The Pixel 4 XL has 4 little problems...
Its time to durability test the Pixel 4 XL! Thanks to LastPass for sponsoring a portion of this video. Click here to start using LastPass: The systematic durability test from JerryRigEverything is a rite of passage for any upcoming smartphone. Todays Pixel 4 XL is no different. Most phones survive my durability tests without any major damage. This Pixel 4 XL is not one of the survivors. Google's smartphone has cracked in four different places along the frame. Each of the antenna lines covered by thick paint cracks when the phone is bent. The Pixel 4xl should not be placed in your back pocket, or anywhere where the the phone can be flexed.
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  • Thomas Andreas Bell
    Thomas Andreas Bell

    ‘’ it helps protecting the screen during drops. its perfect for CRAZY people that don’t like cases.’’ Im crazy.

  • Jamie Willshaw
    Jamie Willshaw

    Thanks Jerry, now I know that I shouldn't: Purposefully bend my phone Purposefully burn my phone Purposefully scratch my phone Purposefully cut my phone. I was about to do all of these things, now I know that it would damage it, I had no idea. 😂

  • Hunter Wolfe
    Hunter Wolfe

    "For the crazy people who don't like cases." Excuse me, but I prefer the term "accident prone" :P XD

  • iiLostxShadow Roblox
    iiLostxShadow Roblox

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  • Saturniun YT
    Saturniun YT

    When Zack is praising an iPhone, we know that this phone is NOT good.

  • beyonder blank
    beyonder blank

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  • AKM Murali
    AKM Murali

    This is the true successor to the iphone 6

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    XxJohnTryhardKilerrrxX X

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="12">0:12</a> middle finger

  • Jae E
    Jae E

    "I can only speak in sentences with 9 syllables .."

    • Jae E
      Jae E

      "I bent the phone, It cracked, by, the ,screen"

  • Aias Stocco
    Aias Stocco

    I swear google love making parody iPhones like just stick to your search engine not the phones 😂

  • Priyansh Dharamsey
    Priyansh Dharamsey

    I have two passcodes- 18 digit and 22 digit and I remember them both.

  • WreckIt Nick
    WreckIt Nick

    Dear Google, Come on pls don't copy apple budget strategy if you can't make good hardware.. Your selling point is just the camera, nothing else.

  • Niels Gebhardt
    Niels Gebhardt

    This phone is so ugly and crappy

  • Tobias

    I was seriously considering this phone...

  • Jordon K
    Jordon K

    I feel like this phone was rushed to be released...

  • Dat Funneh Bro Doe
    Dat Funneh Bro Doe

    How did Google go from headphone jack, to no jack, to jack and to no jack again?

  • Zeeshan Ahmed
    Zeeshan Ahmed

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  • Levi

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  • Jonathon LaFave
    Jonathon LaFave

    I do also feel they could of put more into for the money.

  • Jonathon LaFave
    Jonathon LaFave

    You all are crazy doing this to phones. I'm holding the pixel 4 Xl. Costed me an arm in leg I would not be doing test like this guy haha. Cool tho I like to see how strong stuff can be.

    • Jonathon LaFave
      Jonathon LaFave

      @Pile Animations no shi

    • Pile Animations
      Pile Animations

      Jonathon LaFave this is his job

  • ManudB

    So it’s either lastpass or have an iPhone with keychain out of the box. 🤣


    Me:Please stop that sound! Zack:Sweet sounding metal.

  • resto resto
    resto resto


  • Darushindras

    In Germany we say "Sollbruchstelle" xD

  • Mason Brazill
    Mason Brazill

    I’m glad Zack can disagree with certain brands (Apple) but also recognize the good things that Apple does unlike some channels.

  • Gabriel Klein
    Gabriel Klein

    It sucks you didn’t apply more force till it broke in half. You want to use this unit for something else

  • Ravi Singh
    Ravi Singh

    Please gift me some of your mobile phones😊

    • Pile Animations
      Pile Animations


    • Ravi Singh
      Ravi Singh

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    • Pile Animations
      Pile Animations

      Ravi Singh just buy one yourself

  • Julien Lindauer
    Julien Lindauer

    C’mon, it’s still an improvement over the iPhone 6, it now bends at 2 places !

  • Hyper Man
    Hyper Man

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  • joy v s
    joy v s

    My heart is crumbling ...

  • Nouh Noah
    Nouh Noah

    Got the pixel XL for 400 . Price is down and it's definitely worth it now !

  • Archibald McGlasson
    Archibald McGlasson

    Kill the dog, just leave the phone alone

  • Cap'N. C
    Cap'N. C


  • thezanninogang

    Who else is waiting for the day jerry says scratches at a level 7 with deeper grooves at a level 8

  • Shivesh R
    Shivesh R

    missed the opportunity of saying xs problem

  • joe mama
    joe mama

    can i have that

  • The_game_cartridge

    It's lacking a lot of features, my p30 lite witch is cheap as has more cameras, expandable storage and a headphone jack.

  • Timmy Bolton
    Timmy Bolton

    The first foldable phone by Google ^^

  • The Boss
    The Boss

    Jesus, I get it. You like apple better. Please just review the phone thats why I clicked on the video

  • Hugh Mungus
    Hugh Mungus

    The colts show the most famous races black white and Donald trump

  • Patrick Lovell
    Patrick Lovell

    “ crazy people who don’t like cases” while scratching $900 phone and could’ve jus gotten the cheaper one

  • Patrick Lovell
    Patrick Lovell

    Why do you sound like an Apple fan boy... and I’m actually an iPhone user

  • disynthetic

    Talk about breaking a few eggs to make an omelette.

  • Chris

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    Jabari Thomopson

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    Noeman Noeman

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  • Sandy BoleYT
    Sandy BoleYT

    The Nokia 7 plus at 299 managed to do a more *SOLID* job of painting the back of the phone

  • Ahmad Asgher
    Ahmad Asgher

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  • Ahmad Asgher
    Ahmad Asgher

    what did you with this mobile phone?

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    Jason Ryan

    It looks like the lg stylo 4 with a bumped camera

  • Stew V
    Stew V

    Google need to up their game trying to do an apple and over charge 😂😠

  • CallOfPundy1192

    You know durability tests mean nothing when you actually know how to take care of a phone. It's called buying a case and being responsible

    • Lord Mashie
      Lord Mashie


  • R I
    R I

    It's like watching the phone version of sausage party. Innocent pixel thinks it's going to a loving owner... For the record, this is trash. My S9 Note is pure art compared to this.

  • FredSkinn

    I soon as I saw them crack I went oooooh

  • Robert Goss
    Robert Goss

    Just throwing this out there, even if it's an old video, Zack hates this phone like so much like idk I get it it has flaws but damn

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    Urska Jinx

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    Artem Salov 1

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    De_Intense _Gamers2018 _.

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  • Kohl St. Michael
    Kohl St. Michael

    Kinda miss the giant bezels of the 2016 tablet phones. They would never start an argument because they all looked the same. Nowadays bezels and screen to body radios are a bit controversial the way a company does it, either the notch is too big, the chin is too tall, or they reverted back to large foreheads and make the ugliest phone in the world

  • Hero Number Two
    Hero Number Two

    Lmao i use the same password for everything and never got hacked

  • vijay saladi
    vijay saladi

    Another Innovative brand is Nokia 😍

  • Padraic McDonnell
    Padraic McDonnell

    Flip sake Google. Up your hardware game!

  • kazuhiro 008
    kazuhiro 008

    Mr Google ! If you attach two lenses, you should attach a super wide-angle lens instead of a telephoto lens. Telephoto is solved with digital zoom, so no need You made a wrong decision. So it didn't sell

  • Patrick star
    Patrick star

    I have the Google Pixel 4 xl and honestly it's the best phone I've ever had it's amazing. And with a case you'll be fine

    • kazuhiro 008
      kazuhiro 008

      YES It is common sense to put a case on a smartphone However, for some reason Jobs hates smartphone cases. Does he love art more than durability?

  • Seedlitte

    “For the crazy people who don’t use cases” *Marques brownlee has entered the chat*

  • Nick's TimE
    Nick's TimE

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="425">7:05</a> why does your channel called JerryRigEverything, but it should be JerryRIPEverything

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  • Dean Gabriel
    Dean Gabriel

    Incredible's smooth as silk. This is a biased hit on a perfect phone. People don't get it because Google doesn't have to brag about all these insignificant stats and hair splitting criticisms .lol

    • DamienIsATsundere


  • living calm
    living calm

    Wrong pixel came out with the four cameras first

  • Second Grader
    Second Grader

    I'm today years old when I found out that you cant face unlock ur phone if ur eyes closed

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