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The Realme X2 Pro is a smartphone featuring a 90Hz OLED display, Snapdragron 855+, 50 watt charging and up to 12GB RAM. A flagship level spec sheet for a price around $450 USD.
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  • itsaze

    yang layan taeku tahu bgm ni

  • Rahul Chouhan
    Rahul Chouhan

    These are becoming kinda common now

  • RoiF

    Super Impressive for the Price!

  • Louisville

    Wish these phones would come to the United States

  • Mitchell Baker
    Mitchell Baker

    ummmm... Umidigi Power 3 vs Real me X2 pro

  • ronch550

    The optical face unlock is so fast because it only checks your nose.

  • pkkzagros15

    Oooh butthurt fruit phone fanboys down there. 😈

  • Sukoshi Kanatomo
    Sukoshi Kanatomo

    Where do ya get em in the US, and do they work on Verizon

  • Dkickz 007
    Dkickz 007

    Whats better realme x2pro or Asus Rog 2

  • Negative Influence
    Negative Influence

    Trump tweets with huawei phone.

  • Orko safin
    Orko safin

    realme x2 < redmi k20 pro

  • Pat Davis 2403
    Pat Davis 2403

    They never released this in Australia... 😩

  • Karl David
    Karl David

    I see a lot of people arguing about spending $1,000 on a phone is a bad idea. I do agree that an amount like that is overpriced but the flag-ships for sure have some features that are unique to them. For example: Apple's Iphone 11 line-up have the best camera in 2019, most powerful chipset and one of the best in battery life duration. Samsung's S11/S20 line-up will have the best specs for 2020. You see, $1000 phones are actually really good but if you know what you need and want, maybe a $500 more or less priced phone will be right for you. It is all about what you are buying it for. Others buy it for the logo, hype, or small extra features etc.. Either-way it is still your money and who really cares about what kind of phone you use. I personally use a $150 phone. It is not great and I plan to upgrade soon but it gets the job done just a lot slower.

  • Baidyn Dermott
    Baidyn Dermott

    Oppo, 1plus, vivo and realme are all made by the same company in China called BBK electronis all are good phones I have a Oppo Reno z with the 8gb ram it's best phone I've had I had iPhone and Samsung in the past but the Oppo out does them in my opinion

  • roberto


  • Ayush Gupta
    Ayush Gupta

    There are ads in this UI

  • Mihai Petre
    Mihai Petre

    super V O O C

  • Alif Al Fahim
    Alif Al Fahim

    Love from Xiaomi 🐸

  • Khalid Bullock
    Khalid Bullock

    Where can I buy this phone?

  • Ripper

    Believe me the standard X2 is also really amazing. I am using it.


    I want this phone but I live in the US 😭

  • Atoms Molecules
    Atoms Molecules

    The idea that Apple is the only one that can make great phones is a joke. There are phones half the price of the iphone 11 that can do more than the 11 can.

  • Solitude_Guard


  • WILD X
    WILD X

    Yo, poco x2 plz

  • therandomchannel tv
    therandomchannel tv

    This smartphone looks suspiciously like an Oppo phone

  • l

    Why would you buy an iphone ?

  • Cystic

    Imagine all people having a 4> GB RAM phone and not running Windows on it

  • jheng nazal
    jheng nazal

    I wish to have that

  • Jaco Meyer
    Jaco Meyer

    What version is this Phones ? EU ?

  • Mark Lorenz Enorme
    Mark Lorenz Enorme

    This Realme X2 is like the Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 pro design that is a Mid-Range Budget phone but has a good quality and specs too... It is an amoled designs but a little bit far when it comes to pricing...but the camera is really good and detailed...

  • Latravis Newell
    Latravis Newell

    Where can I get these phones from....I be so lost I be wanting to trying these phones myself be I dnt know where to go to get them

  • mubdeur rahman
    mubdeur rahman

    The face unlock is so fast I saw it at 0.25x yet couldn’t see it load damn!

  • HLP

    I just wanted to say, "Thanks," to you guys for making this video. 👍 I bought this phone after seeing this unboxing when I wasn't sure what to get. I LOVE the super VOOC charging, even more now that I have the car charger (had to get a company to receive it then forward it to me from China). I don't have to wait long at all before leaving the house with a fully charged phone. And with the car charger, I don't even have to charge my phone before I leave the house because it's fully charged by the time I get to most of my frequent destinations. I don't like everything about this Android skin, but it is a great phone, especially for the price. I got the white 12GB/256GB version from Spain for $432 during Black Friday sales, including shipping. It's fantastic. Thanks for making this easy. I was so frustrated on which phone to get until I saw this video, especially since my last phone had been busted for months by then. 🙏☺️

  • johan liebert
    johan liebert

    You look like the long lost brother of conor mcregor LOL 😂

  • Mr. Gamer
    Mr. Gamer

    Who thinks that x2 has better looks than the x2 pro. But x2 pro have better features ..

  • AGuinnessDrinker

    Can this be bought in the US and will it work with Sprint?

  • aqeel aqeel
    aqeel aqeel

    Dear.i need your primisin to share your videos in my personal Facebook page.its useful to me.

  • Bhard Navares [Bhard's Reviews] [DJ BHZ]
    Bhard Navares [Bhard's Reviews] [DJ BHZ]

    Proud Realme user right here! Using the Realme 5 smartphone, tho budget one but it has midrange specs and it rocks!👍🔥

  • Paull Cranel Gaming
    Paull Cranel Gaming

    Xiaomi is the best brand of the Year2019! ☺️ Budget Segment - Redmi Note 8 Mid-range - Redmi Note 8 Pro Flagship Killer - Mi 9T Pro/Redmi K20 Pro Flagship - Mi Note 10

  • Georgiy Pokhvalit
    Georgiy Pokhvalit

    Realme - isn't good company!

  • Remmy Bernard
    Remmy Bernard

    Where can I buy this in the UK?

  • Alex g rodriguez
    Alex g rodriguez

    Where's to buy??

  • Taheer Burhanwale
    Taheer Burhanwale

    plz give me this mobile 😭😭😭 I am using Nokia 1.1

  • Alduh Goat
    Alduh Goat

    I just bought the OnePlus 7 pro for 400 dollars 6gb/128gb model

  • Ivan Julian
    Ivan Julian

    Ultra specs with cheap touchscreen panel means nothing. Delayed touch, sometimes double touch.

    • Unprincipled CHNOPS
      Unprincipled CHNOPS

      Actually, the Super AMOLED panel with Full HD+ (2400 x 1080 pixels) resolution and a 90Hz refresh rate on the X2 pro is awesome.

  • mari kezevadze
    mari kezevadze

    Where I can buy this phone ?

  • ____

    It's funny how headphone jack becomes a feature😅 I'll hold on to my Poco F1 till F2 comes then that's the time I'll think of buying or replacing my current phone.

  • Santosh Venkatesh
    Santosh Venkatesh

    Hey Lewis , I want to buy this phone in India but need to know if this phone will work in the USA and Australia, are the bands compatible?

  • Jhayr Bonifacio
    Jhayr Bonifacio

    Im waitching in my x2 pro ..

  • Shaner The Grey
    Shaner The Grey

    Can't buy this in America wtf

  • Shady Beibs
    Shady Beibs

    Yep best value ...i use it lol Seriously Americans left the chat?? Nd Asians joined the chat huh... Dman

  • Dylan Santiago
    Dylan Santiago

    Its a midrange price

  • Windsor Ongchan
    Windsor Ongchan

    2:16 yum

  • Nayan Sagvekar
    Nayan Sagvekar

    That ENERGY


    I love realme then iPhone or samsung china mans r smart

  • Paula Samuels
    Paula Samuels

    I love his expression

  • gamer 21
    gamer 21

    redmi mi9t pro vs realme x2 pro that’s the real fight

  • Gaming World
    Gaming World

    1+:-Flagship killer Realme:-flagship killer killer Poco f2:-Ass Kicker

  • Nichole Alvarez
    Nichole Alvarez

    Where is the best place to purchase this amazing phone?

  • Mr.AJWorks