The Tesla Model Y Is the Tesla Everyone Is Waiting For
Doug DeMuro
The Tesla Model Y is the newest Tesla -- and it's eagerly anticipated. Today I'm reviewing the Model Y, and I'm going to show you the quirks and features of the Tesla Model Y during a thorough tour of the Model Y. Then I'm driving the Tesla Model Y, and I'm going to tell you what it's like on the road.
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  • Tareq hmisho
    Tareq hmisho


  • zachary pernikliyski
    zachary pernikliyski

    You never mentioned the car has voice commands whether you wanna open the glove box play certain music or turn on particular Seat heather. And if you use the Google machine you can easily figure out Joe mode it’s called because a guy named Joe ask for it. You screwup

  • Bass Stuff
    Bass Stuff

    Joe is the dude who asked Elon for that feature so his kids can sleep while he gets alerts.

  • Native2458

    I can see people leaving there kid in the car and turning on dog mode.

  • Happycake Lol
    Happycake Lol

    Nice and techie car. However, the model X typically last 5 years and tons of glitches appears and repair is lengthy and costly. Durability is a still concern so it's a gimmick car for the rich but not an ordinary car for everyone.

  • LetsgoPats56

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="800">13:20</a> Yes, because we need MORE data collection!

  • Payton Chalstrom
    Payton Chalstrom

    Don’t ask who joe is Doug

  • Payton Chalstrom
    Payton Chalstrom

    For 60+ k that interior sucks

  • Anthony Cirillo
    Anthony Cirillo


  • Naif Shisha
    Naif Shisha

    Tesla model-S model-3 model-X model-Y S3XY :) nice

  • Russell L
    Russell L

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="977">16:17</a> My 2014 Model S with Cold Weather Package has heated middle seat. I'm guessing all Teslas with that package have it. <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1226">20:26</a> You can electric lifts to open and close the trunk and frunks on the S3X, use coupon code russtesla to get $50 off each kit.

  • Lupul Românesc
    Lupul Românesc

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1334">22:14</a> that thing with the magnetic latch is also in some older BMW's like the series 3 E46 (it may be in some other cars as well but i'm sure In this car is bc one of my friends has one)

  • Steve Young
    Steve Young

    Doug is the kind of guy who opens a condom with an exacto knife

  • noora

    * cries in poor *

  • Janaka Goonasekera
    Janaka Goonasekera

    Seeing all the innovation - software, AI and design in this car - we can safely say all other Car makers' days are numbered.

  • The Art
    The Art

    Why make such an ugly car?

  • Lewis Elrick
    Lewis Elrick

    HUD to find out "what gear you're in"...

  • Aaron Greig
    Aaron Greig

    That bonus sunken storage in the boot and bonnet = ice + drinks 👍🤙

  • Tony Russell
    Tony Russell

    Nice review and very nice car. Thought it was funny when you said you have to physically pull the seats back up. And that little metal bar sticking out would have lots of uses. hanging a shopping bag, your jacket etc.

  • CJ

    Did I miss it somewhere where he said how much these would sell for?

  • Sam Brody
    Sam Brody

    What If all Tesla models become self aware?

  • colin doyle
    colin doyle

    an affordable 40k car that costs 70k , there's one born every second in socal. and two more just joined you the wonderfully woke megan and harry

  • Paul Mansfield
    Paul Mansfield

    Anybody else's OCD triggered on seeing inside the trunk with the seats misaligned, one more reclined than the other?

  • MrRoboskippy

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1397">23:17</a> What gear you're in?

  • John Cossack
    John Cossack


  • Francisco Diaz
    Francisco Diaz

    The model Y 2021 is the one to get it will have the rear seat controls and heads up display, Tesla has a marketing strategy to trickle in new upgrades to keep you hooked

  • Sol Zaccai
    Sol Zaccai

    He wants a display to tell you what gear your in in an electric car

  • Eero Virtanen
    Eero Virtanen

    Doug the type of guy to be 6'4 and 6'3 simultaneously

  • scobra1cz

    The Tesla Model Y is another Tesla no one is waiting for :D

  • Aylin Garza
    Aylin Garza

    Whats the cheapest tesla

  • Lucas T
    Lucas T

    Because the virus , all car production stops , Tesla is now in China , overpriced, no quality, a car for the perfect idiot .

  • Vines and Stuff
    Vines and Stuff

    So... is Doug 6’1, 6’2, 6’3, or 6’4?????

  • Necrodead

    more like the Tesla WHY would you buy one?

  • Durable Ninja
    Durable Ninja

    It doesn’t look too cool looking

  • Crusher

    This car is literally a super expensive Rav4 with a glass roof

  • Geralt of Rivia
    Geralt of Rivia


  • Jacek Mróz
    Jacek Mróz

    Full Autopilot is a fucking 7,000 option..

  • Roger Andreassen
    Roger Andreassen

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="970">16:10</a> can't the rear seat passengers ask mum to just hand over the phone that has the Tesla app? There could be rear heat settings on the phone.

  • Luciano Herrera
    Luciano Herrera

    Wrong! Cybertruck buddy

  • pixelz11

    JOE MAMMA!!!!!

  • TBreemans

    Joe MAMA

  • FrankD71864

    6'3" NFL 6'4" NCAA

  • T Johnson
    T Johnson

    The all glass roof you can’t shade, the backseats which aren’t good but you can fit, the unlabeled USB ports, the driver’s seat is literally on stilts, there is still no heads-up even though everybody said the Model 3 should have it, no Android Auto or Apple CarPlay, the car costs $50K-$70k but has an interior that a Honda would beat... But Doug likes that it goes zoom and that some programmer makes the car in the infotainment look like the one you bought. *Obviously* it should rank better than a BMW X5 or other practical, well engineered vehicles with more comfortable interiors. The Model Y is supposed to be more family friendly, but it’s as unfriendly as ever to passengers (especially in the back seat). I’m not saying the Model Y is a bad car, more that Doug didn’t “review” the car as much as post a fan video. This review reminds me that the only reviews of his I can trust are for the cars that are either really old or stupid expensive.

  • Jocelyn Drolet
    Jocelyn Drolet

    You forgot to talk about the heat pump. That is very important for all users here in Canada.

  • Mike G
    Mike G

    Wasn’t the the model 3 supposed to be the affordable one? I believe it was around 30,000? So now 40,000 is affordable? I’m confused.

  • Rubeeno80

    i want one so bad

  • Ferdinand Zebua
    Ferdinand Zebua

    I didn't know about Joe the guy on Twitter with his baby, so I first thought that it was Joe Exotic the Tiger King...

  • Welkon

    I can see Tesla’s being the ghetto cars of the future

  • The Sun
    The Sun

    Not true the price is $52,990

  • Raul Machado
    Raul Machado

    Probably joe Rogan lol

  • D max
    D max

    My kids always play with back seats heater buttons. So it's really cool to control heater from cockpit)) my grand mother also not ok with new features. So I'd like to have this feature in my Hyundai

  • over opinionated
    over opinionated

    Model X USA =$85,000,,, Australia = $220,000 Ferrari F8 USA $250,000,,, Australia= $650,000

  • jamescarter26

    why they don't put a solar roof on top instead of the glass roof?

  • VarunKatwaroo

    First thing i'd do with the model Y is get higher profile tyres,lol

  • M. de k.
    M. de k.

    Oh really? I thought people were waiting for CYBERTRUCK. Also Joe mode is named after the guy the suggested it to Elon

  • over opinionated
    over opinionated

    Model Why?

  • Chris Banana
    Chris Banana

    I wish the low end was a bit cheaper. I really can't justify spending 36k on car.... I personally could go with just a 2 seater :D Remove some of the bells and whistles!

  • Bryan Charles
    Bryan Charles

    Does anyone else mute the first five seconds to avoid the "THIS"?

  • Ryan Davies
    Ryan Davies

    Car sucks, only a loser would buy it

  • Paul Thiel
    Paul Thiel

    I’m just waiting for Tesla to manufacture a car without paint issues and panel gaps from the factory.

  • Michael Isaacson
    Michael Isaacson

    Doug still won't wear pants.

  • kungstu22

    So it’s 40k. Only it’s 60k. Only it’s ... wtf.

    • Miguel lopez
      Miguel lopez

      Lowest end version that can ordered 40k the most upgraded version is just over 60k.


    thanks, this is a great review minus the dumb rating at the end.

  • вет вет
    вет вет

    Model Why? I'm waiting Model WTF next season

  • Moses Jonson
    Moses Jonson

    beautiful vehicle

  • theOrangeEgg

    Tesla Model: S - 3 - X - Y - C ybertruck A TV R oadster Coincidence?

  • Noobisnotbad

    Yes but Y?

  • Yo Mama
    Yo Mama

    Great name: Y Y did I buy this? Y won't it start? Y...

  • Will Maletič
    Will Maletič

    Joe tweeted at Elon musk and Tesla to have that feature installed. So they did and named it after him.

  • David Hoyles
    David Hoyles

    Amazing! I'll be buying even more shares in Tesla

  • HL Fitzpatrick
    HL Fitzpatrick

    The reason why there are no controls in the backseat is children should not have any controls

  • VishaaL

    Who designs this crap?

    • Miguel lopez
      Miguel lopez

      Engineers and chief designer.

  • Maanus Mei
    Maanus Mei

    Just by looking at this, I see it's a boring and ugly car. Just dull.

  • Yatin Chachad
    Yatin Chachad

    Don't even own this car, yet HE'S yapping about it.. Welcome to YT

  • Patrick76496

    I wouldn't call something even a crossover with the same ground clearance as a normal car. It's rather a minivan. And anyways if range was that important than they wouldn't use like 19 or 20 inch wheels on these things..

  • Johnny Mascioli
    Johnny Mascioli

    I have a Tesla so nice

  • Felipe Rigonato
    Felipe Rigonato

    So cool! I want my model Y

  • mr handsie
    mr handsie

    Doug: even Elon cant change physics Elone: are you challenging me

  • kasra mehraky
    kasra mehraky

    Joe is actually the guy that asked for this option from Elon on twitter. So he used Joe's name for this option. I'm not jealous at all!!!

  • CLAGMAN1000

    Well, that escalated quickly. It went from an affordable $40k to $70k in 2 minutes. It got me excited and then I got depressed. If you are getting the performance for $70k might as well say that for $15k more you get a Model X. 🤦