where's the news about your "BROFIST" being a hate symbol? Clickbait?

  • Pandalovebutton

    I've never seen such quality fucking content. Keep it up!!! Great work.

  • Nick Washington
    Nick Washington



    Hi friends, come to my channel and watch the video please😔😔😔

  • Abc Cba
    Abc Cba

    What is origin of this "Pepe!" sound? Sounds like Pewdipie. 1:37

  • Adrian Diaz
    Adrian Diaz

    I just learned about the 'White Power' sign, I use it as a 3, an ok, or the circle game

  • EN gaming channel
    EN gaming channel

    I have a theory....what if OK symbol actually means women power? Hmmm xD

  • Thomas Aldave
    Thomas Aldave

    boomers are ruining our memes

  • Mackalack169

    How is trump Pepe racist

  • KeaneRoy Rivera
    KeaneRoy Rivera

    Here before 10m views.

  • Toter Lauritzen
    Toter Lauritzen

    I got a pewdipie add on a pewdipie video AAAAAAHHHHH LETS GOOO

  • No-Promo Bear
    No-Promo Bear

    This guy gets it. You’re doin great kid

  • HÄMÃDØÑ Al Khalifa
    HÄMÃDØÑ Al Khalifa

    If this the way...guess the entire sign language system gonna be declared a 'hate symbol'...

  • Charlie Meng
    Charlie Meng

    omg i'm literally shaking right now how could Gru do such a thing

  • TheWindWaker134

    That was AWESOME. Nice one

  • J J
    J J


  • CRAN_85

    Starting a petition to create a BOOMER symbol

  • Giannis Tsoupakis
    Giannis Tsoupakis

    Actually thank you pewd's for trying to educate :) :)

  • Giannis Tsoupakis
    Giannis Tsoupakis

    doesn't feel that different from the middle ages and the witch hunting...

  • AuthenticGarbage

    I just got an ad for the figurine lmao

  • Wuitwo Awui
    Wuitwo Awui

    Isnt it Man Power if its upsidedown hmmmm

  • Rory Higgins
    Rory Higgins


  • SebasTian Stn
    SebasTian Stn

    Ok sign can be read as W.P . Me as a gamer : Well Played?

  • issarlk

    Drinking milk is also a white supremacist thing, and everybody should stop doing it. When they finally advertise their love of breathing, we can all hold our breath, die, and then we'll have won, because "if you kill your enemy they win".

  • MaxGaming22

    You use the ok sign,but you ain't white, but they call you racist..

  • Xanthraxe

    Pewdiepis and internet historian collaboration when?

  • Brothertom

    Pewds this content is so strong man please more of this

  • Diego Crampton
    Diego Crampton

    I found Pepe in my science class room

  • xXAlanAmazingXx

    It’s like giving a certain word so much power by saying it’s racist like bruh it’s just a word

  • Fuct Airlines
    Fuct Airlines

    102 mil subs and EEsoft hides his vids from me. Lol

  • Apples

    Can someone pls fill me in why Pepe is now fighting for HK freedom?

  • Pines

    click bait

  • Zellar100

    You’ve got to understand it’s the Liberals making shit out of nothing

  • Vergil the legendary dark slayer
    Vergil the legendary dark slayer

    Ignore these crazy people, just 10% of your fans outnumber the snowflakes who think the brofist is a hate symbol


    Shit I randomly make the “white power” sign. I am so racist damn.

  • Desimations :s
    Desimations :s

    that's not okay symbol or WP symbol, it simply means 👉👌

  • Markus Massey
    Markus Massey

    I unsubbed a while ago cuz... Idk, it just seemed like the content was not directed for people beyond a certain age... 9... No, jk but I really liked this video good job bro keep it up.

  • Andrei Brănescu
    Andrei Brănescu

    Not sure what you guys are doing in the US, but to the rest of the world, PEPE is still PEPE.

  • -BeyondAir-

    when you running out of ideas

  • BoB bruh
    BoB bruh

    I hate the news for this very reason

  • Andrei Petrica
    Andrei Petrica

    Felix is the new David Attenborough.

  • xxAlex