The realme X2 Pro surprised me.
Unboxing and Review of the Realme X2 Pro - in my opinion the best Smartphone the company has made in 2019! Welcome to my review of camera, battery, specs, features and more!
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  • Mrwhosetheboss

    What do YOU think to the X2 Pro - Top or Flop? To check out the Mystery Package I received from Samsung recently:

    • Tenzin Choerab
      Tenzin Choerab

      I am in love with this phone.



    • Radoslav Naydenov
      Radoslav Naydenov

      Arun, you're my favourite EEsoft technology reviewer. Could you please let me know where can I purchase the Realme X2 Pro from? Thanks and keep it up. Your channel is definitely better than Unbox Therapy, and at least equally good to MKBHD ;)

    • Ashik Aliyar
      Ashik Aliyar

      Da a dedicated camera review

  • Pedro Soares
    Pedro Soares

    I would totally buy it if the screen was IPS, my eyes are too photosensitive, I can't use OLED screens for long

  • Riton Aktar
    Riton Aktar

    Your video always op

  • Scott Deagan
    Scott Deagan

    Tried the link in the description, it doesn't link to the handset. Is this handset still sold on Amazon, or has it been removed for some reason?

  • Truthdefender101

    Iphone 15(2025): Introducing the all new 50w charger and 90Hz refresh rate. Apple fans: Take my MONEY!!!!!

  • DatsGamer The Great
    DatsGamer The Great

    Give it to meeee 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Football addicts
    Football addicts

    Realme be blasting 0 to 100 in their salesroom

  • Sailen Das
    Sailen Das

    Sir it has dual Stereo speakers

  • Leo Mintu
    Leo Mintu

    Is this better then One Plus 7 pro ??

  • PochinkiKing

    No one talking about the logo?

  • tech. AI
    tech. AI


  • Arykelic

    "happy because it can charge in 2 hours" removable batteries: hold my beer

  • Sachin Alfred
    Sachin Alfred

    Realme X2 Pro doesn't support internal sound while Screen recording. Confirmed with Realme Support Staff. This is a major ripoff and non of the youtuber's I follow mentioned this. #Disappointed

  • Farhan Sattar
    Farhan Sattar

    You missed the biggest compromise. Its 1080p. Anything less than 2k display in 2019 cannot be labelled as flagship imo.

  • Champions - Pubg Mobile
    Champions - Pubg Mobile

    I badly need a phone but I don't have money


    The Only reason I may not buy Realme X2 pro is lack of Micro SD card slot.

  • david ashraf
    david ashraf

    "happy with my iPhone 11 pro because it charges fully in under 2 hours" Apple users have very low standards 😂😂😂

  • Mike Ivsin
    Mike Ivsin

    When you ooh and ahh about the wifi speed, for example, consider the phone's radiation into the body. This is a public and required parameter but all reviewers pretend it does not matter. Sorry, thumbs down.

    • Mike Ivsin
      Mike Ivsin

      @Iqwja 2000 On YT try 'Wifi, Microwaves and the Consequences to our Health - Barrie Trower ' or search for 'wifi dangers problems health.' You'll get an earful. We don't have wifi at home -- only wired (Ethernet port)

    • Iqwja 2000
      Iqwja 2000

      @Mike Ivsin what downside of a faster wifi

    • Mike Ivsin
      Mike Ivsin

      @Iqwja 2000 There is a downside to wireless and it should be talked about if you are on the side of the consumer.

    • Iqwja 2000
      Iqwja 2000

      What do you mean

  • Nepth D
    Nepth D

    am i the one that dont use haptic feedback?

    • Akash Sharma
      Akash Sharma

      Me too

  • aymanzen73

    Apple and Samsung: I used to rule the world...

  • usman zain
    usman zain

    I wish i could get one of those

  • Syed Basith Ali
    Syed Basith Ali

    Yaah bro i totally agree with u its the one and only super value for money for this year

  • David Adam
    David Adam

    Realme X2 pro is a latest flagship the performance is good with 90HZ refresh rate like oneplus 7T. But the design looks similar to any other realme phones. For a unique look I applied a black camo skin from

  • Three Piece and A Soda
    Three Piece and A Soda

    Flagship killer? Nahh, this a fucken total beatdown, an overkill, Realme might get sentenced for this crime

  • John Harry General
    John Harry General


  • Neon Fox
    Neon Fox

    Nearly choked on my gum when your ip user friend is happy with sub 2hrs charging

  • John Mark Garcia
    John Mark Garcia

    Xiaomi must reveal the Poco F2 and outdone Realme because they are left in the dust by Realme this year. Please we need the Poco F2!

  • prabu kumar
    prabu kumar

    Almost now beast real me x 2 pro

  • Deepak DK
    Deepak DK

    Which is the game played in this video

    • Vivek Arora
      Vivek Arora

      COD ?


    3:36 thank me later

  • Mohammed Maishaan
    Mohammed Maishaan

    Do it have wirless chargeing

  • cRYptic sAD
    cRYptic sAD

    🌫🌫🌫 🌫🕛🌫 🌫🕡🌫 🌫🌫🌫 🌫🌫🌫 Idk weird phone

  • Felipe De Oliveira
    Felipe De Oliveira

    Brazil 🇧🇷

  • dark knight
    dark knight

    What is the SAR value of this X2 pro?

  • Minmin Li
    Minmin Li

    Iphone: "i can fully charge up in 2 hours!" X2 Pro: "lol..."

  • Nahte22

    Where do can we buy it from?

  • Honoria Rei
    Honoria Rei

    How much for the cat?

  • burnby siqnature
    burnby siqnature

    3:37 assistant coming

  • Henry Siamtea
    Henry Siamtea

    0:59 ,did he say 5 cameras?

    • Epic Moments
      Epic Moments


  • Raman Kumar
    Raman Kumar

    How is tge weight balance in hand? is it bad like asus rog 2 ?