The Try Guys Work From Home For 168 Hours
The Try Guys
We've been working from home all week and this is how it's going so far! What have you been doing to stay busy during your stay at home? #StayHome #WithMe #StayHomeSaveLives
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  • The Try Guys
    The Try Guys

    What have you been doing to stay busy during your stay at home?

    • Clone Trooper
      Clone Trooper

      The Try Guys soccer

    • shania catrese
      shania catrese

      Watching tv and eating

    • Kate

      Watching You Guys

    • Caitlyn Boylan
      Caitlyn Boylan

      Playing music and recording songs for choir

    • Paola Nava
      Paola Nava

      Just watching the try guys

  • lily !!!
    lily !!!

    I love the fact Eugene's dogs were humping and he kept filming and did nothing to stop them

  • Juliet Boone
    Juliet Boone

    anyone else notice the naked guy in eugenes house at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="592">9:52</a> 😂😂

  • Elizabeth Beck
    Elizabeth Beck

    Eugene is so relatable. Drinking with his dogs "I'm just doing what I do best, which I guess is being a weird mother fucker at home." Lolol

  • Natalia Diane Miller
    Natalia Diane Miller

    Am I the only one that’s been trying to find that pizza recipe?!


    eugene: i feel like all the other guys are doing something impactful and relevant keith: **hiding a lemon**

  • Isabelle Smeraglia
    Isabelle Smeraglia

    Who was Eugene talking to when he asked how much pesto weighed

  • Juan Morales
    Juan Morales

    Did anyone see bean take Wes’s blanket in the begging

  • Ally D
    Ally D

    Eugene is my spirit animal i stg

  • Michelle C
    Michelle C

    Why is there a person in the background? <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="593">9:53</a>

  • Ash Tries Stuff
    Ash Tries Stuff

    I couldn’t help but notice the Girl Scout cookies (Trefoils/Shortbreads, blue box) on Keith’s kitchen counter at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="632">10:32</a> lol

  • Cath London
    Cath London

    Hi Guys, great video - Eugene you’ve got sweet doggos ❤️ I’ve been doing some painting in my self-isolation 👩🏻‍🎨 Here’s a video idea: why don’t you each paint the same ‘paint by numbers’ picture and compare your results at the end? The more intricate design- the harder the execution 😉 check it out- I’d love to watch you do that and I’m sure others would do too- it would also give them inspiration to try it themselves in the confinement ☺️ Sending you virtual hugs all the way from London 🇬🇧

  • SCRUBS :3
    SCRUBS :3

    get you a mans who loves you like eugine loves his dogs

  • mb 13
    mb 13

    the chat is green

  • lou burnett
    lou burnett

    Eugine we all love our fur babies and can’t choose between them - so cute xx

  • Anaana Ana
    Anaana Ana

    Nice shirt Zach 👽 @twirpp

  • Laurel DesMarteau
    Laurel DesMarteau

    Wes do be giving me baby fever

  • jings1luv

    I love the mint flowered suit! LOVE LOVE wow

  • Ravenclaw Princess
    Ravenclaw Princess

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="593">9:53</a> Who is that behind Eugene in the dining room????

  • Flo Sargent
    Flo Sargent

    Excuse me by Kimbop definitely won the last round - Pesto couldn't care less and Kimbop was actually worried. That means that Kimbop won overall because he got two 1st places and one 2nd

  • Prof. Snape
    Prof. Snape

    Pesto's definition is literally mee 😂

  • Jazz Linton
    Jazz Linton

    Pesto during the blanket challenge: well. This is how I die, I guess

  • Mad1 Jules
    Mad1 Jules

    So at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="593">9:53</a> someone walked behind Eugene, is that his bf? Ooooohhhhh!!💙

  • Softtaegukk

    Did anyone actually call the number

  • Sibi Mathen
    Sibi Mathen

    Who else spotted Eugene's man @<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="593">9:53</a>!

  • tia hudgell
    tia hudgell

    I was just watching Brooklyn nine-nine then in episode 4 of season 6 then I saw Eugene and I literally started freaking out

  • Loran Payne
    Loran Payne

    It’s really interesting to see how normal people cope with the isolation. I have been “social distancing” inadvertently for about 6 years, due to being chronically ill and unable to leave the house for anything on a regular basis. The only times I go out are doctors appointments, special occasions (like my birthday,) and sometimes randomly to the store or something with my family if I feel well! I’m a huge extrovert too, so everyone expected me to go completely insane when I stopped being able to go out to things, but I found ways to be social from home and learned how cope with being in one place all the time. So yeah all the videos and comments from people about how hard it is to stay home, not be able to go out to do fun things, or go to their job, are really intriguing to me! Hopefully when all is said and done, and the corona virus is gone, people will have a newfound respect for those disabled and chronically ill people who always get told “It must be SO nice to not have to work/stay home all the time!” Now everyone knows what I’ve known for years, staying home is no fun if you’re FORCED to do it! 😅

  • Unah Vlogs
    Unah Vlogs

    Is it just me ir pesto found the treat the fastest

  • Nerd Girl
    Nerd Girl

    I love how pesto just decided to take a nap in the blanket after he couldn’t get out.

  • bunny fluffs
    bunny fluffs

    eugene and the pups was my fave

  • Danny Simion
    Danny Simion

    Hahah, Eugene's dog, Emma, is definitely a cat. LOL. Maggie is one sweet lucky girl with Zach :)

  • Purplegirl 889
    Purplegirl 889

    Oh! This was so much fun to watch. Especially liked how Eugene's ranking ended up not ranking at all because all your dogs are your favourite! And such lovely words at the end. Keep helping us smile through this. You guys are great!! Love your channel

  • n c
    n c

    Wes is now an actual talking human being now 😮

  • nickgrey

    allert!! there is a boi in eugenes house! Boyfriend?? TEAA

    • Space Spectre
      Space Spectre

      Watch "the try guys become zookeepers for a day", he's in it.

  • Grace

    hes yelling out ok before the dogs come in why would they think hes dead ?

  • Fatty Cast Rousseau
    Fatty Cast Rousseau

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="590">9:50</a> anyone can see the guy walking behind???

  • beachiekeeeen

    I still have to go to work because my job is considered an essential business. I work at a home improvement store. I’ve been so scared tbh.

  • Izumi's Apprentice
    Izumi's Apprentice

    As a 27 year long cat lover I have also never seen Cats and never will and I've never listened to any music from it voluntarily or knowingly, so haHAH!

  • Mandi Hanson
    Mandi Hanson

    Dedicated spaces are harder when you're in a 670 sq. foot 1 bedroom apartment, but I thankfully invested in a Fully sit/stand desk just before all of this crazy hit. Hope you all are doing alright.

  • Skye Slade
    Skye Slade

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="590">9:50</a> y’all did anyone else see the dude in eugenes house???

  • iJacqueline Nolasco
    iJacqueline Nolasco


  • AnimalLover43000

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1214">20:14</a> You didn’t smell dead. You certainly don’t sound dead either. -Emma

  • Imissstevenuniverseandsodoyou


  • Pearl Joslyn
    Pearl Joslyn

    Zach: Create a space in your apartment to work alone My boyfriend and me: *look around our studio apartment*

  • Mitzi Arciga
    Mitzi Arciga

    It’s good content, thank you, Try guys. Eugene, don’t be so hard in yourself, truth is we like you all and your personalities, if you have a good feeling about what you’re doing, we will like it 💗

  • Haya Saeb
    Haya Saeb

    also can we talk about ariel’s body for sec? like how? with a child? SHES SO DAMN HOT BRO 🥵😖

  • Haya Saeb
    Haya Saeb

    Does anyone else think Zach looks and sounds 10x hotter now for like no reason?

  • Windwalker15

    Kimbop says gay rights!

  • Ella Kate
    Ella Kate

    Up the stairs down the stairs killed me! Zack I love you 😂💛

  • Carly Lo Ka Ue
    Carly Lo Ka Ue

    I actually did Tai Chi at home it might be weird but it's not

    • Carly Lo Ka Ue
      Carly Lo Ka Ue

      if you don't know I can't comment in the try guys comments

  • nastassia bowen
    nastassia bowen

    I love Eugene 😂😂😂 my spirit animal

  • Magaly J.
    Magaly J.

    "Up the stairs, down the stairs. (insert fake laughter). Come on Bowie, it's fun."


    Eugene, it's okay... don't stress: anything you put out is content. We love you, all of you. We understand you don't have the resources you usually have. Whatever content you put out, we will consume.

  • shenzy animations
    shenzy animations

    I legit fucking cried when Zack did all those things for Maggie and surprised her, we are so blessed to have him on this earth!

  • PrincessOceanna

    Seems like everyone is talking about Eugene (from the current top comments I see) but OMG how sweet was Zach!

  • Samsami

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1405">23:25</a> why does maggie reminds me of jennifer lopez

  • enialle ecyoj
    enialle ecyoj

    I work from home and it's going to be 1 year on April 13. It's fun and having covid19 happening in the world never really changed my lifestyle that much lol

  • bikitoria

    lowkey want more eugenes bf content, theyre so cute aaaaaaaaaaa

  • Merry Mary
    Merry Mary

    “I bet all the guys are doing meaningful stuff right now” *cut to ‘Hide the Lemon’ with Keith*

  • Glo Jahmaia
    Glo Jahmaia

    pesto really said i’ll just die here during the blanket challenge

  • Mel


  • July Win
    July Win

    Zach you know stairs are really bad for the dogs back I’m Just saying but I love u guys can I have a shout out please

  • dee tee
    dee tee

    Pesto did not quit. Just decided to nap in between 😂

  • Addison Harvey
    Addison Harvey

    Zach and his girl friend: does cute stuff Eugene: you are all my favorite doggos and can i just add how Zach laughed as he was going up and down the stairs

  • Sainya Cantey
    Sainya Cantey

    It won’t let me join! ☹️

  • EagerOnlooker

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="820">13:40</a> C'mon, Emma! You've got this! <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="980">16:20</a> You broke Pesto!

  • Yoloyemma

    Gd Eugene is hawt

  • Teri K
    Teri K


  • Rush Mc
    Rush Mc

    Hey Becky, remember when you wondered how long until you'd get a cat in the Tarot card reading and the lady said '6 months'????? Just saying.

  • Edie Pryll
    Edie Pryll

    Zach and Maggie domestic things: giving us incredibly high expectations for the past 4 years

  • Klay Veg
    Klay Veg

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="590">9:50</a>: wild Matthew spotted

  • abrilrico

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1014">16:54</a> love how kimbop just acts like nothing happened

  • Shiro

    Ya know you can still go for a walk OUTSIDE if you're not around too many people and touch stuff lol Y'all Americans be really paranoid huh

  • Ha Ha
    Ha Ha

    Eugene’s idea of fun is puppy huger games


    Ariel and Ned are awesome parents

  • Kensie Fletcher
    Kensie Fletcher

    Absolutely GREAT content. Hide the lemon has me cracking up lmao

    • Cassie

      Pesto is my mood towards school😭😭😭😂😂😂

  • Anna Setzer
    Anna Setzer

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="591">9:51</a> who’s that in the background

    • Cee

      Eugene's boyfriend Matt.

  • Hal Severino
    Hal Severino

    kimbop rly does look like a kimbop

    • Cassie

      Thank you for making me smile! Also, Kimbop is adorable and basically woke Eugene from dead with love. Stay safe guys, and stay sane, too!💗

  • Just Katelyn
    Just Katelyn

    Everyone hanging with their fam Keith: *waiting for Becky to finish hiding a lemon*

  • Dixie Wolf
    Dixie Wolf

    I just want to say, Ned is like perfect dad material. Literally the ideal father. Ariel is such an amazing mom, too. And when Eugene played dead in front of Emma, when he got up her face was like "OH MY GOD WTF"