When Will I Die?
When will I die? No one knows! Except maybe these dumb quizzes online can tell me. How long do you think jacksepticeye has left to live? 150 years? close! Watch to find out
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  • jacksepticeye

    Not long left gamers

    • PokéFan Bri
      PokéFan Bri

      What's the link to that quiz?

    • Krazy T
      Krazy T

      I read a book exactly like that it’s called Wh3n It’s pretty good

    • LonelySoulSearcher

      There is a movie that you described Sean, it's called In Time. Justin Timberlake, Amanda Seyfried. People born with clocks in their arm, when it runs out they die. Boom.

    • Oli Stafford
      Oli Stafford

      There a film called in time it's a great film I recommend?

    • Liam Donaghy
      Liam Donaghy

      would u like to know me?

  • Embers

    2:06 “ When I Think Of City I Think Lf A Big City Like London” LOL I really hope that was a nod towards the dead meme LONDIN IS MY CITY 🤣😂😂🤣🤣🤣

  • Lainel Orbera
    Lainel Orbera

    Is some other answer. i.w.y.c.u.m

  • Lainel Orbera
    Lainel Orbera

    First one a.y.u.w.m.c.i.s.t.s.e.t.s.i.s.t.y?

  • Lainel Orbera
    Lainel Orbera

    The first one i.k.y.t.i.a.a.s,b.w.i.s.a.m.f.f.y.a.r

  • Lainel Orbera
    Lainel Orbera

    The three buchs (i.w.y.c.f.s.f.m.i.r.l)

  • Lainel Orbera
    Lainel Orbera

    The first one, b.i.i.y,.i.w.a

  • Lainel Orbera
    Lainel Orbera

    a combination of the first one and last one plus INSANEEEEEE! (i.a.r.s,.i.c.y.e.f.s.f.m)

  • Lainel Orbera
    Lainel Orbera

    Fruit s and soft drinks (i.k.y.d.b.m,.b.w.i.s.a.m.f.i.t)

  • Lainel Orbera
    Lainel Orbera

    You probably wont believe this, but todays rounding my head, has been the idea to study maths, is this a coincidence or conexion?? you've mentioned twice already!

  • Lainel Orbera
    Lainel Orbera

    Something between hight and university. (i.l.y, b.i.d.k.i.y.r.d)

  • Lainel Orbera
    Lainel Orbera

    i am so exited, not for the sadomasoquism but for something else

  • Lainel Orbera
    Lainel Orbera

    That fucking sucks! you are not gonna die so soon!

  • Lainel Orbera
    Lainel Orbera

    So what is your age? i am so curious about it

  • Jewel Justice
    Jewel Justice

    If you want a book about when you will die check out They Both Die in the End by Adam Silvera. Very great book about living your best life on the last day of your life.

  • Dustin Irwin
    Dustin Irwin


  • Bryce Ratcliffe
    Bryce Ratcliffe

    well, people used to live till about 700-900 years old, aka Methuselah, abraham, Adam and Eve, etc. lives are actually getting shorter on average.

  • David Cameron
    David Cameron

    No offense but That symbol on your shirt looks kinda gay jack

  • Ritah Karanja
    Ritah Karanja

    So I have like idk a phobia of death and every time I think about it my heart starts racing and I feel panicy so after Sean found out when he was gonna die and he started to talk about it my heart was going BAZONKERS.

  • Salty Muffin
    Salty Muffin

    That’s such a great idea! For a book, movie, series, etc. where people have a timer above their head that is based on how long they have left until they pass away, except another cool concept is that you have to *buy* time, like go to a time bank or something and buy more time in your life. Another idea to add to this is that maybe only everyone else can see it except for you but they can’t tell you. If they do, they suffer consequences. The amount of ideas with this is great!


    I will come back to this video in 30 years

  • Inge Glapenske
    Inge Glapenske

    apparently im 72 percent masochist. i swear to god im not

  • Vmax Assassins
    Vmax Assassins

    Love you jack!

  • Echo2407

    Me: My death clock: -11:36 Me: Me: HOLD UP

  • Rampage Gaming
    Rampage Gaming

    well there's death note for one, but then there's also a movie about time being a currency, and people in poverty being like, living day to day while the rich have hundreds of years going for them

  • sri urai
    sri urai

    IM gonna remind Jack 30 years from now that this video exists

  • Ryz jr.
    Ryz jr.

    "Every morning at night" Nice

  • Russian Sausage
    Russian Sausage

    Keep goin strong gamer bro

  • Alan Berry
    Alan Berry

    I'm named Jack

  • Alan Berry
    Alan Berry

    Im a old fan


    Im on my brothers account my name is jaxyn and i will die in 2080

  • max force
    max force

    Movies about it In time Countdown

  • Qurio Littz
    Qurio Littz

    No sadist is the one who enjoys getting hurt, and masochist is the one who enjoys hurting others :)

  • Brenna Jones
    Brenna Jones

    The music video for the Nickelback song 'savin me' is basically the exact concept Jack was talking about but only one person at a time can see the time of deaths

  • Zemmo

    i have asmah right now

  • Glenn Verschoren
    Glenn Verschoren

    I did the test and i stay alive until 18-2-2077

  • rage_ man
    rage_ man

    He brought up the "knowing when you die" concept and I just thought of death note


    stfu zoomer

  • Dale Smith
    Dale Smith

    My birthday is 4 days before his

  • alyssa mcnally
    alyssa mcnally

    Num3ers by Rachel Ward is a book about how one girl can see peoples date they are going to die