We Bought 3 Cheap Exotic Cars For Less Than A C8 Corvette (And Found Out How BROKEN They Are)
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On today's episode of Car Trek, AutoTempest challenged us to find three cheap exotics that are better than a new C8 Corvette. We bought a pimped-out Ferrari 360, Aston Martin V12 Vantage S, and a gated manual Lamborghini Gallardo that may have been underwater at some point in its life. Then we found out what's wrong with them. Oh boy...
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  • Hoovies Garage
    Hoovies Garage

    I still can't get over how badly Ed and Freddy cheated!

    • Casey Burnett
      Casey Burnett

      I still can't get over how badly you needed to comment on this video so people would cross over to your channel and give you views!

    • your moms dog
      your moms dog


    • Go Fast
      Go Fast

      Русские, лайк комментарий мой, как будто я что-то умное написал

    • Joe Maddox
      Joe Maddox

      Hoovies Garage www.mazdaforum.com/forum/mazda-rx-7-33/joe-maddox-super-rare-1-100-1989-fc3s-gtus-rx7-2jz-gte-vvti-build-43602/

    • Life's Little Anecdotal Moments
      Life's Little Anecdotal Moments

      Oh and Ed asked 'what could be better?' Taking a road trip in a 72 Chevy Impala Wagon, realizing you need to sleep, not a hotel around, or you just don't feel like paying for one. Pulling into a parking lot somewhere...and crashing out in the back of the wagon on a bed made of comforters...

  • shadowking king
    shadowking king

    Lol be like [later got hit with a lawsuit]

  • Aaron Black
    Aaron Black

    like watching btec uk top gear . still good tho

  • gosportjamie

    So Hoovie bought a second-rate rappers Ferrari, Ed bought a Mariner Blue Lambo that has spent some of its life in a marine environment and Freddy "adjusted" the rules slightly to buy a V12 Aston that is guaranteed to break down because it is a V12 Aston. I suspect the fact that it looks like Agent 47's weekend toy also probably didn't really help with its value...

  • GTR Society
    GTR Society

    Are you going to Dyno These Car's??? Would Love to see how much power these cars have lost over time!! Great Video Guy's As I just started my Channel and Learned alot from your Video's!! #OurGtrSociety Facebook.com/GtrSociety

  • Tauseef Hassan
    Tauseef Hassan

    This vid would be better with only hoovie and Freddy.

  • sonny marks
    sonny marks

    Shoulda just get a brand new c8 base model an it would be brand new with no problems. Used exotic cars are lemons 👎🏻.

  • John McCall
    John McCall

    So after 1 episode, um, I'm taking the Corvette.

    • mixio hili
      mixio hili

      "My Lamborghini decide to do something completely out of character for an Italian super-car" What, not catch fire?

  • Forgotten America
    Forgotten America

    Corvette C8 still has a warranty lol

    • mixio hili
      mixio hili

      Is everyone going to ignore the meteorite on the top left corner of the video at 0:10 seconds?

  • blkmagnum

    Did the mechanic use a torque wrench to loosen bolts?

  • YEET

    This is just American topgear lol

  • G


  • Jon Sutton
    Jon Sutton

    way better than american top gear

  • bill jones
    bill jones

    996 Porsche turbo probably would’ve been the Best Buy. Or a 997 carerra

  • tszvj

    We NEED more episodes of this!

  • Jon's Tech Channel
    Jon's Tech Channel

    Who would call an Ashton Martin a super car though? 🤔 Ugly too

  • Are Dub
    Are Dub

    Nope. You guys are too young. We ONLY want to see old people with bad hips suffering in supercars. NO ONE wants to see anyone under 40 in such a car. NO ONE.

  • Jaimeson Hazel
    Jaimeson Hazel

    Guys Hear me Out, More Please.....also mix it up with other autoEEsoftrs but not the Corny ones! Love it!

  • Centurion G4
    Centurion G4

    What video editor did they use? In the first few seconds I can tell I already made a mistake buying Filmora. 😭

  • MR2 Turbo
    MR2 Turbo

    Ed...is like the biggest arrogant prick ever! I didn't know guys like this still existed! The sound of his voice makes me want to jump off a bridge!

  • Bam Bam Biglow
    Bam Bam Biglow

    Budget Top Gear

  • Tijs Heesakkers
    Tijs Heesakkers

    Only found out about this channel today and it's great!! You got a new sub 😁 regards from the Netherlands

  • Ministerio Manantiales de Vida Eterna Delaware
    Ministerio Manantiales de Vida Eterna Delaware

    Is everyone going to ignore the meteorite on the top left corner of the video at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="10">0:10</a> seconds?

  • Red Rolo
    Red Rolo

    "My Lamborghini decide to do something completely out of character for an Italian super-car" What, not catch fire?

  • Jayfk 876
    Jayfk 876

    so prettymuch TOPGEAR but better, I Liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiike it

  • jay yt
    jay yt

    C8 corvette looks better than all of those cars

  • Dan Brodie
    Dan Brodie

    Please don’t use a torque wrench to loosen bolts...

  • Ricky Rampage
    Ricky Rampage

    mannnn. my IQ dropped just watching this. what dumbfuqs.

  • Alin Marinescu
    Alin Marinescu

    So, Bolean is supposed to be Clarkson, Hoovie is obviously Hammond and that leaves Tavarish as May. Interesting recipe

  • Brad Bostic
    Brad Bostic

    Awesome content! Met Ed a few times over the years in Atlanta, great guy and loves to help people.

  • jay b
    jay b

    top gear rip off

  • markc17

    Shut up about auto tempest ffs, how many mentions in th first 5 minutes, killed any chance of building a vibe.

  • Tristan 123
    Tristan 123

    I would've gotten an f- type or smth

  • Tyler Young
    Tyler Young

    Fill a can and the pour the gas in

  • Chizavelli

    Never knew cars were born 🤔

  • Coochie Snatcher
    Coochie Snatcher

    Well, if Top Gear aint gonna do it... better you boys do!

  • Will Hopkins
    Will Hopkins

    I think we just discovered who shouldve been the hosts of American Top Gear

  • Bobby Ghost
    Bobby Ghost

    The C8 is better than all of these..

  • Lewis Johnson
    Lewis Johnson

    I have a car with a capless fill and I have to pump gas in slow or the pump will shut off because it flows back

  • Armandt du Preez
    Armandt du Preez

    Yes yes YES! So amped to see more CarTrek. Great show so far

  • Rainbow

    caetrek is totally not just top gear with that logo

  • El_De_La_Lobo

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1180">19:40</a> was he really using a torque wrench to loosen bolts?

  • Caleb Ouellette
    Caleb Ouellette

    This is amazing

  • DON OF Brand
    DON OF Brand

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1551">25:51</a> 😂

  • Fresh One
    Fresh One

    Like any Used Vehicle on the Market.(💰MONEY💰PIT💰)But Once they are Fixed. Depending on Vehicle they can be a CHICK MAGNET 💯%. We do it,For the HONEY'S & THE"GOOOD"TIME'S & BECAUSE WE LOVE IT...WISHING YOU ALL THE BEST...

  • Zhi xci
    Zhi xci

    I'd rather get a porsche 911 or a gtr at that price point.

  • Stock C6Zo6
    Stock C6Zo6

    So lessons learned don’t buy used exotics or even new ones unless you have deep pockets. Just buy the C8 and enjoy America!

  • Green Mountain Armory
    Green Mountain Armory

    Great Value Top Gear

  • Kenyon Scheid
    Kenyon Scheid

    Ed is wearing blue shirt, blue pants, blue shoes, in a blue car. At least in the intro

  • Ajith Aravnid
    Ajith Aravnid

    make this a youtube red show or something we want more of this..........

  • Il Moda Beastia
    Il Moda Beastia

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1157">19:17</a> Ussing a $10k plus drive on lift yet you're using a torque wrench to break bolts loose??? Rookie. . .

  • Shojo

    Top gear 2?

  • advokatten

    This commercial reminds me of a car show I used to watch back in the days.

  • Jonathan Gibson
    Jonathan Gibson

    Shoes match the Gallardo

  • Dave Demo
    Dave Demo

    is this a copy of top gear? look you-tube TOP GEAR.

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    Alex Cadenas

    This is what Top Gear US should have been

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    Bruno Pompei

    Better than the new top gear by miles!

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    Stella Rider

    EEsoft version of top gear

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    Dark Modulator

    Copying the good old Top Gear A tear fell from my eye I LIKE IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I bims
    I bims

    The Aston Martin is not really cheap......for sure around 100k and never 69k

  • Andrew Oldfield
    Andrew Oldfield

    These guys try to hard to be top gear

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    Ben Latimer

    American top gear brought to you by autotempest

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    Great trio, reminds me a lot of the good old top gear days

  • Suncoastcruisers

    I’ve always loved the og Uk top gear and hated the new one and anyone that tried to recreate it. But after seing this, I love it, very well documented and put together. The cast have genuine chemistry and not forced chemistry. Love it keep it up lads!

  • GlowStory Lion
    GlowStory Lion

    How Can cars cost this in USA😭 in Denmark that Lamborghini would cost atleast 500.000$

  • Eric Diekmann
    Eric Diekmann

    Learn to drive , then you will be able to get better times.

  • amdxp12

    Great production value!

  • Will Pullen Graphic Design
    Will Pullen Graphic Design

    U 3 guys are perfect for this but up your production values! defiantly worth it!

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    Andraz Antonic

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    Jon 199102

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    James Baxter

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    Dom RM

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    James Barlow

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    Cozy Blvd

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    Jerry Massey

    You bought a salvaged Gallardo for $56,000... then invested another $12,500?!? Wow... you lost.

  • DODO

    "you can't go wrong with Ferrari 360" Samcrac: FU**