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The Realme X2 Pro is a smartphone featuring a 90Hz OLED display, Snapdragron 855+, 50 watt charging and up to 12GB RAM. A flagship level spec sheet for a price around $450 USD.
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  • Umar Ikhwan bin Ahmad Faisal
    Umar Ikhwan bin Ahmad Faisal

    In Asia realme X2 is known as realme XT.

  • Matthew Salvan
    Matthew Salvan

    how can i buy it global rom ty.

  • ccxlolz


  • Ropsana Khanom
    Ropsana Khanom

    there has to be a catch

  • asif apu
    asif apu

    Which should i buy? One plus 7 pro / or / real me x2 pro

  • StAnger 8
    StAnger 8

    Where did you get these prices?? x2 costs 300 euro and x2 pro costs 400-500 euro depending on variant. It's a lot more than 250$ and 450$...

  • Prince

    Desperately waiting for it..

  • Jim D
    Jim D

    Illiterate people below, fighting for their favourite brand, OnePlus is killer realme is killer killer, it doesn't matter because all the money you pay goes to same person with the funniest name ever. Duan YongPing

  • hoy yoh
    hoy yoh

    I think apple isnt worth the budget. You pay for what you dont want to get. I think the back panel made it more expensive, yes of course the glass was very durable. But you dont need that when your using your case. It could lessen the price atleast $200 lol, my opinion only

  • Online Earning World
    Online Earning World

    Great work ber I really like you

  • Riz. M
    Riz. M

    America is arrogant !!!

  • Emad Asgar
    Emad Asgar

    I regret buying Samsung a70.

  • dudukun huwarezu
    dudukun huwarezu

    try buying note10 plus and regretting upon knowing this...

  • meliodaz deadlySins
    meliodaz deadlySins

    The new king of killer that worth to buy .. will be my next device

  • Walking Tall
    Walking Tall

    the OS is so worst that i had to sold my Realme X within 15 days, everything is worst about colour OS FYI, i always go with Stock android

  • Ubaid Ullah
    Ubaid Ullah

    Xiaomi ❌❌ OnePlus ❌❌ Realme ✅✅✅✔️✔️✔️


    Apple has all the features except fast charging . Every phone is coming with fast charger from 2018 but apple woke up with its ''11'' models

  • James Antony Raj
    James Antony Raj

    So realme paid this guy to advertise

  • Jonathan Gibson
    Jonathan Gibson

    Too bad you can't use it on US cellphone networks though. I have an unlocked Realme 2 Pro, and AT&T was unable to put it on their Network. Verizon was the same.

  • Timbin

    Can I actually buy this in the UK?

  • Shane Morrison
    Shane Morrison

    Should I get the Realme x2 if I’m upgrading from the iPhone 7?

  • Oliver Gaba
    Oliver Gaba


  • Karlo Petrinić
    Karlo Petrinić

    Anybody who owns it? What do u think?

  • eerereps

    This kind of competition is awesome because the customer always wins thanks to the choices we have! Love it!

  • jomskie 22
    jomskie 22

    I've been watching your videos sir, sorry but I just recently subscribed to your channel. I hope for this I can receive a gift from you this Christmas even just the standard Realme X2. thank you. hihihihihihi😁😁😁

  • Jessbunny 69
    Jessbunny 69


  • Shiko shiko
    Shiko shiko

    2:33 killed me 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Hybrid Slot Songs MMF
    Hybrid Slot Songs MMF

    After 5 years Apple put all this features and sell it for 1500$

  • Sky Glory82
    Sky Glory82

    Wish I could get one of these two :(

  • Bharathesh Acharya
    Bharathesh Acharya

    Me yesterday: I don't need a new phone, my 3 year old OnePlus 3 will last me another 3 years. Me today after finding out this phone launches in a week: Dang it, I need a new phone.

  • Shawlee Gadayan
    Shawlee Gadayan

    hey lew.. plsss unbox XIAOMI MI NOTE 10 plssssssss....

  • سعود البراهيم
    سعود البراهيم

    How can I get this ? 🤤💘😍💛

  • aster alraffah
    aster alraffah

    apple in 2030, here we r introducing our new feature 27 W fast charging... wooooooooooooowwwwwwwwww

  • Jim D
    Jim D

    I'll wait for redmi k30 either because I can't bear that color os

    • Jim D
      Jim D

      @Kevin Kuruvilla I have used it too realme 3 and rn7p. It's about personal preference. So keep your extra intelligence away, wiseass

    • Kevin Kuruvilla
      Kevin Kuruvilla

      Wow , I've used both color and miui and trust me color on Realme phones are so much better.

  • Dear Sal
    Dear Sal

    liked it a lot

  • West Yutz
    West Yutz

    that smartphone is cool and all, but damn that 'Realme' logotype placement is so weird.

    • hoy yoh
      hoy yoh

      Its ok for me

  • Akshay khopkar
    Akshay khopkar

    Gonna buy...both version...one for sis...one for me.

  • 24LionHearts

    I have the X2 (not pro) version. I have to say, I'm digging the SD730G CPU. 😁

  • Muhd Amir Hail
    Muhd Amir Hail

    The specs on the specsheet and the hardware are incredible, but anyhow the software ui and optimization is really sucks, i've tried all 5 famous android brand and the Vivo Oppo have the baddest software among all 👎

  • Deepak Mehta
    Deepak Mehta

    2:34 i didn't get the joke. Can anyone explain it??

  • lucifer mornin star
    lucifer mornin star

    Wish I could have at least one of ur unboxing phones 😭


    Not simply vooc,. It's super Vooc

  • Kariz Ken
    Kariz Ken

    U should review this again after using for two months

    • Kevin Kuruvilla
      Kevin Kuruvilla

      As a Realme user , and on behalf of Realme community let me tell you that issue of lag - never seen it yet !! Even on the first phones of Realme

  • ali zar
    ali zar



    if you translate your video to arabic you will get minmuum 50 million subscribers 😎

  • Randy Santos
    Randy Santos

    The placement of Realme logo is annoying...


    20x zoom test

  • The Gillybean
    The Gillybean

    Upset that I can't use this phone in America 😭 I need this budget flagship killer!

    • Àngel Wehr
      Àngel Wehr

      Why not, it has the bands i think so

  • DuckiePlayz

    Real me was made by Philippines

  • Szymon Pajewski
    Szymon Pajewski

    You should switch to it, just to try out some cheaper brands than usual

  • Soham Pednekar
    Soham Pednekar

    Give me one which u don't use

  • Simon Guan
    Simon Guan

    Oneplus: Flagship killer Realme: Hold my vooc

  • Review B4you go
    Review B4you go

    Please put what background music your listening too. Thank you.

  • Edmond Toralba
    Edmond Toralba

    Awesome... Flagship killer killer

  • Nino Protogeros
    Nino Protogeros

    Put your SIM in!!!

  • venkatesh Evander Hades
    venkatesh Evander Hades

    I wanted a feedback about the speaker sound quality of this phone. But he din say anything

    • abdul khadar
      abdul khadar

      it has dolby atmos sterio speaker

  • #SUMIT Singh
    #SUMIT Singh

    My realme xt at 20W charging feeling little low 😒

  • Tony Fisher
    Tony Fisher

    They had to ban them or apple, Samsung would be lights out.

    • Thulium

      What kind of shit is that

  • InsaneMrs_ Rabbit
    InsaneMrs_ Rabbit

    Where can I buy one ?


    It take 28 mints to full charge from zero to 100 with screen on ....

    • pranish shrestha
      pranish shrestha

      Have you been using this phone? How is it?

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