THE MAVERICK | Official Boxing Documentary
Logan Paul
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From building one of EEsoft's biggest empires to becoming the most hated man on the planet, Logan Paul turns to boxing in order to find himself again.
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I’m a 24 year old manchild living in Los Angeles. This is my life.
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Skin - Alaskan Tapes, Chantal
America - The Shoes
A Giant Dies - Zack Hemsey
This Feels Like Home - Zack Hemsey
The Calm Before the Storm - Zack Hemsey
All Was Quiet - Alaskan Tapes
Hunger Of The Pine - Alt-J
Let Them Come - Zack Hemsey
Seeing is Believing - Zack Hemsey
Drifted - The Shoes, Sage
Views from Tower Two - Alaskan Tapes
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In the Wake of a Giant - Zack Hemsey
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Second Camera -
Nate Mennel
Ari Abraham
Brendan North
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Anton Wisbiski
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Bradley Denham
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Ari Abraham
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  • Mike P
    Mike P

    This shit was HARDDDDDDDDDD!! Logan keep your head up.

  • vasskigaming YT
    vasskigaming YT

    A know logan paul not mean that a will and logan paul fan will suport logan eny time Hit the like to suport logan paul 💖💖💖💖 👇👍

  • Alissa Baumann
    Alissa Baumann

    I miss Chloe and Logan together, and Kong, and Mav....

  • Iyman Zein42
    Iyman Zein42

    26:45 to 30:00 hey you ever considered filming the next under dog boxing movie or any fighting movie in general cause that was f*cking incredible filming

  • Iyman Zein42
    Iyman Zein42

    He is and always will be the rocky balboa underdog The hero that’s not perfect That’s why we love him right? This was Apollo creed vs rocky balboa This was Ivan drago vs clubber Lang And that is why you earned my love and respect bud

  • Kristin Short
    Kristin Short

    Fucking love you Logan!

  • TNTLucas

    I'm sad

  • Aaliyan Hamid
    Aaliyan Hamid

    I bet this documentary isn't going to release now! 😂 What the hell this dude think he is? 😂😂😂

  • YouTube creator of Scott Michael Schneider VLOG
    YouTube creator of Scott Michael Schneider VLOG

    I just subscribe to u

  • J A L
    J A L


  • Thats Amore
    Thats Amore

    I have a cat that is named Logan Paws Bishop he was named after the wolverine because he has extra toes which makes him a "boxer gloves" cat I was just told about you and I find it absolutely perfect that his name is Logan Paws and he is a boxer

  • William JR
    William JR

    I Care about you I have already watched this for 2 years You were so epic and cool so just think what you’re doing and change your life and KSI is fucking ediot and a black fuckedup bitch and you areBetter than him Logan and jake Paul🥳

  • Freakzoid/ Gamer
    Freakzoid/ Gamer

    anyone going to tell me the songs name at 21:20 ?


    But you lost 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Lena Turner
    Lena Turner

    Of course it’s a draw lol

  • Can I get 1000 subs with no videos
    Can I get 1000 subs with no videos

    Not to hate but he didnt do anything in this video he didnt even talk i feel bad for the editor

  • Rasmus Storkholm
    Rasmus Storkholm



    in fact logan is a winner if he didnt lose the 2 points

  • Spoon with 50,000 subs ????
    Spoon with 50,000 subs ????

    Hahahahahah he lost

  • King Khan
    King Khan

    AMAZING. Second, you are a fucking genius man. You’ve made this great piece of documentary out that. I bit KSI did not record shit. Third, nice job with portraying KSI as villain. Good luck in the future.

  • amro fouad
    amro fouad

    You Loser!!

  • David Lauresta
    David Lauresta

    KSI is bad super bad

  • Dishant Sharma
    Dishant Sharma

    This is like a document movie mate cheers What a great potential both of these guys have. Crazy life mann

  • Chace Pence
    Chace Pence

    people make mistakes and do wrong things but the fact that you guys hate on him and make him fell like shit is just as bad as the mistake he made. So instead of tearing him down try to lift him up and help him not make the same mistake again. So Logan I forgive you I make mistakes just like you and I know for a fact that everyone that is hating on him made mistakes just like him.

  • Skull leader
    Skull leader

    Logan how did you not win?

    • KabamOP - Pubg Mobile
      KabamOP - Pubg Mobile

      @Skull leader logan initially won but due to landing an illegal shot at the back of the shithead He lost 2 points and was not given the warning that he just did some dumb shit

  • netronan the offencive
    netronan the offencive

    What's it be the biggest joke on every social media platform?

  • Chwy 538
    Chwy 538

    EEsoft would be a better place with out Logan Paul like if u agree | | | | |

  • Sandy McBride
    Sandy McBride

    You and ksi should do an MMA match

  • Anthonyoshi - Official Channel
    Anthonyoshi - Official Channel

    *This is a really good DOCUMENTARY*

  • We Hauling it
    We Hauling it

    Usually I always go against Logan and I cheered for ksi in both fights even since when he had less than 500k but Greg’s a bitch for what he did to Logan

  • Xochitl Juárez
    Xochitl Juárez

    I know you last but in my mind you are all Wes the winner ☺☺☺


      Xochitl Juárez Logan got bet haha

  • Joshua Garner
    Joshua Garner

    This is some good content. I was rootin for ya. If nothing else, at least we are starting to see some good content again from Logan.

  • azaz vohra
    azaz vohra

    You did well!

  • Clixzy jr
    Clixzy jr

    U can’t fight

  • Tiktok mad
    Tiktok mad

    I keep crying bc all the hate that Logan gets 😭

  • XxFortniteproXx Fortnite
    XxFortniteproXx Fortnite

    Hey I'm ur biggest fan my birthday is on the 17th it's Tennessee

  • TarolinSchofield

    The picture of this video says it all he faded to dust because he sneezed 3 times and blamed it on that for losing. A joker is always a joker. Stay out of boxing

  • Strawberry 5 Strawberry 5
    Strawberry 5 Strawberry 5


  • Simonstar

    Really well done documentary.

  • The J's vlogs
    The J's vlogs

    you done a food jpb I love your videos


    To be honest logan won this fight idk how tf it was a draw

  • YouRosa

    Logan it's crazy how everyone thinks they can judge you when everyone out there have done even worse things but hey remember this only God can judge you and if you are still where you at is for a reason don't let them stop you this is a test from god keep it up trust me don't worry about them you a son of God and he is by your side.

  • Javier Bazan
    Javier Bazan

    Lmao what happened bro

  • YTprowolf OG
    YTprowolf OG

    Logan took the L on the fight

  • Harry0124

    Ksi saved Logan Paul’s career, and now he’s ended it - Harry0124 2k19

  • chazzy boi06
    chazzy boi06

    Hey logan. Your a pusssy

  • AHu The RiPPer
    AHu The RiPPer

    Btw why Logan stopped breaking food plates... it was fun for him

  • Kendall Smith
    Kendall Smith

    If only your reserve shoot failed

  • Kendall Smith
    Kendall Smith

    A history of the most hated and sore loser

  • Daniel Campbell
    Daniel Campbell

    Mavericks dead lol

  • Donnie G
    Donnie G

    Try again next year

  • Donnie G
    Donnie G

    Haha you lost

  • Sven Bmwi8bmw
    Sven Bmwi8bmw

    The dude isnt even dead and he made a documentary of him self..

  • Möönlight TvT
    Möönlight TvT

    Logan is the best period

    • パンクpunk

      Not the best at boxing tho

    • Jerr S
      Jerr S

      Möönlight TvT more like worst

  • Elon Musk
    Elon Musk

    You lost Logan hold this L

  • DBD P4nda
    DBD P4nda

    Pepelaugh oh no no no he doesn’t know pepelaugh pepelaugh

  • Babatünde


  • Lawrence Whelan
    Lawrence Whelan

    all this hype to take a good old L no excuses mate take your loss like a man

  • Strekki

    I don’t like the man but gotta respect how far he’s come basically on his own, dealt with all the hate on his own and shit

  • k3v1nsk1

    this is so dumb hahah